Yazmin Oukhellou And Her New Millionaire Boyfriend

By Tharmini Kenas

5th December 2019

Yazmin Oukhellou And Her New Millionaire Boyfriend

Yazmin Oukhellou is a The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star and she has risen to become a businesswoman with a mission. 

Born on May 3, 1994, in London, the controversy-loving young girl of 25 doesn’t shy away from enjoying her life and doing whatever it takes to move closer to her goals and aspirations. 

Her social media especially Instagram is imploding with 540k followers and is full of photos of a young confident woman who is not afraid to take on the world. 

What else is going on in the Towie star’s life? Is it true that Yazmin is single now? Is she on a boyfriend spree? Let’s find out…

First Of All, What Has She Been Up To?

yazmin oukhellou

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Obviously, she has been in Towie. But before that, she worked as a hairdresser until she was 15 years old and became more interested in the world of fashion. 

She is a graduate from Newcastle University with a degree in Business, proving that she is much more than her pretty face and voluptuous body.  As part of her assignments during the course, she launched her own swimwear line called Seven Swimwear. 

Upon graduating, she worked as an IT Resource Consultant and later a Global Events Manager and Negotiator. It is no wonder that she owns her own fashion business and wellness retreat business at such a young age. 


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Her fashion venture is known as Y.A.Z Boutique. Yazmin Oukhellou launched her brick and mortar fashion retail store on November 1, 2019, in Hoddesdon. Looks like all those years of studying and working in business has led her to where she is today! 

Apart From A Clothing Store, She Also Owns A Wellness Retreat!

Her wellness retreat is called The Wellness Retreat Marrakech and focuses on fitness and exercise, therapy and mindfulness, healthy lifestyle, as well as yoga and meditation. Yazmin co-launched the wellness retreat with her then-boyfriend James Lock. 


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AN EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME 🙌🏻☀️ —— Our retreat is an amazing experience that you will never forget and come away from feeling refreshed, energetic and excited for life and all the good stuff coming your way! So if your struggling with anything at all and need to get away and switch off, relax and unwind or just generally looking for a fitness / health holiday then our retreat is perfect for you! With only 2 double rooms left, we would love for you to join us and be part of this experience in February! Book your place today and join us with a friend, family member or partner and you will not be disappointed! 🙌🏻 . . #retreat #fitness #yoga #mindfulness #fitnessretreat #yogaretreat

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Their objectives were to set up a wellness retreat to help other people to get away from the issues in their lives, create a positive state of mind and cultivate healthier lifestyle habits. 

They are focused on long term results through education and support rather than temporary quick-fixes. 

It looks like their clients are happy, satisfied and feeling better than ever after joining The Wellness Retreat! 

Her Towie Days!

Yazmin Oukhellou made her appearance in Towie in its Season 20 in 2017. She owes the entry to James Lock, her then-boyfriend who was already a cast in Towie

yazmin oukhellou

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According to James Lock: 

“I’ve been seeing her for a little while, and obviously the show is based on reality and what’s going on in our lives so she’s been brought into the show.

“We had a chat and it was her choice, and she said for the sake of me and her she’d give it a go. And she’s come on and she’s like a fish in water, she’s doing really well.”

More interestingly, her brother Adam Oukhellou gained entry to Towie to protect her from her abusive boyfriend.

On a positive note, she forged a strong friendship with Megan McKenna during the show. 

Who Is James Lock And What Happened Between Them?

James Lock joined Towie in 2013 during Season 8 of the show. Prior to starting his romance with Yazmin Oukhellou, he was dating his Towie co-star Danielle Armstrong who got pregnant and later, miscarried. 

His relationship with Yazmin has been a rocky ride and the couple finally ended it a few months back after being together for three years.

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Following an argument during their holiday in Turkey where Yazmin accused him of cheating, things went south and sour. 

According to Yazmin, 

“He was in a room with two random guys he met round the pool and three girls.

“As I come round the room, three women did come out, one had her hair piece hanging out and one of them was still pulling her draws up.

“Whether he did cheat or not our relationship died that night, I was on the floor being sick and crying my heart out and he still didn’t come home until 12 pm the next day.

“My gut says he cheated, I don’t know why he wouldn’t come back if he hadn’t he was thinking of his lies, I had all his things packed for him waiting at the door.”

Meanwhile, James’ Defense Was…

yazmin oukhellou

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On the other hand, James defended saying, 

“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“We went away and what’s happened is I’ve just gone out and I’ve tried to rebel. Then she’s accused me of this, accused me of that.

“She thinks I’ve cheated, she spoke to people in the room, everyone’s told her I haven’t cheated.

 “I didn’t cheat. Nothing is going to come out because nothing ever happened.

“The problem with me is if I’m pressurised or backed into a corner I go the other way. I rebel. If someone tells me what to do I do the opposite. I admit I am a loose cannon and I don’t have respect for authority sometimes.”

But, She Has Moved On Now…

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Yazmin Oukhellou’s spokesperson made it very clear that Yazmin has wrapped up her last relationship and is looking forward to new adventures at work. 

“Yazmin is single – and is very much happy and settled. Her schedule is incredibly busy and her focus is concentrating on her work commitments right now, she has no time to date anyone.”

She Has Even Ventured Into Singing As A Form Of Therapy…

Talking about channelling pain into positivity, Yazmin Oukhellou has taken up singing to overcome her break up with James Lock. 

Her vocal finesse aside, the lyrics of the song looked like she was taking a nip at James. 

