Josh Ritchie (Age, Girlfriend, Sister, Everything You Need To Know)

By Juliet Smith

3rd October 2019

Josh Ritchie (Age, Girlfriend, Everything You Need To Know)

We’re looking at Josh Ritchie’s age, girlfriend, sister and everything else you need to know!

25-year-old TV personality Joshua Ritchie is now a seasoned reality show star, having appeared on Ex On The Beach, Love Island AND Celebs Go Dating.

We were first introduced to the bronzed heartthrob in 2015 when he finished third on Love Island‘s first series – causing quite a storm with his laddish banter and ladies’ man reputation.

And he’s since continued to cause drama in the limelight (yep, we’re thinking about those Stephanie Davis rumours too). So, let’s find out a little bit more about the man who’s (apparently) settled down with Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby…

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Who Is Joshua Ritchie?

Joshua is from Bolton, Greater Manchester and used to work as a joiner before he found fame on reality TV.

Joshua Ritchie’s Dating History

And yes, it’s pretty extensive…

When Ritchie was on Love Island, we found out that he’d bedded around 400 ladies (HOW!?) and his performance on the show proved just how easy he found jumping from one woman to the next. Two contestants Jess and Naomi fell for Joshua’s laddish charm and his dashing good looks, before he finished the show with his bestie Lauren.

josh ritchie on love island

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What Happened With Joshua Ritchie and Stephanie Davis?

The real drama began after Josh confirmed he and Hollyoaks’ Stephanie Davis slept together. A Snapchat video emerged showing the pair lying in bed together (naked, ofc), whilst Joshua was seen playing with his… ahem.

Next thing we knew Stephanie had announced that she was pregnant and rumours quickly circulated of the possibility that Josh was the dad.

Thankfully (for all parties, we assume), Josh exclusively revealed that:

“I’m not [the father], no. That got taken out of proportion.”

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Who Is Josh’s Sister?

Josh’s sister is former Apprentice candidate Michaela Wain – the straight-talking redhead who quickly won over the show’s viewers.

Who Is He Dating Now?

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If you follow celebrities at all, then you’ll probably be aware that Josh’s been dating Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore for a while down – and the pair are getting pretty serious.

Char opened up about their relationship and the fact that they’d moved in together in August:

She admitted after the first few months she’d already told him she loved him, and added:

“I said it to him, but it was a bit embarrassing because he didn’t say it back! He told me he wasn’t ready to say it yet. But you’ve got to admire his honesty – at least I’ll know he means it!”

She also revealed Josh has met her parents, saying:

“I thought if he met my mam and dad, it might move the relationship on a bit quicker! I was nervous, but everyone else was fine!

“Josh went down a treat. They really liked him and said he was a very genuine, nice boy. Dad and him were talking about football, but me mam was so drunk and was saying some odd things.

“At one point, she told him, ‘be careful, Charlotte is very unpredictable’. And I said, ‘Mam! I can’t believe you said that.’ I think she meant to say I could have a bit of a temper. He’s probably never going to love me now!”

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