James Buckley Kids: Who Are The Comedian’s Children?

By Tharmini Kenas

24th February 2020

James Buckley Kids: Who Are The Comedian’s Children?

James Buckley is known for being the young teenage lad in The Inbetweeners. He is definitely not Jay Cartwright anymore. In fact, James Buckley could not be more different from Jay Cartwright. 

James Buckley has kids of his own and has moved on from being a silly teenager! Along the way, James has grown to be a family man, a good dad, a talented artist and an outspoken person.

More about James Buckley kids and his current life…

James Buckley: Kids, Wife And The Sweet Family Of Four…

James Buckley kids

Image Source/NME

James Buckley married a Scottish model named Clair Meek in 2012 and the couple got married in Dundas Castle in Edinburgh. 

Being the thoughtful person he is, James had no qualms rocking a kilt as a sign of respect to Clair’s heritage. In a green and blue tartan with a black sporran and a matching black waistcoat and blazer, James almost stole the show! 

Almost a year before the wedding, the couple had their first child. Clair gave birth to a baby boy who they named Harrison and James wasted no time in being a cool dad! 

“I can’t wait; it’s going to be really cool. It’s like the longest Christmas Eve ever. I’m going to be hands-on and stuff. 

“I think people were really confused when news got out that I was having a baby. What – Jay from The Inbetweeners, a 17-year-old foul-mouthed boy? 

“Obviously I’m a man in my mid-twenties and have an apartment and a girlfriend and live a very normal life.”

James Buckley’s Kids (Yes, He Had One More…) And Their Shenanigans

James Buckley kids

Image Source/Mirror

Just two years after giving birth to Harrison, the couple made their way for baby number two! 

Jude was born and James was being more and more creative especially with his Twitter posts. Here are some of his efforts that will make you laugh! 

  • He tried to scare them off by sending a camera in the name of Santa.

  • But, he got heart-broken when Harrison was sad due to an Amazon delivery mishap.

  • The super dad had his moment with his kids’ poops.

  • He was desperately seeking help regarding a kid’s game.

More Tweets From The Excited Dad! 

  • And, just last year he shocked us saying it has been eight years since he became a parent.

  • He also shared an insider tip on parenting.

  • Most importantly, he keeps it real.

  • And, unlimited sensible life advice to his kids.

Looks Like James Buckley’s Kids Will Never Get To See Jay Cartwright…

In an interview with Piers Morgan in Good Morning Britain, James let it out that he would not let his children watch the foul-mouthed teenager he played in The Inbetweeners! 

His reasoning seems to be fair and understandable. 

“I would never let them watch The Inbetweeners.

“It’s different for me as I’m supposed to be their dad. I don’t want them to see me behaving in that way. I already have very little respect from them, to begin with, and I don’t want to lose it completely.”


Could The Show Be Too Offensive For James Buckley’s Kids? 

In another interview with Digital Spy, he shared that the show might be offensive if aired today. 

“I think that when The Inbetweeners was around, everyone understood the context – that they were kids.

“There used to be a sympathy, where you could almost forgive them because you can’t really have a go at someone for being stupid – that’s not really their fault.

“Nowadays, it feels very black and white with comedy. There’s no in-between, it’s just, ‘This person said this on television – isn’t that terrible?’.

“It’s killing comedy because you’re not allowed to joke about anything, it seems. There seems to be a joke police, nowadays.”

“It seems to be cool at the moment to be offended by stuff, and that’s a shame. 

“It seems to be in vogue at the moment, and I’m hoping it will pass because I do think that possibly people would maybe be more offended by The Inbetweeners if it was to be made today. Which is really weird, because it’s only 10 years. It’s only four years since we finished.”

Well, it does look like he made the right decision! 

But Really, What Does James Think Of Jay? 


“I liked playing Jay, I don’t think I could be around someone like that for too long, for an extended period of time, I think I’d get wound up.

