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By Lucy Cooper

30th September 2019

TOWIE News And Gossip

Olive-ia & Courtney Bust Up

If you watched her on Love Island, it’ll come as no surprise to see her now causing a storm amongst the TOWIE cast. Olivia Attwood has made herself a major part of the cast in just a few episodes, since recently joining the cast permanently.


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Being a hot mess is exhausting, just needed a little sit down x (@sarajoneshairmua )

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Being good friends with TOWIE veterans Chloe Sims and Georgia Kousoulou no doubt helped her settle but she’s managed to make quite the name for herself without any help from them.

Never being one to shy away from a confrontation or two back on the Island, it seems nothing has changed. Not backwards in coming forwards, she’s made herself a central part of all of this series’ dramas so far. Since rocking up, we’ve all been watching the Olivia Attwood show, fulfilling every role of a prime TOWIE cast candidate: outspoken, funny and controversial.

The cast members have just been in Marbs filming for the annual Marbs’ edition, renowned for its drama and drunken rows. Olivia’s entrance has riled a few of the cast’s feathers, including Courtney Green’s.

On Sunday, the after math of their holiday bust up played out, which saw Olivia call Courtney a ‘pyhmy goat’ and mocking her ‘sh*t headband’, comparing her to Anne Boleyn. You have to laugh…


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Marbs is over but the photos are still coming 🙋🏻‍♀️ styled by @jillyisabella

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The cat fight rose to a new level when Olivia reportedly launched a dish of olives at her opponent. Only on TOWIE…

Courtney recalls the holiday drama:

“It started on the plane. From the moment she saw us she was looking for an argument. She doesn’t have a reason not to like me. She doesn’t like me because she thinks I don’t like her.”

The hurl of abuse came after Green labelled Olivia as ‘trashy’, to which Attwood saw red. In the ep we saw a softer side to Olivia, apologising for her out lash, opening up about her infamous temper. Admitting that the insult ‘trashy’ has always been a trigger for her, the pair seemed to squash the beef by the end of their chat.

Although, in true Olivia style, she rocked the boat that bit more by rubbing salt in the olive wounds, posting an Instagram snap last week with a reference to the olive fight:


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Waiting for my olives…. 🍸🤪

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Meeeooooow! She might not be to everyone’s taste, but she’s undoubtedly stirred a few pots and brought the drama all us TOWIE fans tune in for.

Olivia Gets A Ring On It

Olivia might not be in everyone’s good books on set, but when it comes to her personal life, she’s definitely in her boyfriend’s (fiancé’s).

Following her explosive entrance to the show, things have really blown up for Olivia publicly- she’s fast become one of TOWIE’s most controversial characters.

And her boyfriend, Blackburn Rovers footballer Bradley Dack, seems to love this about her. Having made her his fiancé just this weekend, on their romantic break to Dubai, he’s proven he’s there to stay, regardless what the public have to say about his future wife.

Perhaps being so happy and settled in her personal life will translate in to a bit of a calmer Olivia on set. Pigs will also fly…

We can’t wait to see the rest of this series unfold- check back for all the latest.

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