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10th January 2020

Oritse Williams’ Wife: Everything You Need To Know

oritse williams wife

Oritse Williams wife, AJ Azari, is a beautiful dancer whose life recently changed drastically because of her husband.

What we have learnt from Oritse Williams wife is that it doesn’t matter if you are so rich that you make more than Danny Dyer, or be a woman as rich as Kate Middleton. Even the smallest thing may change your life forever, jeopardising your relationship as well as your reputation.

What happened that night, and what is AJ up to now?

Who Is Oritsé Williams?

Oritse Jolomi Matthew Soloman Williams, professionally known as Oritsé, is an English singer, writer and record producer. He is the founding member of the boy band JLS, which participated in the fifth series of The X Factor in 2008, together with Alexandra Burke. The group’s original name was UFO (“Unique Famous Outrageous”), but the members decided to change it after winning the first auditions for the talent show.

oritse williams jls

Source/ Signal 1

The boy band sold over 10 million records, but disbanded a few years later, in December 2013. In the same year Oritse, who has been passionate about music since he was only a child, won the ITV dancing competition Stepping Out.

Eventually, the singer met the dancer AJ Azari, who became Oritse Williams wife and had a baby boy with him.

Who Is Oritse Williams’ Wife?

Aimee Jade “AJ” Azari is a dancer, and she was Oritse Williams wife at the time of the raping scandal in 2016.

A few years ago, in 2014, the couple welcomed their first baby boy. The couple immediately tweeted the news to share their happiness with their friends and followers. Oritsté’ tweet soon reached almost 2,000 retweets, becoming viral. He said:

“I watched in awe as @AJAzari gave birth to our 1st born son on Sunday 24th at 1.49am. He is my Treasure of life! “

At that time, Oritse Williams wife and the British singer looked so happy, no one would have imagined what was going to happen to them only two years later.

What Happened To Oritsé Williams?

In May 2019, the Wolverhampton Crown Court officially accused the JLS star Oritse Williams of raping a woman in his hotel room after a solo concert in December 2016.

oritse williams not guilty

Source / Sky News

The girl was only 20 years old and was a British tattoo artist. Allegedly, Oritse spent the night with her and her friends at the Wolverhampton’s Ramada Hotel, drinking a large amount of alcohol. After that night, the woman accused the singer of touching and assault by penetration.

Do We Really Know What Happened That Night?

Oritse denied the allegations, advocating that the woman agreed to have sex with him. He described his time at the nightclub in great detail, insisting that the girl voluntarily sat on his lap. However, based on what the woman told the court, she left after a while and came back for her phone. At that point, Williams pushed her on the bed and raped her.

As we can all imagine, the news was devastating for everyone, especially for Oritse Williams wife. This was surely a hard time for AJ, and we can just hope she could count on her closest friends and family.

What Was The Boy Band’s Opinion About This Scandal?

Just a few months ago, speaking of the sexual assault allegations, JB Gill, a former member of JLS, publicly declared that:

“It was a tough ordeal for [Oritsé]. We were just there for him. We didn’t know the ins and outs of everything that happened and you have to respect that. He’s come out the other end and he’s in a good mental space. That has been a profound impact and, professionally speaking, it’s had an impact on him.”

jb gill oritse

Source/ Metro

The singer continued:

“Something like that has a profound effect on everything and personally and professionally that’s really impacted him. This is now a time to build, so we are here for him, encouraging him with that and whatever he chooses to do next I’m sure will be a success.”

Was Oritse Really Guilty?

In May 2019, a jury of eight women and four men discussed for two hours and 17 minutes about this case. The court heard Williams as well as his friend and tour manager Jamien Nagadhana, both accused of raping a woman.

The court in Wolverhampton found the two men, who were both 32 years old on that terrible night, not guilty of all charges following the last rape trial.

