Katie Price's Children: Everything You Need To Know

By Amelia Slater

14th January 2020

Katie Price’s Children: Everything You Need To Know

Katie’s Price’s children and relationships have been heavily documented throughout the former glamour model’s flashy and extensive career.

We’re here to answer the ultimate questions: How many children does Katie Price have? What are their names? Who are the baby daddies?

Katie Price children Junior, Jeff, Bunny and Princess

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Baby Number 1: Harvey

Katie gave birth to her first child Harvey back in 2002 while she was in a short-lived relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke.


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Harvey loves drawing ✍️ follow @officialmrharveyprice to see the full video 💕

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Harvey, now aged 17, was born with a condition called septo-optic dysplasia, leaving him partially blind. He is also autistic and suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, a condition which makes it difficult for him to walk and easy to put on weight due to chronic hunger.

Katie and Harvey appeared on Loose Women in 2016 to discuss the TV personality’s campaign against social media trolling as her son had unfortunately fallen victim to horrific online abuse.

She told the panel:

‘I’ve come to the show obviously about the trolling, a few months ago I came on because the most disgusting things were said about Harvey, some of which I wouldn’t be able to say on air.

‘It was important to bring Harvey on air because people can see what he’s like, how vulnerable he is.

During the show, Harvey was asked by his mum what he would say to the people making nasty comments. Harvey, whose disorders affect his intellectual and behavioural development, memorably replied live on air with:

‘Hello, you c***s’.

The panelists were quick to apologise for the unexpected swearing.

Video Source: /YouTube

Katie Dated Footballer Dwight Yorke In The Early Noughties

Katie claims that she hasn’t heard from Harvey’s father in a decade and has insisted on many occasions that Yorke refuses to be a part of his son’s life.

The star reportedly found evidence that Dwight had cheated on her when she was secretly 14 weeks pregnant. When asked about his alleged infidelity, the footballer simply answered:

‘I think anyone who’s in a relationship would like their partner to be faithful and I’m saying I wasn’t the perfect partner, she knows that. That’s why I said our relationship wasn’t stable.’



Katie Price and Dwight Yorke

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Katie Wants Dwight To Have A Relationship With Their Son Harvey

However, the reality star hasn’t been afraid to throw shade at her ex for getting his football shoes on and running far away from his responsibilities. Katie spoke out on her YouTube channel, saying:

‘What I would like to do is turn up to his dad’s place – Dwight Yorke’s – ring on the doorbell and be there with Harvey, for him to see Harvey. That’s what I would like to do and I will do that. I think Dwight should start entering Harvey’s life, it’s been years. How long has it been? Harvey was four when he last saw him.’

She has also called him out on Twitter, saying:

‘Why don’t you fly to West Sussex Dwight. The door is always open. It’s been ten years Harvey has been waiting #d**k.’

You heard the Pricey, Dwight!


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Harvey so looks like Dwight Yorke here shame he doesn’t want to see him

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When questioned about his lack of involvement in Harvey’s life during a 2009 interview, Dwight said:

‘Not sitting here and say I’m a total perfect father, I’ve made mistakes along the way and I would love to turn the clock back. Probably have a stable family before I even think of having a child, getting into a more serious relationship.’

In spite of mentioning him several times on social media, the footballer doesn’t seem to have reached out yet.

Baby Number 2: Junior

Katie gave birth to her second son Junior in 2005 with then partner ‘Mysterious girl’ singer Peter Andre. Once one half of the nation’s celebrity power couple, the pair got together after being contestants on the 2004 series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! 

Katie Price and Peter Andre wedding

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His dad’s mini-me, we’re sure Junior will be breaking some hearts when he’s older! The 14-year-old has appeared on telly many times over the years and most recently talked about what he’s looking for in a girlfriend.

Steady on!

He replied to one fan on his insta story saying:

‘I would date anyone (not anyone buuu yunah) As long as they love me for me YGM.’

He cheekily added.

‘Mans been single for a year and a bit now. Any girls wanna link ;)’


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Need a haircut 🤣

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Baby Number 3: Princess

In 2007 Katie gave birth to her daughter Princess, the second child with ex-husband Peter Andre. The 12-year-old has been the focus of a lot of social media controversy after mum Katie posted pictures viewers claimed were ‘inappropriate’ and ‘provocative’ for a young girl.


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Love my Princess ❤️❤️

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Katie also came under fire from critics when she called her daughter ‘ugly’ on daytime show Loose Women.

