Adele Roberts – Big Brother to BBC, Her Way to Stardom

By Lynda Keleer

17th January 2020

Adele Roberts – Big Brother to BBC, Her Way to Stardom

English reality TV has been blessed with many new talents recently and we’re not mad at all! The vibrant and captivating Adele Roberts is one of these new talents.

Adele Roberts

Fresh out of the famous English TV show Big Brother UK, Adele Roberts’ career only went up from there.

And we’re all rooting for her!

Adele’s career blossomed as we watch her grow in both TV, as well as her dreams in the radio industry.

Okay, enough of the formalities!

Lets get on as we explore why the media has been so obsessed with Adele Roberts.

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Adele Roberts Before Big Brother

Adele Roberts was born on March 9th 1979 in Southport.

Can you believe that Adele is 41 years old this year??

The then hopeful radio star is of Jamaican and British descent.

No wonder she has such unique and stunning features!

Before Adele’s road to fame, she worked as a DJ and personal assistant.

In 2002, the hopeful PA joined the cast of the famous reality TV show, Big Brother.

Big Brother House

Now, let’s look at Adele’s time at the Big Brother House. Surely there’s some juicy gossip we can uncover!

Adele joined the Big Brother House alongside the late Jade Goody and This Morning’s presenter, Alison Hammond.

The show was at its peak in 2002, and all eyes were on the ever-positive Adele.

I mean, her audition video itself was entertaining enough!

The creative star made a bold move and rapped her way into the Big Brother house alongside some background music.

Adele quickly caught the attention of her male housemates, voting her as the hottest girl in the house.

Instead, Adele grew closer with the female stars of the show such as housemate Jade Goody.

Although the two have been seen arguing in the house, the two remained as close friends throughout.

It was later revealed that Adele is bisexual, and she has a girlfriend outside of the house.

However, the flirtatious star only revealed this while she was in a relationship with fellow costar, Lee Davey.

Yikes, Sorry Lee.

And what did Adele’s off-screen lover had to say about her affair?

Adele was dating Vicky Busby.

Vicky was apparently not worried about Adele’s affair saying:

“I saw Adele with her head in Lee’s lap, and how he was stroking her face. But I know Adele hates having anyone touch her face. I could see how uncomfortable she was. Her face was all scrunched up as if to say ‘get off me’.”

Adele was popular at the start of the show, as she received no nominations during the first three rounds of evictions.

However, towards the end, Adele was nominated for eviction alongside housemates Jonny, Kate, and Jade.

And finally, it was announced that Adele had been evicted from the house on day 43 after receiving only 62% of the public vote.

Nevertheless, this was only the beginning for the once hopeful DJ as she is about to realize her radio dreams!

Adele’s Radio Career

Adele Roberts came into our lives through Big Brother, and her vibrant personality captured our hearts.

In 2002, while she was also a housemate in the famous Big Brother, Roberts was also a radio DJ for Rock FM.

After that, the talented star was snapped up by The Hits radio.

It was her own unique sound and style that got the attention of Galaxy and Capital FM.

And finally, Adele Roberts was spotted by the big leagues (in radio), BBC Radio 1Xtra.

She started off with Radio 1Xtra as a stand-in presenter, and quickly got promoted to weekend presenter.

An excited Adele said:

“It really does feel like a dream come true. This was my dream – to have a show on 1Xtra.”

“I would be happy even if they made me do the cleaning next week! I just want to see where this takes me.”

Adele Roberts Now

Where is Adele Roberts now?


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Adele Roberts (@adeleroberts) on

We’re happy to report that she’s killing her role in BBC Radio 1!

She’s doing so well that she is also the presenter of the Early Breakfast Show.

Roberts was also back starring in TV with I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!

She appeared alongside massive names such as the famous Caitlyn Jenner, and Ian Wright.

But her time in the jungle was short-lived as she was the first campmate who was voted out of the show.

Although her time in the jungle was short, we actually think she’s thankful!

Before appearing on the famous TV show, Adele said:

“I’ve only camped once and that was the worst night of my life. I hate spiders. If I see one, I can’t speak, I freeze and I do this weird thing where I wring my hands together!”

“Also expect tears. If Adele is hungry, she will cry.”

In 2007, Adele Roberts went back to her Big Brother roots as she participated in a task alongside ex-housemate Alex Sibley.

adele roberts and alex sibley

Oh Alex, how did we forget to mention “fittest housemate ever” Alex Sibley.

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In 2017, Adele made the bold decision to cut sugar out of her life after reaching 12 and a half stone.

Her weight loss journey shocked us all when she appeared significantly skinner and fiiter!

What was her meal plan you asked?

Adele said she mostly swapped white baps for sourdough bread and chocolate bars for protein bars.

She also used a free app to help her work out 7 minutes everyday before gradually reaching 30 minute workouts and 10,000 steps every day!

If this isn’t a diet plan that works, then weight loss might be a fad.

But Adele pushed through and killed it!

After successfully losing 28lbs in 12 months, Adele celebrated with then girlfriend Kate Holderness by launching their YouTube Channel!

A fit Adele said:

“That’s all Adele used to do. Eat cake every day. I was on the sugar slide to hell.”

Adele is now a vocal advocate of eating healthy and getting fit!

The reality TV star urges people to avoid fast food and work out for at least 7 minutes every day.

A cheerful Adele wrote on her Instagram:

“Hi everybody! Past Adele just wanted to wish you a very happy #throwbackthursday.”

“I’ve just told her she’s going to run two marathons in the future. She’s just pissed herself laughing and gone straight to the bottom shelf on that cake stand.”

“It’s never too late to change. Going to take her back to this very spot one day and recreate this photo.”

Don’t know about you, but I feel like putting this cookie down and go for a run!

Adele Roberts and Kate Holderness

Now, back to some juicy gossip, Adele’s current beau, Kate Holderness.

Thankfully for Adele, she had someone back home waiting for her when she was voted out of the jungle.

Girlfriend Kate Holderness looked after Adele’s social media accounts while she was in the jungle down under.

I’m sure you must be wondering, who is Kate Holderness?

We’ve got you covered!

Adele Roberts and Kate Holderness

Kate is no stranger to the big screen herself.

Besides being Adele’s supportive beau, she’s also an actress and a vlogger.

Her TV career began when she joined the CITV show Knight School in 1997.

One of her larger roles was in 2013 when she joined the famous English drama Coronation Street as a character named Jamie Lee.

She then also starred in several BBC dramas such as Henry VIII and his Six Wives as one of Henry VIII’s wife, Catherine Parr.

The couple are TOO CUTE hosting their own food show Friday Night Fakeaway where they create restaurant-style menus out of healthy food ingredients.

And thus, Adele Roberts has gained herself a glowing track record in her radio and TV dreams.

She’s even fitter and all loved-up with girlfriend and vlogger Kate Holderness.

We’re excited to see where else this road takes her!

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