Susanna Reid Instagram: Her Life in Pictures

By Lynda Keleer

29th January 2020

Susanna Reid Instagram: Her Life in Pictures

For anyone who loves morning TV, Susanna Reid’s Instagram is an essential. Full of images from her personal and professional life, Susanna exudes confidence and wellbeing from every pore.

Susanna Reid Instagram
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Instagram is a great way to get an inside peek at the real person. It’s easy to hide behind words, but often pictures convey so much more.

Susanna is as admired for her stunning dress sense and style, as much as her ability to put up with controversial co-host of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan! A quick flick through Susanna Reid’s Instagram provides a revealing insight into the star’s daily life.

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But what are the most common themes that dominate Susanna’s Instagram feed? Before you take a look for yourself, here’s the background on the person behind the celebrity status.

A Natural Beauty

On Good Morning Britain, viewers will be more familiar with Susanna Reid wearing a full face of make-up and donning a range of gorgeous dresses. In fact, a quick look at Susanna Reid’s Instagram feed reveals lots of snaps featuring her fashion choices.

Despite not being a top model, Susanna is revered for having impeccable dress sense and somehow always seems to choose the right outfit. From figure-hugging shift dresses to floaty summer numbers, there’s an innate beauty to Susanna’s Instagram.


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If you’re looking to be inspired for an on-trend outfit, Susanna is the perfect celebrity to follow. The GMB star has regular photos from her onscreen appearances as well as other occasions, such as big nights out.

The BAFTAs are one of these big occasions where Susanna Reid stunned the crowds, along with other beauties such as Holly Willoughby.

A Rainbow of Tones

Fans checking out Susanna Reid’s Instagram will notice there’s a rainbow of tones. She doesn’t seem to shy away from any particular colour and eagle-eyed followers will spot the same style of dress in different shades!

But if you’re feeling intimidated by the star who always looks flawless, you’ll be relieved to know that off camera Susanna Reid favours a more natural look. Among the many photos of Susanna looking at her polished best are glimpses as to what her life is like when the cameras stop rolling.

During the Christmas 2019 break she uploaded a photo of herself without wearing any make-up. How many celebrities do you know would do that?!

Susanna Reid Rainbow tone

However, her Instagram followers complimented Susanna on her fresh-faced look, commenting on the big smile she wore. Susanna herself didn’t mention the lack of makeup, simply saying: “NEW YEAR! SAME ME… (maybe a bit more as it seemed rude not to finish all those Christmas biscuits) More @gmb too… extended til 9am. See you in the morning!

Good Morning Britain

Susanna Reid has had a number of different TV roles, including a long-running stint with Bill Turnbull on Breakfast which ran from 2003 to 2014. This was on BBC One and Susanna herself admitted that she had to keep her opinions in check while working for the public broadcaster.

In 2014, she made the move to ITV and joined the team at Good Morning Britain. This meant leaving her beloved BBC which came as a big surprise to many. Susanna had previously declared that she would “bleed BBC” if she were cut open!


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However, the switch was to send Susanna’s celebrity status soaring in ways that she never expected.

Breakfast TV isn’t normally the most controversial type of show but Good Morning Britain meant that Susanna would be teaming up with Piers Morgan, one of the most argumentative and outspoken journalists in the country. Ben Shepherd and Charlotte Hawkins were also on the team but it was Susanna’s partnership with Piers that hit the headlines.

Anyone who has ever seen Piers Morgan knows that he doesn’t hold his opinions back and delights in putting forward views which are best described as “edgy”. This tends to provoke a fierce debate and the response on social media to Piers’ comments is usually strong.

Susanna as Co-Presenter

Susanna became equally as well known as her co-presenter, but rather than courting the same outrage from the public, she became loved for her withering put-downs. Like an on-screen husband and wife, Susanna and Piers bicker and disagree, never allowing the other to get away with making statements unchallenged.

One of the most memorable occasions involved Piers Morgan mocking Love Island, making slurping noises in his co-presenter’s ear. Viewers saw Susanna visibly wince and lean away, recoiling in disgust at Piers’ re-enactment.

The public love Susanna for sticking up for people, and for putting Piers in his place when he goes too far. Some have suggested that Susanna actively dislikes Piers, but insiders say this isn’t the case.

