Michelle Skins' Little Miss Popular - What's She Up To Now?

By Cara Dudgeon

11th February 2020

Michelle Skins’ Little Miss Popular – What’s She Up To Now?

Skins was the original hard-hitting TV series. It’s been over 10 years since it was on our screens; what’s Michelle (Skins’ ‘it’ girl) up to now?

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A character revision…

Michelle Richardson is best known for being the girlfriend of Tony Stonem.

Although she appears to be predominantly interested in her looks and Tony’s needs, she is actually an intelligent girl who has a flair for languages.

Her relationship is far from stable. Tony’s wandering eye for both genders – who can forget that hotel room scene with Maxxie Oliver? – and her doubts lead to numerous fights.

She and her best friend, Jal Fazer, also have a complex relationship; especially after Michelle discovers that Jal knew about Tony’s cheating but never told her.

At the end of the first season Tony’s sister, Effy Stonem, tells him that he has been a ‘w**ker’ for hurting Michelle and he realises that he really does love her. He calls her to admit his true feeling for her, but it doesn’t end as he’d hoped…

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It’s just as bad for Michelle in season two…

Whilst Tony is in the hospital recovering from his accident, Michelle uses the time to go to bars and flirt (and presumably more) with older men, despite him telling her that he loves her.

When talking to Sid – Tony’s best friend – we learn that she has only visited Tony once and that she knows that her behaviour is wrong. In a heart-to-heart with Tony, she realises that he has changed since his accident and has been convinced by Abigail that she is actually his girlfriend, not Michelle.

After getting close to Sid in Season One, the pair kiss and end up having sex. They go back to his house and are caught by his girlfriend, Cassie Ainsworth.

Understandably annoyed and upset, Cassie makes everyone aware of the pairs new found status. Even though the pair remain together, the news upsets Tony and Jal.

Tony finally admits his feelings for Michelle and states that they’re meant to be together, like Sid and Cassie are. Sid admits that he no longer loves Michelle and the pair break up.

Michelle believes that Tony is the reason for her and Sid’s break up and decides she wants nothing to do with him. She refuses to speak to him and returns the watch he got her for her birthday. Seeing how upset her brother is, Effy decides to get the watch engraved with ‘forever’ and sends it back to Michelle. After having a change of heart, she answers one of Tony’s numerous calls and tells him that she loves him too.

The series ends with Tony and Michelle – who are now back together – being accepted to different universities and wondering if they will be able to make it work or if this is their final goodbye.

Who plays Michelle?..

Michelle is portrayed by April Pearson who was born on January 23rd 1989. The Bristol born actress started taking acting classes at just three years old!

Before she starred in Skins, she was in an episode of Casualty in 1998.

She got her role as Michelle after the producers held auditions at her school and her drama teacher convinced her to audition.

April’s other work…

She was only in the popular TV show for two seasons, as the writers wanted to explore other characters’ storylines.

In 2008 she was in Casualty again! And again in both 2011 and 2013 – she played various characters in every episode.

The following year she starred in Tormented, her first film. The film also starred her Skins co-star, Larissa Wilson (Jal).

After some time on the stage, she returned to film in Home For Christmas (2014). Her other films include: Age of Kill (2015); Tank432 (2015); Fractured (2016); Caught (2017); Dark Beacon (2017); Tucked (2018); and Tracks (2018).

In 2015 she was in the music video for ‘Greek Tragedy’ by The Wombats.

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What’s next for April?..

Not only did she star in the 2018 movie, Tucked, she was also a make-up designer and artist for the film!


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🌈@letsgettucked is OUT TODAY!!🌈Here is a #bts still of me (in costume) appling @jordanfstephens makeup…because….did you know, I designed the makeup and applied it daily alongside the glorious @melissasweetingmakeup πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» this was my first #feature as #makeupdesigner and although it was incredibly tough (some looks would take hours), I am really proud of what we achieved as a department. I would love to be #acting all the time, but unfortunately it’s only about 10% of the time at the moment. Having another creative outlet is so important for my mental wellbeing! ✌️ Tucked is a beautiful film about friendship and acceptance and I would love you to give it a watch/download/stream/buy!! #multitasking #anotherstringtomybow

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It is unknown if she has any upcoming make-up jobs but is thought to have acted in some upcoming indie movie releases.

She’s an activist…

Like many other celebrities – and ‘normal’ folk – she is trying to make more sustainable changes to her life.

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Her social media accounts also show that she is an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights.

Her movie, Tucked, is a:

‘aw and tender drama about an ageing 80 year old drag queen who forms an unlikely friendship with a younger queen, both struggling with their own issues of gender identity and mortality. As they discover more about each other, they realise how to truly be themselves. It’s a ‘slice of life’ drama about love, loss and friendship’.

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