Rita Simons Alan Sugar: How Are They Related?

By Ilaria Pignalosa

11th January 2020

Rita Simons, Alan Sugar: How Are They Related?

rita simons alan sugar

Rita Simons, Alan Sugar: two personalities whose names have populated the news. What many people may not know is that they are related, although they are following two different paths in their lives.

The showbiz is full of mysteries and people who always look like they know each other very well. It does not surprise if we always end up asking ourselves questions such as is Lewis Capaldi related to Peter Capaldi?

Curious to learn more? Let’s find out together!

Who Is Rita Simons?

Rita Joanne Simons is a 42-year-old English actress, singer and model. She became famous after playing Roxy Mitchell in the BBC soap opera EastEnders for ten years (2007-2017). At the height of her career, in 2008, she won the National Television Award for Most Popular Newcomer.

rita simons

Source/ What’s On TV

But what about Rita Simons Alan Sugar relationship? We have investigated this matter for you.

Rita’s Career in Television

Allegedly, she received an offer to play a role in the show Coronation Street, but she refused. She has made other appearances in other dramas, such as Dream Team (2002) and Mile High (2003)

Ten years later, in 2018, she accepted to participate in that year’s series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

In the same year, Rita spoke openly about her mental health, confessing that she was suffering from OCD, anxiety and insomnia:

“Some nights I’m awake just staring at the wall. I don’t even watch TV or listen to music. It is awful. It is like torture. Sometimes it feels like I don’t sleep for days. It’s horrible.”

What Do We Know About Rita’s Family?

Rita was born far from one of the worst cities in UK. In fact, she grew up in London, with her parents and her older brother, Ben.

rita family

Source/ Fanpop

In 2004, she married the hairdresser Theo Silveston, and they now have two daughters. Recently, the Eastender actress Rita Simons has mentioned her daughter Maiya’s hopes to find a spot in the showbiz. The girl is partially deaf, but she is attending the same school as her twin sister Jaimee, and she has joined a drama school. Rita said:

“Maiya is quite similar and since she has done performing arts she has settled down and has an outlet. She is thriving and I didn’t get that opportunity until much later.”

Now it is time to find out more about Rita Simons Alan Sugar relation.

Who Is Alan Sugar?

Alan Sugar is a British business magnate, as well as a politician, political adviser and even media personality. He started his first business in 1968 when he founded Amstrad. This soon became one of the UK’s biggest consumer electronics company, which was sold to BSkyB in 2007 for £125m.

lord alan sugar

Source/ Hello Magazine

He has also made some television appearances, such as The Apprentice (2005 – 2010), Young Apprentice, and he featured in a celebrity special of Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?

However, what many people want to know is the Rita Simons – Alan Sugar relation and how are they related.

Rita Simons – Alan Sugar: How Are They Related?

As all her fans and followers know, Rita is the niece of Lord Alan Sugar, a British businessman magnate. Lord Sugar is married to Rita’s aunt Ann Simons.

lord sugar

Source/ Irish Mirror

The billionaire, best known for being BBC reality series The Apprentice’s star, may currently be one of the richest men in the UK. In fact, his fortune is estimated at £1.56bn, which is far higher than many others working in showbiz, including Stormzy.

Speaking of her uncle, the British actress said:

“He loves all his grandkids and loves family time. Yes he’s still straight talking, but he’s a lot kinder. Occasionally we’ll go to their house for dinner. We went to their place in Marbella for lunch last summer. But generally, it’s funerals, weddings, bar mitzvahs and awards ceremonies.”

Rita Simons – Alan Sugar: The Adventure In The Jungle

In 2018, Rita joined other stars like Harry Redknapp and Love Island’s Holly Willoughby in the wild jungle. Some may say she was chosen among the participants because she played Roxy Mitchell in EastEnders, while others believe that her success is due to her famous (and rich) uncle.

Speaking about her relationship with her uncle before joining the show, Simons revealed:

 “We’ve had to keep coming into the Jungle a secret and so no, I haven’t told my Uncle yet, but I bet you he will watch it!”

Nevertheless, in the end, the public voted and Rita was the fourth to be eliminated from the show in December.

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