“I don’t want to be another girl that you can treat any way that you want. I deserve to be your whole world.”

yazmin oukhellou

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“I’ve been waiting my whole life for someone who is worthy and treats me right.

“So deep I can’t swim, I can’t breathe I’m drowning. But I love it, I think I’m ready to love.”

According to her spokesperson Yazmin has kept her singing talent locked up all these years!

“Yaz has been singing for years, but always kept it quite close to her chest. It’s never been part of her plan in life to become a pop-star and she really plays down how good she is.”

Her Current Beau Is A Millionaire!

yazmin oukhellou

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Her millionaire boyfriend is Alfie Best, who is a boxer, budding entrepreneur and most interestingly heir to Europe’s largest residential park. 

Her spokesperson gave a glimpse into how well she is dealing with her new relationship since she hooked up with her millionaire boyfriend  within just three months after breaking up with James Lock. 

“Yaz is treading carefully after her last relationship imploded.

“But she’s ready to move on and seems to really like Alfie.

“It’s early days but it could turn into something really special.”

Alfie is also a TV celebrity as he had starred in Rich Kids Go Shopping and My Big Fat Gypsy Fortune

A Date Night To Commemorate New Beginnings…

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The new couple enjoyed a date night at Sexy Fish restaurant in Mayfair. 

Meanwhile, before the date night, James had announced that he was going to be cast for the TV series Celebs Go Dating

Evidently, both of them are moving on rather well after their break up. 

Interestingly, during the launching of her boutique, a psychic was invited to entertain the guests and surprisingly Yazmin had a pleasant surprise when she took a turn!

According to Yazmin:

“She told me that I was destined to find love soon on a dating show. 

“Then after telling me about what drive and ambition I had, and how well I was going to do in my new venture – she finally explained that I was going to find love with a northerner!

“That’s not something I’m expecting to happen – I’ve never even dated a northerner before! I’ll take the business success though!”

Enough With Boyfriends! Let’s Talk About Her Brother Adam Oukhellou…


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Even tho we argue like cat and dog you know I got your back no matter what. love you sis ❤️ @yazminoukhellou

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Adam Oukhellou is Yazmin’s elder brother and he is older by 5 years. 

His appearance in Towie is quite dramatic as he entered to protect her little sister from James Lock’s aggressive behaviour. 

James Lock has called Yazmin a spoilt brat and accused her of playing the victim. Not only to Yazmin, he was also aggressive to other female casts in Towie. 

As a loyal brother, Adam was ready to take the issue in his hands. 

James aside, Adam also showed his support towards his sister when he stood up for her during the infamous Yazmin Oukhellou versus Amber Turner fight. 

A glaring similarity with the siblings is the fact that they have no qualms in moving on from one partner to another. 

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Some of the women Yazmin’s brother had dated include Chloe Sims, Chantelle Connelly, Frankie Isabella and Nicola Bass. 

Yazmin’s Take On Depression…

As the founder of a wellness retreat that focuses on wholesome wellbeing, Yazmin Oukhellou has something thoughtful to say about depression.

“I think people are now understanding depression more, and coming out more that they suffer from it. 

“However, I think those that don’t suffer from it don’t really understand it yet and we need to change this in society. 

“It is not just a down day or something you can just simply get over. Education and awareness is key, and I think this will only improve as more people talk about their personal experiences.”

So sensible, she is! 

Her Heartwarming World Mental Health Day Message

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On World Mental Health Day on October 10 this year, she shared a rather personal note in her Instagram profile.

As part of World Mental Health Day, I thought I’d share that I sometimes suffer from anxiety & depression! I battle with my own mind on a daily basis & try to turn the negative thoughts I have towards myself into positive ones.

“Making changes to my life such as working out, eating well, cutting down on alcohol has really helped me with my mindset. It teaches you to love & respect yourself. 

“I just want any of you suffering from any kind of mental health to know that it’s not embarrassing & you are not alone. 

“I may look like I’m living my best life day to day here but trust me there are days I still face when I don’t want to get out of bed & shut myself off from the rest of the world. 

“Please speak to someone if you ever feel like this because there’s been times when I felt I’d never get through it and I have and now I can deal with things a lot better and it really has made me stronger and more driven to win at life! 

“Love to you all & know that you are strong, beautiful & worthy 💗.”

She Was Once A Victim Of Toxicity Of Social Media!


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The ocean is where I belong 🧜🏽‍♀️ Bikini from my collection @jyylondon 👙👉WWW.JYY.LONDON 💕

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As someone who has been a victim of unrealistic expectations that social media brings into everyday life, Yazmin seems to have it sorted out now.

“I think it definitely does especially when things like airbrushing and Photoshop come into play as it creates body image ideals to young people that are simply unrealistic. 

“I have fallen victim to it at times, as I find that I am becoming harsher on myself, as I compare myself to others and lose confidence. This is why I’m so excited to enrol in my retreat, practising self-love and confidence so that eventually I can help teach others.”

Her Constant Advice To Young Girls And Women

Kudos to her for using her Instagram and influence to spread positive vibes to her fans and followers! 

For instance, she once posted:

“To all my beautiful girls out there going through tough times. Trust me there is a light at the end and you will be stronger for it 🙌 .

“Know your worth and walk away from anything toxic or that no longer serves to fulfil your happiness in life. 

“Life is short and we have to make the most of it with people who deserve us and treat us right. Lots of love to you all 💗.”

In another post, she reminded everyone to be kind.

“Some of us are going through things in life that you cannot tell from the outside. So don’t add to their suffering with unkindness. Be kind. Always.”

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