‘She really was ugly. She really was. But she wasn’t to me. All the ugly ones in school turn out to be the swans.’

Princess Price
This image of Princess wearing makeup in 2015 caused controversy

Image Source: /Instagram @officialkatieprice

Reportedly the tween is set to become an author after a book deal was confirmed when she was just nine years old!

Katie told The Sun:

‘Princess has a book coming out this year so let’s see what they have to say about that! You’ll have to wait and see what it’s about, but if they’re gonna moan that’ll give them something to moan about – but in a good way.’

Baby Number 4: Jett

In 2013, Katie had her fourth baby and third son, Jett, with third husband Kieran Hayler. At the time, Katie revealed to Closer that she was eager to have ‘loads of children’ with hubby Kieran:

‘I’ve always said that I want loads of children. I don’t want to grow old lonely! But Kieran has said he only wants one more, and I’m saying “I don’t think so!

‘For me, I’ll carry on going, but with Caesareans, you can only have so many, so I’ll carry on and then I joke that I’ll then get a surrogate.’


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Morning fun with my boys ☔️ both wearing @juniorandjett.co.uk Parka Jackets today!🍂 www.juniorandjett.co.uk

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Baby Number 5: Bunny

Baby Bunny is the last of the Katie Price children and the second child of her and Kieran Hayler’s – born in 2014. Katie has never been one to go for a traditional name and ‘Bunny’ certainly raised a few eyebrows! The former model even got into a spat with Katie Hopkins (surprise surprise) over her scathing comments about the name:

Image Source: /Twitter @KTHopkins

Katie hit back with:

‘Well, she’s vile about everyone. It’s not worth talking about her.’

She added:

‘Whatever I do in life there’s always a comment. But I don’t care what people say. I love the name and, in the ’20s, it was a very popular name. The name Lettice was too. I like it, so I don’t really care what anybody else thinks. I still think it’s cute.’

Bunny was born premature and Katie said they had to ‘keep an eye on her’.

‘The health visitors are keeping an eye on her but because she was premature she seems to be a bit slow. Other babies her age are doing a lot more than her. I feel she’s a bit vacant but she was premature. They’re going to see what she’s like in six more weeks then assess it. I’m hoping she’ll naturally catch up.’

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Katie Split From Third Husband Kieran Hayler For A Final Time In 2018

The couple’s marriage was shattered when Kieran was discovered to be having an affair with Katie’s best friend of 20 years, Jane Pountney and also her friend Chrissy Thomas.

Katie shocked everyone when she decided to stand by her cheating husband, who began therapy for a ‘sex addiction’.

Video Source: /YouTube

However, it came as no surprise when Kieran did the dirty again a few years later and this time with their children’s nanny!

Following the betrayal, Katie left Kieran for good in 2018 and their divorce is still being finalised.

Katie Price’s Children’s Books

Katie has published several autobiographies and children’s books over the years under the ghostwriter Rebecca Farnworth (who sadly passed away in 2014).

She was ranked in the top 100 best selling authors between 2000 and 2009 after a whopping 3 million sales.

In 2006, she signed a £300,000 book deal with Random House for a children’s book series titled ‘Katie Price’s Perfect Ponies’.

Katie Price's perfect ponies book

Image Source: /Amazon

Katie Price’s Children Clothing Range

Katie launched her own children’s clothing line in 2019 named after her children: Bunny and Princess for the girls, and Jett and Junior for the boys.

However, she has faced mass criticism for allegedly bumping up the prices.

A source revealed:

‘Katie’s prices are really high considering the cost price from the supplier. She must be making a lot of money.’


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The price isn’t the only thing people have criticised, with angry buyers complaining about the long delivery wait. One person said:

‘Everytime I order from @JYYLONDON I seem to wait ages to get the stuff dispatched a week later still not dispatched!”

Others commented:

‘@JYYLONDON I ordered a sequin too from your @KatiePrice collection over a month ago and I still haven’t received it. I’ve messaged you many times and have had no reply – disappointed!’

‘Ordered sunglasses on next day delivery over a week ago, emailed and was told I’d have my dispatched Friday and they still haven’t arrived. Won’t be ordering from JYY London ever again!’

Katie Price never fails to surprise us. In 2o09, she married cage fighter Alex Reid in Las Vegas. In 2018, she also led fans to believe she had bagged herself an invite to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding after getting to know him through polo. (Who’d have thought Katie Price was pally with the royal family?!)

The star has since faced money problems after being declared bankrupt this year. She once had a reported net worth of £45 million.

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