After the trial, Oritse’s fellow JLS bandmate Marvin Hume shared his support for this friend on Instagram, saying:


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Cleared..Not Guilty! Finally my brother @oritsemusic three years of hell is over! No-one will ever know or imagine what he’s been through..I’m just so proud of the way he conducted himself during what has been the most awful time..he is so strong and I know he can’t wait to start his life again now..We love you O ❤️

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“Cleared…Not Guilty! Finally my brother @oritsemusic three years of hell is over! No-one will ever know or imagine what he’s been through. I’m just so proud of the way he conducted himself during what has been the most awful time. He is so strong and I know he can’t wait to start his life again not. We love you O ❤️”

On the other hand, we can surely understand how shocking this news was for Oritse Williams wife. Although this may have opened new present opportunities for the British singer, giving him a chance to start over, we wonder how this may have changed this woman’s life and her relationship with her husband.

What Happened To Oritse Williams Wife’s Home?

Oritse Williams wife’s life has not been easy in the last few years. After her husband was accused of raping a woman in a hotel after a concert, the couple’s six-bedroom home was ravaged by fire in June 2019. It took the help of about 70 firefighters to save the property.

williams house fire

Source/ Evening Standard

After the incident, the couple launched an arson probe. Even though the house is not in one of the worst cities in UK, someone may have decided to ruin Williams and his wife life by setting their property on fire. A spokesperson for the London Fire Brigade declared:

“Ten fire engines and around 70 firefighters were called to a fire at a derelict property in Croydon. The Brigade was called at 4.27pm and the fire was under control by 6.58pm. The cause of the fire is under investigation.”

Unfortunately, the cops didn’t manage to find any suspect, so they ended up abandoning their investigation. It must have been quite a shock for Oritse Williams wife.

Did They Ever Find The Culprit?

The place, that Williams originally bought for £3 million with his girlfriend AJ Azari in 2013, is now on sale for £1.75.

At the time, Oritse said he bought that house because “It had character” and he wanted to pass it on his family.  Although the villa was put on the market at a very unusually knock-down price, interested buyers may still need Wade Robson’s net worth to afford to buy this place!

oritse williams house

Source/ Rightmove

Although someone may now buy the property and buy a new house, things we’ll never go back as they used to be. What is left now is an empty space, a couple who doesn’t love each other anymore, and what the neighbours remember about that night. For example, the pop star Tanya Gordon, who lives in the same area, said she almost choked to death become of the smoke coming from the fire. She said:

“How does it get into that big blazing fire? It was really strong. It was blazing out of control. I was going to walk past with my kids and the fire brigade said ‘you have to walk through the forest because it is so dangerous’.”

What Is Oritse Williams’ Wife Up To Now?

After five months of being charged with raping, precisely in October 2019, Oritse Williams wife made one of her rare public appearances at the Ethnicity Awards. At the same event, the singer reunited with former bandmates, including Marvin Humes.

The ceremony, hosted by Capital FM and Marvin himself, was a great night to promote equality for minority groups. Most importantly, it helped Oritse Williams wife reunite with her friends after years of hell.

oritse william singer

Source/ Daily Mail

AJ hasn’t been sharing any news with her followers on Twitter since last year. In one of her previous messages from September 2019, she retweeted a significant post from Women’s Aid. On her social networks, the dancer has always stressed the importance of fighting against domestic abuse.

What About Williams?

In October 2019, the 32-year-old British singer announced that he was going to release new music. When asked about it, he said:

“My music’s about my life and my experiences over the last few years, so you know, whatever that entails. ‘It’s very emotional, I put my soul into it you know, I put my heart and my soul into it.”

He has also recently addressed the past three years of his life, describing them as “horrific”. He added:

‘I haven’t been able to work for three years. I had this accusation hanging over my head every single day, every time I wake up in the morning to every time I go to sleep at night.’

Oritse Williams’ Wife: What About Their Future?

aj azari oritse

Source/ Daily Mail

Lately, we have heard a lot about the Royal Family misadventures, following with interest Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage. Nevertheless, we must not forget that there are many other people working in showbiz. Each of them may have a troubling story to share, from which we may learn something new.

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