Maya Jama Dad: Things We Have Never Dared To Ask

By Ilaria Pignalosa

20th November 2019

Maya Jama’s Dad: Things We Have Never Dared To Ask

maya jama dad

Maya Jama’s Dad: their story is an example of how families are not always as happy as they may seem!

“When Dad Kills” is a documentary about the half-Swedish and half-Somali TV presenter, who tells the story of a child growing up with a violent dad. However, even after watching the series, we still think that there are things left unsaid. Let’s investigate this case deeply.

Who Is Maya Jama?

Maya Indea Jama (named after Maya Angelou) was born on August 14th, 1994. Even if she doesn’t come from one of the worst cities in UK, her life hasn’t been easy.

She’s a British television and radio presenter, who is now working for MTV and Channel 4. She began her career as a weekday DJ on Rinse FM.

She became famous in 2015 when she co-presented Trending Live! On 4Music until 2017. She then co-presented the show Cannonball on ITV in 2017. One year later, in 2018, she was a guest panelist on ITV’s show Loose Women.

At the moment, she presents a BBC Radio1 show, and she launched her own collection with the fashion brand Pretty Little Thing last year.

Although she is also an ambassador for prominent brands such as Adidas and GAP, people tend to be more curious about Maya Jama’s Dad and what he did.

What Do We Really Know About Maya’s Boyfriend?

Maya’s boyfriend was shot in 2011 when she was only 16. Allegedly, the two of them were speaking on the phone when the tragedy happened.

maya boyfriend shot

Source/ BBC Crimewatch

Speaking of the tragic murder, she said:

“That’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. It was unreal – the sort of thing that happens in films. That experience gave me so much motivation to push with my career. At the time, work was the only thing that made me happy, so I just kept on going with it.”

His name was Rico Gordon, from London, and he was only 21 when he passed away after being caught in the crossfire of a gunfight between two rival gangsters on the street. The police initially arrested nine men, but they were released on bail.

Maya moved on to find a new boyfriend: Stormzy (although, admittedly she may not be making as much money as Stormzy).

Source/ DailyMail

When Dad Kills: The Story Of Maya Jama’s Dad

In her new documentary, “When Dad Kills: Murderer in the Family”, we learn further details about Maya Jama dad’s story. She finally opens up on her relationship with her parents, and she genuinely reflects on her childhood.

Of course, it wasn’t easy for her to be in and out of prisons to visit her dad. This makes it even harder to find the strength to give him another chance now that she is an adult.

maya dad

Source/ The Guardian

In each episode, we learn more about Maya Jama dad while she meets people who grew up with a violent father. This is thus the opportunity to understand how this affected their lives and what they are doing to retrieve their peace of mind.

What Did Maya’s Dad Do?

TV presenter Maya Jama dad spent the majority of his life in prison. This is why she shopped to visit him and decided only later to reconnect with her family.

Speaking about her childhood, she explained that:

“It wasn’t one long sentence, it was lots of sentences – sentence after sentence. Mostly, it was for violence, for pub brawls and fights. The usual thing was that he’d be drinking and get into a fight.”

What Will The Future Be Like for Maya?

Maya still hasn’t been able to understand why her father was behaving in that way, and she believes that her family is hiding something from her. She recently revealed:

“Especially when it came to my dad, I was like ‘Doesn’t matter, my life’s great, didn’t need him anyway, don’t care’. As it went on, I started feeling overwhelmingly sorry for him.”

maya jama loose women

Source/ Instagram Maya Jama

She grew up with her brother, Omar, and their mum, who has always done her best to give them a happy childhood.

Celebrities always have their secrets, and we often feel like we would like to learn more about them. For example, is Lewis Capaldi related to Peter Capaldi? Other mysteries hide more tragic and dramatic stories, like Maya Jama’s dad.

Although we may never know the real truth behind it, all we can do is to hope all the best to this talented and beautiful TV star.

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