B&M Cushions – Affordable Items to Complete Your Home

By Lynda Keleer

20th November 2019

B&M Cushions – Affordable Items to Complete Your Home

You’ve finally filled the home of your dreams with furniture and you feel like the ultimate adult. Your carefully chosen B&M wallpapers have been your pride and joy ever since you got them to line-up neatly.

b&m cushions

Looking around, something irks at you that something is still missing. A little touch of decoration is all you need to make your house feel truly like a “home”. You check your budget and you’ve practically blown it all on the accent wallpaper you swear would fit right behind the couch.

But now the furniture lays bare and there’s nothing to compliment the wallpaper?

Before you start panicking, we’ve got you covered with affordable items that you can decorate with at B&M! Specifically, cushions! From cushions to cushion covers, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to find the perfect piece of the puzzle to complete your new home.

Check out this out-of-this-world Reversible Sequin Unicorn Cushion for £5.99

Reversible Sequin Unicorn Cushion

You can change the colours of this cushion by just brushing over it! This pop of colour could just be what that dull room needs. Cushions can take your room to a whole new level.

Cushions are also very versatile as they come in all shapes, sizes, colours, patterns, and not to mention, fabric! Just like finding the perfect jewellery for your little black dress, cushions are like the ultimate accessories for your room. Whether placed on chairs, sofas, or just on the floor, they have the ability to instantly add some cosiness and personality.

They also come with cleverly printed designs such as this Reserved for the French Bulldog Pet Cushion for only £4.00! Of course, this cushion can also be applicable to any breeds.

Classic patterns like these Winchester cushions are only £5.99!


Not a fan of bold colours? Don’t let that bright pink sequinned cushion scare you away! B&M cushions also come in your favourite classic patterns.

These £5.99 Winchester cushions come in several plain colours to choose from. These softer, more neutral colours easily add simpler tones to your home.

Too plain? How about these Tartan Cushions that come in packs of two for £4.99! They come in various colours ranging from Natural, to Duck Egg. Talk about value! Tartan cushions will add a touch of style to plain surfaces.

You must be asking, where are the stripes? For only £8.00, this Chenille Stripe Cushion in Ochre will add a super soft, stylish touch to your couch.

Velvet galore – Karina Bailey Sparkle Crushed Velvet Cushion in Silver £6.99

Karina Bailey Sparkle Crushed Velvet Cushion.

The beautiful texture is just as powerful as a great pattern. Simple yet glamorous, this Karina Bailey Sparkle Crushed Velvet Cushion – Silver £6.99 would suit any décor!

Soft and silky to the touch, this velvety material would be perfect for either the living room or the bedroom. If you like a different coloured sparkle, the Karina Bailey comes in a myriad of colours for you to choose from.

Prefer a darker velvet colour for some warmth? How about this Charcoal coloured Sparkle Crushed Velvet Cushion for £6.99?

Not loving the rectangular shapes of these velvet cushions? Check out their square shaped Radcliffe Double Sided Velvet cushion £10.00 that comes in Navy, Ochre, Mink, and Charcoal. With this eclectic pattern printed all over, it will create a unique vibe for your room.

B&M Cushions – Fur at £6.99 only!

Mongolian Faux Fur
Source b&m

Are you more of a fur kinda gal? We’ve also got you covered! Luxurious yet inviting, fur can also be a great way to add coziness and warmth. We’re not talking about real fur silly, faux fur will give you the same rich texture.

Check out this uber soft Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion for £10.00 to add an opulent vibe to your room! It is a perfect addition of texture to a neat and tidy space, instantly making it more inviting.

Looking for a more interesting pattern to go with your fur? Here’s this Peacock Faux Fur cushion for also £10.00!

Searching for something a little more different? How about a literal fur ball? This furry, round Mongolian Faux Fur Cushion will definitely stand out on any surface you add it to. For only £6.99, it is soft to the touch and perfect for cuddling.

B&M Cushions – Complete your home from £4.00!

There you have it! These affordable cushion ideas will help tie your house together.

With winter fast approaching, these ultra-soft B&M cushions would be perfect for cuddle weather.

With so many affordable styles, you’re guaranteed to find the cushion of your dreams and the missing piece for your home.

Money-back guarantee

Sign up today on B&M and begin saving on home items today! Not satisfied? You can return your B&M items in their original condition with a receipt within 30 days.

To receive a full refund or replacement products, you have to provide proof of purchase receipt or receipt credit card statement.

Once you return your items in the original condition with proof, then refund or credit notes will only be returned.

When you’re done with the interior of your home and are ready to deal with your garden, here are some affordable ideas!

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