By Lynda Keleer

4th November 2019

Charlotte Crosby Age: From Geordie Shore to Moving to Bolton

From her appearance in the MTV reality series Geordie Shore, to winning the twelfth series of Celebrity Big Brother. Today we unravel Charlotte Crosby’s life, around drama and being in the spotlight!

Charlotte crosby

Charlotte Crosby has stolen the hearts of many since her debut on Geordie Shore, and she has since done so much more to deserve her spotlight.

With such a glowing track record, you won’t believe the Celebrity Big Brother winner’s age!

At such a young age, I’m sure you’re as nosy as I am to find out how much she’s worth, as reality stars are often said to have deep pockets.


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Her recent announcement to leave her glamorous Newcastle life behind, to move in with her new beau Joshua Ritchie to quiet Bolton and endless pregnancy rumours has left everyone wondering if something’s up!

Charlotte Crosby age – Early life

Charlotte-Letitia Crosby was born on 17th May 1990. Being a Taurus, it’s no wonder she has worked so hard to achieve where she is today.

Charlotte Crosby is 29 and people say that she is one of the highest paying reality stars on the market. According to a report in 2017,  you wouldn’t believe her net worth is estimated to be around £2Million!

Charlotte crosby young

Born in Sunderland, the reality TV star gained her fame from being the original cast member of the reality show Geordie Shore.

There, she met her fellow cast member Gary Beadle. Who would later, you guessed it, turn out to be her boyfriend, best friend, bitter enemy, friends with benefits, creating more drama both on and off screen.

And The Relationship – Gary Beadle

Their relationship was a spectacle, to say the least. But it kept us hooked with Charlotte boasting negative comments of Gary’s penis on telly to epic fights that will end up with them kissing, spooning, and you get the rest.

Charlotte Crosby Gary Beadle

Their exhilarating relationship came to an end following Crosby’s announce of her ectopic pregnancy, where she then underwent surgery to remove her left fallopian tube.

“I thought I had a really bad period because I was bleeding and cramping – I can’t describe the pain, it was awful.” Said the Celebrity Big Brother star on her ectopic pregnancy.

We were all shocked that Charlotte Crosby then at age 25, was at risk of a health problem that usually happens to women 35 years or older.

During this trying time for Crosby, you would think the Ex On The Beach star would be there for her!

Would you believe that Beadle was reported to have been cheating on her while filming for his current reality show Ex on the Beach in Thailand? RUDE!

The Ex on The Beach star commented:

“If she’d said ‘I’m in the worst pain ever, I can’t move, I’m dying’, obviously I’d be on the next plane home. But she was like, ‘I’m okay, don’t worry I’m fine,”

Charlotte Crosby’s Early life and career

Since Geordie Shore, Crosby has hosted many big projects. Such as the BBC Radio 1 Teen Awards. As well as appearing on Britain’s Got More Talent, Xtra Factor and Celebrity Juice.

She has also done several TV presenter gigs that maintained her spotlight such as other famous TV presenters.

Charlotte Crosby, at her young age, was thrilled to have her own project with TLC. Titled ‘The Charlotte Crosby Experience’ in 2014, where she would live in the world’s unique communities to experience different cultures.

Besides her appearance on TV, Crosby also released her first fitness DVD in 2014. Titled ‘Charlotte’s 3-minute Belly Blitz’. Which became the UK’s fastest-selling fitness DVD. And has continually stayed at the top ranks of the Sports and Fitness DVD charts.

At Charlotte Crosby’s young age, is there anything she can’t do?!

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

Crosby’s list of troublemaker boyfriends continued to keep us on our toes. When she began dating co-presenter Stephen Bear during their time on the catchy and cleverly named ‘Just Tattoo Of Us’.

Bear was a troublemaker to say the least, his bad boy and rebellious attitude left us baffled when he was crowned the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2016 despite his shenanigans.

Their relationship started off great with Stephen designing matching fish tattoos. And a half cheetah half bear as a tribute to their romance, which we thought was a bit tacky.

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen-Bear

As with her previous relationship, all hell broke loose as quickly as their relationship began. With the couple breaking up and getting back together. While airing their dirty laundry on social media.

Their 11-month turbulent relationship then ended just in time. When rumors were circulating that the star was secretly dating Love island star and hottie Josh Ritchie.

You would think that at Charlotte’s Crosby’s age and bad luck with troublesome past boyfriends, she would learn her lesson from dating controversial reality stars!

Their split was made official with Crosby undergoing a laser tattoo removal of the tattoos Bear had designed with Charlotte saying:

“I’m about to get my back tattoo lasered off. I am ready… I would just like to say that didn’t hurt one bit!”

Crosby’s latest beau and move to Bolton

Since 2018, The Geordie Shore star has begun a new relationship with Love Island and Ex on The Beach star Joshua Ritchie and we’re invested!

Although they’ve had their fair share of breakups, it looks as though Ritchie is here to stay as pregnancy rumours began circulating.

Her recent big move to Bolton together with Ritchie also had its own fair share of drama and this is what teary eyed Crosby had said:

“It’s a big deal and sometimes I don’t think he (Josh) recognizes how much a big deal it is”; “I am moving away from everyone I love”.

Their £450,000 pad is a far cry from her dramatic celebrity life. And millionaire mansions as it sits on a quiet residential development in Bolton with ultra-modern fittings and a large garden.

People say that Charlotte has a heavy heart. Leaving her six-bed mansion behind to move into quiet Bolton with Josh.  Without a pool, walk-in wardrobe, or a balcony to lounge on in their new home.

Is this the Charlotte Crosby Age where she finally gives up her glamorous Newcastle life for the man she loves? Charlotte Crosby is still on her way to find out whether it is all worth it.

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