Ant Middleton Twitter: The SAS Who Dares Wins Star’s Life In Tweets

By Nancy Hargreaves

12th February 2020

Ant Middleton Twitter: The SAS Who Dares Wins Star’s Life In Tweets

Ant Middleton, the former soldier and all around hardman, has been all over our TV screens with his latest show SAS: Who Dares Wins. But he’s also a star of smaller screens because he’s an active tweeter – here are Ant Middleton’s Twitter highlights.

Ant Middleton

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Who Is Ant Middleton?

Ant Middleton is the presenter of SAS: Who Dares Wins, and served in both the army and Royal Marines. He enlisted when he was 16, back in 1997. He served in the 9th Parachute Squadron, completing tours of duty in Northern Ireland and North Macedonia.

After leaving the army, he joined up with the Royal Marines in 2005. He served in B Company, part of 40 Commando. While a marine, he served in Afghanistan. And in 2008, he joined the Special Boat Service as a sniper, and did two more tours in Afghanistan.

Ant Middleton was convicted of unlawfully assaulting a police office in 2013, after a nightclub fight in Essex. He was sentenced to 14 months in prison, and served four.

Since 2015, Ant Middleton has been the chief instructor in SAS: Who Dares Wins, and other shows too. The celeb version of the show back in 2019 featured Louise Mensch, Jeff Brazier and Camila Thurlow.  His Twitter captures his life and what he’s been up to.

Ant Middleton’s Twitter Is All About Positivity

Ant Middleton’s Twitter is so positive! He’s all about mind over muscle, and even has a new podcast all about it called “Mind Over Muscle”.

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He’s all about the positivity, and overcoming challenges in your life – Monday motivation!

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Ant Middleton’s on tour this year, taking his Mind Over Muscle show across the UK. He shares practical life skills and his philosophy on how to live your best life.

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He’s Been Back In Uniform With The Army Cadets

Ant Middleton’s Twitter says he is supporting the Volunteer Cadet Corps as their Chief Cadet this year. He’ll be travelling around the UK to meet with junior cadets and share his knowledge and experience.

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Image Source/ Twitter

Ant Middleton’s Controversial Comments

Ant Middleton’s Controversial Comments On Good Morning Britain got him into a bit of hot water back in January. Appearing on the show, he commented on the situation between the USA and Iran, praising Donald Trump for ordering the death of an Iranian general. Asked to put the crisis into perspective, he said:

“I think it’s refreshing that there’s a president out there that’s willing to put the safety and wellbeing of his citizens before any political agenda.”

“That takes backbone, that takes balls, and it’s quite refreshing to know.”

His comments sparked a backlash on Twitter after he went on to say that “PC culture” is dying out, saying:

“People are realising that feelings and emotions, on the grand scheme of things, are irrelevant but facts are facts.”

“You can’t make decisions on someone’s feelings or emotions. It’s got to be facts.”

Did He Climb Everest?

Ant Middleton appeared on the Channel 4 Extreme Everest, but revealed in his book The Fear Bubble that he cheated on the challenge. While he did complete the challenge, he took a helicopter flight to a spa in Nepal, where he did more than rest and recover!

He has said that he left his teammates at base camp, 17,000 ft. up, while he headed to the spa, and frequented a local Irish pub. He said:

“For the first time in a month there were no cameras pointing at me, no schedule bearing down on me and no alpha-male politics to negotiate. Not only that, I’d booked myself into the best hotel in town.”

“The Yeti Mountain Home had a fully appointed restaurant with king-size beds with electric blankets.”

About the pub, he also said:

“Over the next few days I ended up basically living there. I’d stumble out smashed at 2am every night.”

“Then I’d wake up feeling dreadful, with the symptoms of my hangover concentrated dozens of times over by the effects of high altitude.”

After a final booze up, he flew back to base camp, apparently reeking of booze. He said:

“I felt like rotting meat. I’d done the damage, now I had to live with the consequences.”

Ant did complete the challenge, and said it was extremely intense:

“Mother Nature — Mount Everest — bent me over, pulled my pants down, gave me a good hiding and said ‘on your way’.”

Twitter Reactions to SAS: Who Dares Wins

Twitter was all over the show from the first episode, and people absolutely loved Ant’s brutal banter! In particular, his lack of interest in one contestant’s Crossfit training:

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Drag queen contestant Cybil War was also a hit:

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Fans love the show!

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Ant Middleton’s Twitter and Liam Payne

Ant Middleton has got a mega famous Twitter friend – Liam Payne! Liam appeared on Straight Talking on Sky One, where they took a road trip through Namibia. About the show, Ant said:

“It’s an interview show not a survival show, three days of me asking all about everything and anything.”

“It’s a two way thing, I can talk to people on a level, I’ve been there and down it, highs and lows.”

“I’ve been through things I’ve seen things and I’ve experienced a lot so people can relate to me.”

And the pair talked about Liam finding fame so young, and the pressures that come with that both then and now. About the show, Ant also said:

“People open up to me because they know I understand I’m not some university student who’s going to ask a load of questions I come from the university of life.”

“That’s what’s so great about the show because when I start asking questions I can relate them to my own experiences.”

“We chuck in some extreme adventure along the way that’s what I am an extreme adventurer with lots of life experience.” 

And Ant’s kids are Liam fans:

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And Liam even calls Ant out in his workouts now!

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You can sign up to be on SAS: Who Dares wins at the Channel 4 website.


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