John Noble: Who Are Vicky Pattison's Exes?

By Juliet Smith

27th November 2019

John Noble: Who Are Vicky Pattison’s Exes?

We’re taking a look at Vicky Pattison’s relationship history – from the unfaithful John Noble (booo!) to her infamous fling with ladies’ man Gaz Beadle…

With cheating claims and public feuds, Vicky Pattison’s had a rocky time when it comes to romance.

After rising to fame on MTV’s Geordie Shore, being crown the Queen of the I’m A Celebrity jungle and taking part in pretty much every reality TV show there is going, Vicky’s a busy lady – so maybe that’s why she’s not been too lucky in love.

Jay Gardner – A Short-Lived Affair

john noble 5

Image Source/Chronicle Live

Mr Sensible Jay Gardner – so dubbed for his calm antics amidst the Geordie Shore chaos – made the perfect match for the wild Pattison during their fling in series one. But opposites didn’t attract for long as Jay announced he was exiting the show to concentrate on his relationship (and it wasn’t the one with our Vick)…

Ricci Guarnaccio – Another Geordie Shore Fling

Image Source/Mirror

By the time Jay’s departure came around, Vicky has already moved on with Ricci. Very quickly, we saw Ricci pop the question to Vicky before he swiftly asked for the ring back after he decided that the Newcastle lass wasn’t for him.

 Dann Conn – AKA Fit Dan

john noble

Image Source/Metro

How we could forget fit Dan? The answer is: we certainly couldn’t.  While filming series 6 of he show in Aus, Vicky met Dan – he was working as a fitness guru in Sydney at the time (are we surprised? No).

Sadly for Vick (and for our eyes), things didn’t work out and Vicky (and us) didn’t see him again…

Gaz Beadle – A Quick Hook Up


Image Source/Mirror

Gaz and Vicky had both been in the show since season one and we never, I repeat, NEVER, expected this. But after one too many tequila shots and a dip in the hot tub, the pair decided to have a quickie.

The morning after, Vicky revealed it was an ‘all time personal low’. Don’t worry, we’ve ALL been there, Vick.

James Morgan – She Quit Geordie Shore For Him

vicky and boyriend james morgan

Image Source/Mirror

Vicky hung up her Geordie Shore boots to focus on her relationship with the former ice hockey player James. But after realising he wasn’t the one for her (oh and the fact he was done for armed robbery later on), things quickly drew to an end.

Stephen Bear – ‘The Most Vile… Person I’ve Ever Met’

john noble.j

Image Source/Mirror

Oh, Bear. As handsome as he is, we’re still shocked that he’s managed to bed some of the biggest names in reality TV. Bear and Vicky met on Ex On The Beach in 2015 – however they ended after just four months. A week later, Vicky said:

“He’s literally been the most vile, horrendous, snaky, conniving and manipulative person I have ever met.

John Noble – Vicky’s Most Serious Relationship

john noble

Image Source/Instagram

Things looked like they were all going well for John Noble and Vicky – FINALLY, she’d found the man of her dreams and they were going to live happily ever after. That was, until, John was pictured cosying up to a mysterious blonde woman in Dubai…

A fellow party-goer who saw the incident in the Billionaire Mansion Club said: “It was shocking to see John Noble behaving in the way he was. He was acting like a single man and didn’t care about who saw.

“The blonde lady was sat on his lap and they looked very cosy together. He had his arms around her waist and they were grinding on the dance floor.”

Before then, the couple – who were engaged – were due to be getting married in the summer of 2018.

Ercan Ramadan – Could He Be The One?

Vicky began dating businessman Ercan earlier this year and revealed in summer that they’d moved in together. The pair first started speaking after she liked one of his pictures on social media.

Image Source/Instagram

“Ercan has broken every mould. He is the complete opposite of everything I normally go for in men,” she revealed.

“So comfortable with who he is, he doesn’t feel the need to be the centre of attention and it’s such a breath of fresh air.

“He is so loved by my family and friends; I can’t fault him and I’m really lucky.

“He came along at a time when I needed him the most and he’s restored my faith in men.” The I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here winner says that he recently met her mum, who gave him a hard time.

Vicky’s Mum Scrutinised Ercan…

“Their paths have crossed before but it’s always been very fleeting. So my mum sat down properly with Ercan and thoroughly gave him the third degree!

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