Aitch Age: What Has The Rapper Achieved In His Years?

By Cara Dudgeon

28th January 2020

Aitch Age: What Has The Rapper Achieved In His Years?

Aitch’s age hasn’t stopped him from living his dreams of being a rapper and songwriter; what is next for the up and coming recording artist?

Aitch age - posing for a professional photo

Image Source/ Hypebeast

What is his background?..

Aitch was born Harrison Armstrong on December 9th 1999 in New Moston, Manchester, therefore making Aitch’s age just 20!

Aitch’s first career plan was actually out of the spotlight. He decided to go to college and study sports. However, he realised that sport wasn’t the career for him so started working as a labourer. Again, he decided that it wasn’t the career for him and as a result he turned to rapping.

How he became famous…

His first ever single was ‘Straight Rhymez’ which now has over 17 million views on YouTube. The single brought him to the attention of fellow rapper Stormzy.

It wasn’t only Stormzy who realised that Aitch was the next big thing – with fans such as Robbie Williams and Wiley, Aitch was chosen to play on the BBC 1Extra Stage at Reading and Leeds festival.

Image Source/ Twitter

Aitch has had many top 20 singles including ‘Strike A Pose’ with Young T Bugsey and ‘Kilos’ with Bugzy Malone.

His single ‘Taste (Make It Shake)’ had its debut at number 2 on the UK Singles Chart.

The rapper is now so important in the music industry that he has been nominated for the ‘Best New Artist’ BRIT Award.

Where else have I seen him?..

Aitch was part of the Sir Spyro remix for the hit Ed Sheeran single ‘Take Me Back To London’.

Video Source/ YouTube

His local cafe, Love Lunch, features in the music video!

You may have also seen Aitch as the support act for both Wiley and for the late Cadet on recent tours.

How did he get the name Aitch?..

In an interview with the radio station, Capital Xtra, he revealed that his stage name was essentially chosen for him:

‘my real name begins with the letter H, so I’ve been called ‘H’ from time, but because I’m from there everyone says it like ‘aitch’ so I just spelled it like that’.

What is his net worth?..

It has previously been reported that Aitch is worth £920,000. Not bad for a kid from the outskirts of Manchester!

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