Adam Oukhellou: Who Is The TOWIE Star?

By Tharmini Kenas

19th November 2019

Adam Oukhellou: Who Is The TOWIE Star?

Popular for his flings and girlfriends, Adam Oukhellou is a 30-year-old Londoner. From Season 6 of Ex on the Beach to Season 22 of The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE), Adam has his own fan following who admire and crush hard on him. 

However, little is known about the TOWIE star. Apart from the 103K followers on his Instagram account and TOWIE, who is he and what is he doing now? 

It’s time to learn the truth about Adam Oukhellou: Who is the TOWIE star? 

How Did Ex On The Beach Treat Him?

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Image Source/The Sun

His journey towards being a reality star started with Ex on the Beach, a reality TV show that forces a group of people to spend time with their exes on a beach. 

Upon joining the show, Adam revealed that he owns a garage since he was 17 years old. 

He said:

“I never got on at school, and my dad actually owned a business (a car garage) and I dropped out of school and started working with him. 

“Then I went into my own shop and started running it.”

His ex on the show was Nicole Bass and things got interesting as their relationship was surely full of twists and turns.

According to him:

“We were together for about two and a half years on and off. 

“I cheated previously – it ended badly and we both hate each other now. 

“She was quite controlling, so when I was out I felt like a dog on the loose.”

Moving On To TOWIE And His Sister Yazmin…

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Image Source/The Lame Sauce

Adam Oukhellou’s appearance in TOWIE has a lot to do his younger sister, TOWIE star Yazmin Oukhellou. Being the elder brother who is older by five years, he stepped into TOWIE to protect his little sister. 

Yazmin Oukhellou was in a relationship with James Lock, whose aggressive behaviour caught the attention of many. 

James Lock called Yazmin a spoilt brat and accused her of playing the victim. He was not only aggressive with Yazmin but also towards the other female casts in the show. 

Rightfully, viewers were disgusted and they were welcoming Adam’s debut in TOWIE. Apparently, Adam is extremely loyal to his sister Yazmin and had no qualms in confronting James Lock. 


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Even tho we argue like cat and dog you know I got your back no matter what. love you sis ❤️ @yazminoukhellou

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Apart from that, Adam Oukhellou also stood up for Yazmin and supported her during her feud with Amber Turner in TOWIE. 

Good for you, Adam!

The Ladies Man, All Day Every Day! 

Among the many names being associated as Adam’s girlfriend, Chloe Sims seems to be the loudest. 

But, before Chloe Sims, there were Chantelle Connelly, Frankie Isabella and Nicole Bass.

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Image Source/Reality Titbit

However, they were not mere rumours as Chloe herself had admitted that both of them had been spending time together apart from the TOWIE time. 

According to Chloe Sims: 

“It’s true that I have been out with Yaz’s brother Adam a couple of times.

“He’s a cool guy, but we haven’t been on an official date yet.

“The first time we went out was after filming, then we went out for lunch and I saw him at a barbecue this week. We’ll see how things go…”

However, things did not last between them and they split within a few months after they started dating. 

Looks like the reason of their split is the lack of attention Adam gave her during his trip with his boys!

“I went Marbella. I wasn’t looking at my phone a lot while I was there.

“She was moaning about me not talking to her. The next thing I know she’s blocked me.”

Chloe had also signed up for Celebs Go Dating in an effort to find a suitable man after breaking up with Adam Oukhellou.

And, What’s Up With Megan McKenna? 

Image Source/OK! Magazine

Adam and Megan McKenna cosied up to one another after a party at London’s Libertine nightclub. They were also joined by Yazmin and her then-boyfriend, James Lock. 

The controversial part of this arrangement with Adam and Megan is that Megan’s boyfriend Mike Thalassitis was away filming for Ex on the BeachApparently, Adam and Megan got cosy with each other at Adam’s place. Soon after, Megan and Mike went for a make or break holiday in Dubai. Unfortunately, they decided to call off their seven-month relationship. 

He Loves A Deep Quote:


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Believe me when I say this….

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‘Be careful who you make memories with. Those things can last a lifetime.”

‘Some days they love you, some days they hate you, both days I got paid.”

 “Be selective with who you surround yourself with…When was the last time you saw an eagle flying with pigeons?”


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You already know what it is. 👊🏼 💉💉 @big_swift1

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He Is A Party Animal, Through And Through!

A glimpse into his Instagram profile will show you enough that he loves to party and is truly enjoying his life by partying away.

He definitely sets a new bar when it comes to partying! He will make you wonder if you are even partying enough to be called a party animal? We bet NOT!


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🌊🌊🌊 @iamescobars

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From A Garage Owner To British Reality Star

Adam Oukhellou’s entry to the British entertainment industry has been an unexpected one and the rate at which his fans started adoring him is remarkable. 

His looks have been the main attracting factor for many to fall head over heels over him. Apart from the ladies around him in his life, the ladies in Instagram are also smitten with the hunk that is Adam Oukhellou. 

Life Path Number, Horoscope and Other Details About The British Reality Star

He is a Cancer. Apparently, people born under the dates of Cancer need to feel loved and appreciated in their lives. This explains Adam’s affinity towards the women in his life. Wherever he goes, he manages to attract woman towards him.


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Adam’s birth flower is Rose and it symbolises love, passion, beauty and perfection! All of which describes Adam to the T! Apparently, Adam was born in the Year of the Serpent! Apart from being cunning and sly, snakes are also a symbol of wit and wisdom. Other characteristics include soft-spoken, humorous, determined, passionate and smart. Well, we could see that the last three traits resonates well with Adam. 

Lastly, Adam’s life path number is eight which represents the power player. Will power, endurance and strength are said to be his strong attributes.

From a garage owner to a British Reality Star, Adam has slowly and steadily made his way upwards and onwards. 


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Get you a man that can do both👀😂

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From being an underling when he first started out, he has now become a celebrity who is well-liked and adored for how he looks and acts. 

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