Avarie Belle Betsy: Who Is Dani Harmer's Daughter?

By Juliet Smith

10th February 2020

Avarie Belle Betsy: Who Is Dani Harmer’s Daughter?

We’re looking at what Dani Harmer has been up to nowadays and her adorable baby daughter Avarie Belle Betsy…

It seems only yesterday that frizzy-haired childhood icon Tracy Beaker was taking over our screens and Justine Littlewood was on the receiving end of more ‘bog off’ insults than we could ever count (and rightfully so).

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We recently welcomed the news that our favourite TV character will be returning to the dumping ground; this time as a single mother living in a council flat. Dani Harmer (who played the beloved Beaker) is now 29 years old now, feel old?

So, apart from preparing for her return to our boxes, what has Dani Harmer been up to all these years since she left the dumping ground? Let’s find out…

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She Appeared On Strictly Come Dancing

Harmer was asked to compete in the 10th series of BBC’s Strictly, which took place in 2012. She was paired up with dancing professional Vincent Simone and the duo reached the final but finished in 4th place.

She Gave Birth To Avarie Belle Betsy Rachel Brough

Former Tracy Beaker star introduced her baby girl Avarie Belle Betsy to the world in July 2016 with her boyfriend Simon Brough. After giving birth, the actress Dani Harmer reveals:

“I just feel the most happy I’ve ever felt in my entire life. We’re in a complete little love bubble.”

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Although the baby arrived safely, it wasn’t plain sailing during her birth. Dani went through a gruelling three day labour and ended up having a traumatic emergency cesarean.
“I was devastated. I cried a lot,” Dani recalls.
“My birth plan was literally “birthing pool, whale music, no drugs, let’s just try and be really hippy about it and do some breathing but it just turned into the complete opposite.

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She Had Birth Plans, But It Didn’t Go As Expected…

“This is why I don’t think birth plans are a good idea. You really, really can’t plan. Also, I’d never been in a hospital before. I’ve never needed an operation and I’ve never needed to go into hospital – ever – so that’s been my first experience. It was a lot to take in – just being in a hospital was making me panicky, let alone anything else.”

But the emergency caesarean wasn’t the only difficulty Dani faced:

“Once she’d come out I started to regain feeling, so I could feel literally everything they were doing. My placenta got stuck. And it was just literally one thing after the other. So they ended up giving me more and more drugs to the point where I couldn’t open my eyes but I was conscious.”

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They Recovered Quickly…

Thankfully, both mother and her newborn daughter recovered quickly and were out of hospital after three days. Dani’s boyfriend, Simon, revealed his experience as a first time dad:

“The first couple of days in hospital, Dani was gone to the world, really, sleeping and not able to do much,” he tells. “So I did the first nappy change and feed and it just felt so natural after the first time. It was like, ‘Oh yeah, that’s easy.’ You spend nine months worrying what it’s going to be like and then the second you’re doing it, it’s absolutely fine.”

Simon recognises his girlfriend’s strength:

“What was really incredible was seeing Dani progress through pregnancy. There’s that sort of age-old argument that, ‘Oh yeah, being pregnant isn’t too difficult,’ coming from a bloke.

“But seeing Dani carry a baby, do shows, work around the house, carry on with running her performing arts academy… all of these things. It was just the most amazing thing and I’ve never felt prouder of someone. She’s been a real testament to how strong a woman is. She’s definitely not one to be trifled with.”


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Dani, Avarie and I hope you all had a wonderful turkey day. Best wishes to you all #christmas #christmasbaby #festive #elf

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Is Marriage On The Cards For Dani And Simon?

Well, according to Simon, then YES!

“I’m really keen on that, but I want to do it right,” says Simon. “I want to build a much better relationship with her father in particular and I want to ask, man to man, and I want him to feel confident that it’s a good choice. I just feel it’s the right thing to do.”

Only time will tell when Dani and Simon will tie the knot!

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