By Juliet Smith

4th December 2019

Sandra Redknapp Age: Everything You Need To Know

So, from Sandra Redknapp’s age to how long she’s been with Harry, we’ve got everything you need to know…

During his time on I’m A Celeb, Harry Redknapp made frequent reference to the love of his life: his beloved wife Sandra. Whilst we all know every detail of Mr Redknapps, we know pretty much nothing about the woman behind the football manager.

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When Did She Meet Harry?

Sandra Harris met her future husband Harry at the age of 17 at a local pub. Four years later (in 1967), they tied the knot – that means they’ve now been married for 52 years! Harry and Sandra Redknapp’s age is now 72!


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Speaking about their relationship, Harry said:

“Even when I’m out I ring her ten times a day. She’s my life. I’m a bit scared actually, getting older. I do love her too much, if anything happened it would just kill me. We just get on so well, I only want to be with her. I can never wait to see her.”

In response to Harry’s comments, Sandra said:

“He just doesn’t realise that everybody is hearing him say things and talking about me, it’s quite embarrassing really. He doesn’t realise the public are seeing him saying things, which is very nice. It’s very flattering after 54 years. You don’t often hear him say things, so to hear him say that is really nice.”

Sandra does EVERYTHING For Harry

During his time on I’m A Celeb, Harry revealed that he’s never ironed, cooked or cleaned throughout their marriage – it sounds like Sandra is wonderwoman! The former footy manager also admitted that he and his wife had NEVER had a row – but he did once accidentally run over her foot!


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Back in 2016 Redknapp accidentally ran over Sandra’s foot after she got out of the car and waited to cross the road. Harry said:

“I used to think I was a good driver but I had a nightmare and ran over my wife one day. She got out the car and I thought she’d crossed the road and I pulled forward and she fell into the road and a bus stopped literally yards away. The most amazing part of the story probably, my granddaughter is sitting on top of the bus and sees all of this. Unreal.”

Thankfully, Sandra quickly recovered from the incident.

She Had A Twin Sister

Sandra was a twin with her sister Patricia – who sadly passed away from pneumonia in April 2008.

Patricia married Harry Redknapps’s former team-mate Frank Lampard Sr. and the couple had three children together, including Frank Lampard Jr. of course.

Who Many Kids Have They Got?

The couple has two children together, sons Jamie and Mark.


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Jamie (the famous one) is a retired footballer and has played at clubs including West Ham, Liverpool and Tottenham.

Harry and Sandra’s other son Mark is a model.

Has Sandra Been Ill?

Earlier this year, Harry revealed that his wife was ‘not very well’ and seeking treatment for sepsis.

Harry revealed:

“She hasn’t been particularly well.

“We have been to a specialist in London. I have rung her 8 times today just to see how she is.”

Sandra fell ill with sepsis just before Harry went into the I’m A Celebrity jungle.

“She’s been ill with sepsis and it’s knocked her for six. It was only five weeks ago. Sandra was in and out of hospital but she wanted to come over to Australia. I was worried about her coming, I didn’t know if it was going to be too much for her.”

But luckily, she was well enough to fly out to Australia to celebrate her husband’s victory on the ITV show.


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Loved visiting beautiful Morocco💙

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