Giles And Mary Gogglebox: What You Need To Know

By Juliet Smith

10th January 2020

Giles And Mary Gogglebox: What You Need To Know

We’re delving into the eccentric lives of Giles and Mary (Gogglebox)…

14 seasons deep, Gogglebox has unsurprisingly become one of the nation’s most loved shows on our TVs – we’ve seen tonnes of hilarious contestants and loads of celebrities including Emily Atack, Chris Eubank Jr, Rylan Clark Neal and Denise Van Outen.

While we all love watching every Gogglebox family equally, it’s got to be the long-standing, quirky husband and wife team that are our firm favourites of the Channel 4 show.

With their dry sense of humour and love of all things upper class (including wallpaper to match the furniture), the married couple’s TV is everything we live for. But what else do you know about the pair who secretly steal the show?

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When Did They Join The Show?

The couple joined Gogglebox for its fifth series in 2015 after being recommended to the show by a friend who worked in the production team. Giles was meant to appear on the show with his youngest daughter but she didn’t want to do it, so Mary was persuaded by the show’s bosses to take part.

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When Did They Meet?

The happy couple met when they were 21 years old while Mary worked as a model and Giles studied at Wimbledon Art School. They are now living in Wiltshire.

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What Do Giles And Mary Do For Work?

As you would expect, Giles and Mary have jobs that are very much suited to their personality. Giles is an established artist and Mary is Spectator’s magazine resident agony aunt. As well as being a journalist, Mary has written her very own etiquette book, ‘How the Queen Can Make You Happy’, which was published in 2012.

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Why Do They Call Each Other ‘Nutty’?

Unfortunately for us, even Giles and Mary can’t remember the reason why their pet name for each other is ‘nutty’.

The Pair Have VERY Posh Friends

The couple have holidayed with none other than Mr Boris Johnson and his sister – we can only imagine the conversations they’ve had over dinner.

Mary Has A Ban On Swearing… Why?

You might’ve wondered why Mary has a zero-tolerance policy on swearing? Well, she revealed:

“There’s so much on telly, I don’t want it in my own cottage. Giles swears occasionally because he’s always having minor accidents. Our children turn on him and tell him off. Poor Giles.”


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Giles Doesn’t Own A Mobile Phone 

Although we can’t imagine Giles sending pics on Snapchat or hitting up the Whatsapp group, it turns out he doesn’t actually have a phone AT ALL.

Mary previously told the Daily Mail:

‘Giles finds that if you have a mobile phone nobody sticks to any arrangements.’

Before adding: ‘I don’t let him have one either. He leaves it on his car seat with the window open. He forgets to hang up and then runs up a huge bill.’ Makes sense…

So, Why Does Their Armchair Match The Wallpaper?

Mary explained the clashing decor:

‘I’ll tell you why. It’s poverty. Poverty. We had the walls done first and then somebody gave us the chair. It was meant to be in the bedroom.

‘We are quite poverty stricken. What Gogglebox has given us is fame, without the fortune.’

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