Of course, Susanna often doesn’t agree with what Piers Morgan has to say! But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t get on with him on a personal level.

Piers Morgan mocking Love Island Susanna Reid

In fact, if you take a look at Susanna Reid’s Instagram you’ll find there’s a healthy smattering of snaps which show the pair larking around offscreen. There’s also pictures of other stars such as Kate Garraway.

Not only do the pair get along well, hanging out at celebrity events such as the BAFTAs, Susanna has been quick to praise Piers for being a positive influence. She admits –

“Ultimately he’s been good for the show – look at the ratings! – and for me. When I was at the BBC I had to be so careful not to have opinions on things.”

Although Piers can court controversy, Susanna appreciates how his contribution enables a healthy and robust debate and has helped her developed a new style of onscreen presenting.

The Single Mum

Although Susanna Reid’s Instagram is spilling over with photos of her looking glam and having fun, there’s a conspicuous absence of many personal pictures. In particular, there’s not any photos of a significant other or romantic dates of any kind.

Susanna describes herself as a feminist, but that’s not the reason why her Instagram doesn’t feature any men. Instead, she’s found herself to be unlucky in love, unable to find the right guy to enjoy a forever relationship.

She has three beautiful sons from her 16-year romance with Dominic Cotton, the sports presenter. They split in 2014 and despite a few brief flings, Susanna has remained resolutely single.

Between 2018 and 2019, she was dating Crystal Palace chairman Steve Parish, a fact that delighted Piers Morgan as he drew similarities between himself and her beau. It wasn’t to last though: in April 2019 Susanna and Steve split, blaming their hardworking lifestyle for the breakup.

The subject of romance rears its head from time to time on Good Morning Britain and Susanna doesn’t shy away from the subject. She’s always been honest about her love-life and when asked by Piers whether she was single again she replied,

“Yep. Let’s not dwell. I’m fine, we’re fine, we’re very good friends. We were at the match on Saturday.”

Susanna is not only happy as a single woman, she seems determined to remain that way. When Gemma Collins was a guest on GMB, the subject of marriage came up only for Susanna to declare in horror,

“I’ll NEVER marry!”

Pescatarian Lifestyle of Susanna Raid

You won’t find an endless stream of foodie photos on Susanna’s Instagram feed; she’s not a celebrity who’s a fan of the foodporn hashtag. Nevertheless, she still shares a picture occasionally if she’s enjoyed a meal that’s been especially tasty.

One of these photos was a beef casserole that Susanna herself had prepared, describing it as a “Cold weather casserole”. She went on to explain that all the effort had been for the benefit of her children as she doesn’t eat meat herself.

Susanna and Piers have clashed over non-meat products at times. Such as the now infamous vegan “steak” bake that Greggs unveiled. Piers claimed the pastry had him “vomiting”! But Susanna received backing from GMB newsreader Charlotte Hawkins who pointed out the benefits of avoiding animals products.

Anyone who’s seen Susanna’s appearances on James Martin’s Saturday Kitchen will recall that she is a pescatarian, meaning that she eats fish but not meat. She is however partial to a delicious pudding such as the trifle she made using a Nigella recipe.

Susanna’s Trademark Figure-Hugging Dresses

The trademark figure-hugging dresses that Susanna often wears means that there’s extra pressure to look her best. The star has a healthy attitude to food. Allowing herself to indulge on special occasions such as Christmas but ensuring that she stays fit in general.

More recently, Susanna decided to shift a few extra pounds. As she was told by her doctor that she’d be healthier if she lost two stone. She’s managed this by adopting a balanced attitude to exercising, enjoying Zumba classes and gentle gym sessions.


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This has proven to be be effective for Susanna as she found that too much exercise was counterproductive. As the star explains,

“I was finding that when I went to the gym it made me more hungry and I was just overloading myself.”

Susanna has shared photos of her gym with her Instagram followers, admitting “…the good feeling of doing exercise is unbeatable.”

Whether it’s her healthy lifestyle, glamorous dress sense or natural beauty, Susanna Reid’s Instagram is one to watch. Give the GMB star a follow and you’ll never miss out on any of her exploits again!

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