Lauren Harries Celebrity Big Brother – The Transformation Of Lauren Harries

By Lynda Keleer

4th December 2019

Lauren Harries Celebrity Big Brother – The Transformation Of Lauren Harries

Lauren Harries began her life on the big screen at a very young age. You might think that being a child actor is a dream come true but acting takes a told on a child’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Lauren harries celebrity big brother

Take for example the transformation of Eve Plumb or Amanda Holden !

Sadly, the now-famous reality TV star did not have such a great childhood growing up. Battling with her identify, she struggled to find herself up until her teenage years. Years later, Lauren is much comfortable in her ‘new’ skin – but we’re not sure if she’s quite alright.

She regularly posts questionable videos of herself dancing in equally questionable clothing. Such as this video of her dancing in a skin-tight, revealing bodycon dress and dancing to Lil Pump and Kanye’s I Love It. Funnily enough, fans were more focused on the state of her shambolic garden than her uncanny appearance.

Continue reading to learn more about the Lauren Harries road to Celebrity Big Brother.

Who is Lauren Harries?

Lauren Charlotte Harries was born James Charles Harries on 6th March 1978. Confused? Keep reading and we’ll enlighten you! She came from a standard working-class family where her father Mark Harries, worked in the hotel and catering business.

Young Lauren was born with a peculiar trait which earned her a role on Terry Wogan’s UK chat show, Wogan. She was just 10 years old at the time and she had an affinity for antiques. Her superpower was that she had the apparent ability to spot bargains at local jumbles sales since the age of 5.

If you had a choice of superpower, would you pick super strength or super antique collector?

At a young age of 13, Harries also authored an antique guide titled Rags to Riches. But how did Lauren Harries ended up on Celebrity Big Brother? Keep reading to get the low down.

Changing her identity

Growing up, Lauren always had an inkling that she was gay. During her teenage years, she started cross dressing and came out identifying as a transgender in her early 20s.

Lauren Harries transformation

This all happened in early the early 2000s, which couldn’t have been easy for the reality star. In 2004, the celebrity big brother star undergone gender reassignment surgery and official changed her identity from James to Lauren Harries.

Following Harries’ transformation, actor Keith Allen interviewed the family for his documentary Little Lady Fauntleroy.

Lauren Harries Celebrity Big Brother

Lauren Harries’ famous role as a housemate on Celebrity Big Brother began in 2013 where she finished in third place. She sparked a mini controversy when she shared some medication with fellow housemate Courtney Stodden.

Shortly after that, she appeared in the headlines claiming that she had sex with comedian Russell Brand. The famous comedian however, denied the accusations saying:

“Lauren’s claims are as fraudulent as her evaluation of Ming vases on Wogan.”

Oof, talk about rejection!

Lauren Harries Celebrity Big Brother and Other Controversies

Besides that, the reality TV star has had a fair share of controversies along her career.

In 2018, she began a 2-month relationship with boyfriend Bruce Hills, a dental hygienist, and a transgender like Lauren herself.

Lauren Harries Big Brother

The pair were regularly seen all loved up on each other’s Instagram.

Seemingly in love, Harries commented:

“I never thought I would find The One, but I feel confident that it is Bruce. We get on so well and he’s such a gent.”

However, two months later their short-lived relationship ended with Lauren taking her distaste on to social media.

Lauren tweeted:

‘Stop begging to get back with me Brucey. Take a good look at this, you ain’t ever gonna get this candy babe. Enjoy Kellie Maloney darling.’

Yikes. Just when you thought you’ve found the one.

Lauren Harries’ time on the big screen didn’t stop with Celebrity Big Brother. To find love, she recently appeared on the famous dating series, Naked Attraction.

Of course, drama follows the famous blonde wherever she goes. The reality TV star threw a tantrum after she bared it all but still did not get selected by her fellow contestant Rigby.

Lauren Harries appearance on Celebrity Big Brother put her in the spotlight, and we’re not sure if its good for her wellbeing. But we hope that the reality TV star will eventually find ‘The One’.

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