Alfie Deyes Net Worth: How 'Pointless Blog' Made Millions

By Lucy Cooper

15th November 2019

Alfie Deyes Net Worth: How ‘Pointless Blog‘ Made Millions

Alfie Deyes net worth has climbed to an impressive six figure sum, when you take in to consideration his humble beginnings:

“I just picked up my little family holiday camera, put it on a stack of books, made a couple of videos, didn’t tell any of my friends – and over six months, I grew an audience of 1,000 or so.”

Back in 2009, making videos from his box room in his parent’s house, Deyes, AKA ‘Pointless Blog’, became one of the first UK Youtubers to break through the largely American ran online community.

Alfie and his British Youtuber friends, including his now girlfriend Zoe Sugg, went on to take over and become the biggest names in the business.


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Back in 2014, Alfie earned the nickname ‘the most famous guy you’ve never heard of’- as his popularity, although on a large scale, was limited to his online channels. With his audience of mainly young teens, when he started to break in to mass media, interviewing on daytime shows like This Morning, his career soon reached a new level.

He was one of the first male ‘influencers’ of our generation, which is hard to believe these days as every Tom, Dick and Harry’s at it. With an audience of millions, he quickly realised that his loyal audience would buy in to pretty much anything he stuck his name on. And so, the ‘Pointless Blog’ brand was born…

Deyes’ net worth sits at a whopping £3.8 million, but what ventures have got him there, at just 26-years- old?

Not So Pointless Blog

If he was to describe himself to someone who hadn’t heard of him, Alfie himself would say:

‘A 25-year-old content creator who loves making things happen, whether that’s things that people expect, or things people don’t expect.’

He built his fan base off the sentiment that it’s okay to be ‘pointless’, and instead just focus on having fun. His young, impressionable audience of course bought in to it and therefore, in to his brand as well.

Alfie didn’t face just one channel either, he had audiences across THREE-including a gaming and vlog channel (where he still shares his life, just not every minute of it these days).

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His audience quickly grew, with most many of them tuning in every day to see what Alfie had been up to- commenting, liking and subscribing as they did.

With his main channel now boasting 5.5 millions, and his vlog channel nearly 4 million, he’s well and truly established a platform that he still monetises on to this day. But, how did he first start making his money?

Alfie Deyes Net Worth: Sell-Out Author

Alfie admits that he’s always been interested in the business side of things:

“I’ve always wanted to be involved in every email, I’ve always wanted to sit down and be in the meetings with the brands that I’m working with . . . not just be in front of the camera.”

He might not be first known as an author, but he’s actually got a three part book series behind him. Launching the ‘Pointless Book’ series back in 2014, he became a ‘modern day’ author in his own right. That was because of the nature of the book- it was actually an activity book. It might have been sparse on words, but it made him a sell-out ‘author’ in no time.

alfie deyes net worth pointless book

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Alfie Deyes Net Worth: PB Merchandise

Over his decade of vlogging, Deyes has released countless merch drops, advertising it across his multiple social media channels. Back in the day, it would be your simple plain white T-shirt with ‘PB’ plastered all over it. However these days, as Deyes matures, he wants his PB merch to do the same:

“I just want it to mature and fit with me now: 25-year-old Alfie.”

And with the changing merch, comes changing prices. His audience have more disposable cash than they used to at 15/16- reflected in his prices.

He’s now developed a ‘futureself’ brand, with a deeper concept behind it than just simply merch for his channel.


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Alfie Deyes Net Worth: A-Z Creatives

After leaving his management agency, Gleam Features, 18 months ago, Deyes joined forces with his other half Zoe (who’s still managed by Gleam), to create their own agency- conveniently named A-Z Creatives.

The team currently focusses mainly on the stars of the show- Zoe and Alfie, but in future aim to branch out to other talents.


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With his audience maturing with him, as in the words of Alfie himself:

“People that watched me when I was 16 are now 25. You can’t watch me for ten years and still be 13.” 

So with that, comes a change in interest and therefore content. If released now, Alfie would no longer sell-out an activity book, nor sell merch with ‘Zalfie’ sprawled across it- his audience have grown up.

Alfie Deyes Net Worth: Property Investment

The teenage vlogger has also blossomed in to a property invester, something you could perhaps call the ‘Plan B’, when and if social media ever disappears off the face of the Earth.

He’s also planning to open his own bar, after a pop-up test was a huge hit. Nothing says growing up and shedding your old, teenage-self image, like becoming a landlord. Who’d have thought, ey…


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