“It’s good fun to play a character like that, to do stuff, to behave in a way that you’d probably feel too embarrassed or ashamed to in real life. It’s like a purge. 

“It was really great to be able to get away with the things I said and did. And Jay’s a really funny character; he makes a lot of people laugh, so I loved playing him.”

James Buckley And The InBetweeners

Playing Jay Cartwright in the BAFTA-winning sitcom has definitely turned James’ life around. Surprisingly, he knew early on that he wanted to be a performer. From the age of seven, he started going to a stage school during the weekends. 

Remarkably, he started his professional acting career while he was in school with Whistle Down the Wind and Les Misérables. 

Through the years of acting, appearances in commercials, and as a voice-over talent, James Buckley’s performance in The Inbetweeners with Blake Harrison, Simon Bird, and Joe Thomas is still being recognised as exceptional. 

James Buckley kids

Image Source/The Irish Sun

They are all grown-ups now and James said: 

“We’re very different people now. I was 18 when we started and now I’m married with kids, Simon’s married, Jo lives with his girlfriend in his posh flat.”

“We’ve got threads of running jokes going for years, usually with subtitles like, ‘Blake’s a c***’.

“That’s the level of humour we operate on and it becomes funnier and funnier.”

Fun Fact: The four of them are still close to each other. In fact, they attend each other’s weddings and have loads of fun despite seldom meeting up. 

How’s that for friendship goals? 

The Show Made Him An Actor! 

James Buckley kids

Image Source/The Sun

James admitted that he thought acting would be a pipe dream for him. 

“I always wanted to perform comedy and be an actor. Before The Inbetweeners I assumed that was a pipe dream. As we were making The Inbetweeners I thought it was a pipe dream as well to be honest! We all thought it was such a tiny show and no one would watch it.”

He also admitted that he had the best fun while shooting for The Inbetweeners

“It was the best fun, it was the best job you could ever have, it was just hanging out with your mates, mucking about, having fun, making each other laugh, and maybe we might film some stuff that could be put on television. 

“It doesn’t really get any better than that. To be paid to do that! I still, to this day, can’t believe how lucky I was.”

From A Foul-Mouthed Teenage Character To An Outspoken Real-Life Gentleman…

James Buckley kids

Image Source/Metro

James has come a long way. He seems to be completely comfortable voicing out his opinions and sharing his thoughts on subjects he believes in. 

Just last year, he turned down an interview invitation from This Morning to talk about his anxiety. 

He revealed in his podcast Complete Load Of Podcast that, 

“I was asked to go on This Morning and daytime TV shows and chat shows to talk about it. I’m like, ‘I did talk about it. You didn’t report it properly and it made me even more anxious and depressed.”

“The reason why I wasn’t comfortable talking about my anxiety on certain shows is that I thought the whole thing was sort of hypocritical.

“I think they’ve baited people that have probably had mental health problems and used that to make entertainment.”

Fame Causes Him To Be Anxious And Self-Conscious…

James Buckley kids

Image Source/Evening Standard

He was even pushed to the situation where he didn’t want to leave his house. 

To his credit, he admitted that fame is not always a bane. It could help him to get a table at a restaurant and extra help at shops. 

“The cons are basically not being able to relax, not being able to feel like you’re not ‘on’ when you leave the house, at any point.

“I don’t wanna whine about it, but it does make me anxious, it does make me very self-conscious, it does make me uncomfortable.”

“I’m accidentally famous, I’m not built to be famous, I’m not a star, I’m not special, so being stared at makes me very anxious.”

“I feel constantly on edge. I’m getting closer and closer to never leaving my house again.”

His Recent Ventures


In 2017, James started acting in White Gold by the creator of The Inbetweeners Damon Beesley. The sitcom is about double-glazing salesmen in the 8o’s and Joe Thomas is also part of the sitcom. 

This year, James has acted in the third episode of Season 12 of Doctor Who

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