Betty Kitten Ross: Who Are Jonathon Ross' Eccentric Family?

By Juliet Smith

6th February 2020

Betty Kitten Ross: Who Are Jonathon Ross’ Eccentric Family?

Although he appears to be a relatively normal TV presenter, ITV’s Jonathon Ross lives quite the weird and wonderful life away from the cameras. Married to author Jane Goldman, Ross has three children: Betty Kitten Ross, Harvey Kirby and Honey Kinney.

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When they’re not looking after their extensive collection of animals (they really do have miniature pigs) they’re playing bizarre computer games together, but what else do we know about the eccentric family belonging to Jonathon Ross?

Who Is His Wife?

Married for 21 years – Jane and Jonathan met when she was just 16 – the couple haven’t been without their ups and downs. Jane had a breakdown a few years ago after false rumours came out that she’d had an affair, the pair ended up temporarily splitting before getting back together.

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They Are Stronger Than Ever Now

Despite their troubles, Jonathan appears to be more in love with his wife than ever:

‘Jane’s my ideal, whatever way she is,’ Jonathan once said. ‘We’ve grown up together and I become more passionate about her as the years go by. For me, it’s only ever been Jane and it only ever will be.’

Jonathan isn’t the only success story in the relationship – Jane is actually earning more than her TV presenter hubby. After being a journalist for most of her working life, Jane then tried her hand at TV shows, even dabbling in presenting. But she’s since found her most serious talent – screenwriting.

Her first big success was Stardust — a fairy-tale romance. After that came something very different: the violent Kick-Ass. She’s also written the latest X Men film and thriller The Woman In Black.

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When she’s not writing, Jane is guilty of staying in bed most of the day playing World Of Warcraft – a computer game which even her husband criticises the amount of time she spends playing.

Jonathan Has His Quirks Too

It’s not only his wife that has her oddities, the TV presenter is obsessed with his prized collection of comic books. From framed comic book artwork to hundreds of collectable paraphernalia, the star’s house is an ode to his favourite hobby.

Who Are Their Kids?

The Ross’ three children Betty Kitten Ross, Harvey Kirby and Honey Kinney are 28, 25 and 23 respectively. And their relationship with their parents is definitely not your average one.

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‘They are a family who regard themselves as being very bohemian and very open with each other,’ says one family friend. ‘The children are more like friends than kids — and the only rule there appears to be in the house is that they take it in turns to walk the dogs.’


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They Have LOTS Of Family Pets

Jonathan and family have their own household zoo, made up of sheep, miniature pigs, ferrets, cats, goldfish and, of course, an army of dogs – and they don’t live on a farm; instead their home is in the star-studded neighbourhood of Hampstead, north London.

The couple’s favourite pet (if they really had to choose) is a French Bulldog puppy called Prof Snowball, who was a gift from Jonathan’s wife to mark his 50th birthday last November. Snowball has his own social media accounts which are updated regularly with pictures of him.

What’s Their House Like?

The presenter recently had a £500,000 home modernisation – so, we’re taking a peek inside it…

There’s a TV room with a screen projected on the ceiling – so you can lay down AND watch TV at the same time. Underneath the screen – for extra comfort – are several £15,000 space-ship-style reclining chairs made by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders.

Then there’s his three-storey cupboard dressing room, a boudoir style living area with an orange shagpile carpet a VERY unusual guest house type shed nestled under trees in the Ross’ garden.

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When Betty Kitten Ross Came Out As Gay…

Betty Kitten faced difficulty sharing with her parents that she was gay. She revealed that she first told them so was bisexual and a few months later she told them she was a lesbian.

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Although she said it was hard, Betty revealed that her parents were ‘totally cool’ about her coming out and were ‘nothing but happy and accepting’.

‘It was sort of hard. It’s just always difficult.

‘I think just generally coming out is hard but luckily my parents and siblings and friends were all totally cool with it.

‘I came out as bi first and was saying I was bi for a while, then came out as gay. I get asked about it quite a bit and don’t mind.’

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‘I’ve had crushes on girls forever, but I never really realised that that was being gay until I was quite a bit older.

‘After a bit I came out as gay, but first only to my siblings and then properly to everyone, so it was fairly spread out over a long time period.

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She Always Knew She Liked Girls

‘I kind of always liked girls, but I thought all girls had that a bit so didn’t really think anything of it. Then it just kind of clicked really.’

She added: ‘It was difficult to an extent because I had two people that said things to me that made me never want to come out, so I was really worried about telling people I was close to in case they reacted the same way.

‘But of course, all the people I really cared about were nothing but accepting and happy for me, so it wasn’t as hard as I thought it’d be.’


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I went to a spooky book shop and had the time of my life

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As supportive as ever, her mother Jane said: ‘Young people feel very afraid to come out.

‘Betty does not want attention but she is very socially conscious and if her being unafraid about her sexuality helps someone else she would be very pleased.

‘Jonathan was not making a statement, he was asked a question and answered honestly as he always does.’

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‘We are a very close-knit family and Betty is a very sensible young woman.’ 

‘She’s incredibly kind, responsible and intelligent.’

Her dad Jonathan joined in the support:

“As any dad really, I love my kids regardless of who they are, what they do. Certainly, their sexuality is a), none of my business and b), none of my concern.”

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