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11th January 2019

Inbetweeners Cast: Who Are Their Real Life Partners?

We’re delving into the love lives of the four socially awkward actors that make up the Inbetweeners cast…

The well-loved British comedy (aka one of the best TV shows to have ever aired) was written by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris and followed the journey of four misfit teens: Jay Cartwright, Simon Cooper, Neil Sutherland and Briefcase – I mean, Will Mckenzie – on their quest to make it through high school.

Over the seasons we see the lads attempt to woo their fellow ladies and in a bid to lose their virginity (which for the most part they are diabolically unsuccessful), climb the social ladder and cope with family issues and problems within their own friendship group all in the setting of Rudge Park Comprehensive.

With such a bad track record of love on the show, you may be wondering if the real life relationships of the tv series’ cast have fared any better. Let’s find out…

1. Simon Cooper

He’s the first to learn how to drive and as a celebration for passing his test, his father buys him a less than fashionable, bright yellow, Fiat Cinquecento Hawaii car – which leaves him the butt of many jokes among his friends and school peers.

Though for the most part Simon maintains his composure, it doesn’t take much to set him off. Over the course of the show fans have watched as Simon regularly loses his temper with streams of curse words – especially to his father’s reminiscent stories he fondly shares with the boys.

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Despite his faults and frequent failure in his quest for love, Simon is at heart a hopeless romantic.

He fully believes in the prospect of soulmates and in his pursuit for finding such a deep connection, allows the women he dates to walk all over him. *cough cough* Carli d’Amato (Emily Head)….

Real Life Partner: Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon

34 year old Joe Thomas has been dating 30 year old Hollyoaks and fellow Inbetweeners star Hannah Tointon who plays his on screen girlfriend Tara Brown.

Unlike their relationship on the show (and The Inbetweeners Movie) which quickly fizzled out, in real life the couple are happy and looking forward to a bright future together.

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”I always try to impress my girlfriend Hannah by any means I can and I’m very protective about her. I’ve tended to have some serious, long-time monogamous relationships.”

2. Jay Cartwright

Jay: a self proclaimed, foul mouthed, ladies man whose obsession with sex has led him to sharing some colourfully creative (but not so truthful) stories with his group of friends.

Strangely, even though the rest of the group is aware his experiences are entirely fabricated they still accept and act upon his awful relationship advice on multiple occasions throughout the show.

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Real Life Partner: James Buckley and Clair Meek

In reality, inbetweener James Buckley has a love life worlds apart from that of his on-screen character Jay Cartwright. James and former model, wife Clair married in 2012 and true to her heritage it was a full Scottish affair which saw her husband dressed in a green tartan kilt.

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The couple currently reside in Kilmarnock, Scotland with their two young sons – Jude Buckley and Harrison Buckley – but star James says while he loves staying in Scotland at the moment, he also hasn’t ruled out the possibility of the family moving to England in the future.

3. Will Mckenzie

Of his four friends, he is the most unpopular which results in him regularly being singled out by school bully Mark Donovan (Henry Lloyd-Hughes).

After attending a private school for his entire school career, Will is forced to move to a local sixth form comprehensive school, after his mother can no longer afford his school fees.

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On top of his own appearance causing him regular grief, his mother’s good looks also have caused him issues over the show, with his friends continually making sexual comments about her.

Real Life Partner: Simon Bird and Lisa Owens

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In 2012 Simon Bird married Lisa Owens, who is a successful author having written over 45 books in the fiction and non fiction genres targeted at young readers. The Inbetweeners star popped the question to his long term girlfriend whilst the pair were in Paris for a romantic getaway.

The happy couple met at Cambridge University where they performed a scene together about a couple having an argument. The piece was actually written by Simon’s close friend and fellow Inbetweeners star Joe Thomas.

Simon confessed back in 2016 when his son was still and infant.

The couple prefer to keep their relationship and family life private having still not disclosed the name of their (for now) only child.

4. Neil Sutherland

Neil Sutherland is the least intelligent of the group and for the most part looks a bit vacant but it’s this combined with his laid back attitude that means he is the most popular among his other classmates.

His dancing skills come as a huge shock to the rest of the group which becomes an originally unintentional way of getting attention from women.

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Some of Neil’s most hilarious slip ups on the show include believing that he’s going to be a father to ‘Saucy Asda’ Karen’s baby, but it actually turns out she tested positive for an STD instead which Neil assumes is a good thing.

Real Life Partner: Blake Harrison and Kerry Ann Lynch

In real life, Blake Harrison/Neil are basically the same as he is just as lucky with the ladies, but unlike dopey on screen character Neil, there’s only one woman for him.

Blake Harrison has been with Theatre Publicist, Kerry Ann Lynch for eight years and the pair tied the knot in 2016.

The couple married in Mauritius, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean and Blake’s fellow Inbetweeners stars joined the couple for the happy occasion.

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Blake went on to star in the British drama, detective series and prequel Prime Suspect 1973. He also voiced Scoop in Bob The Builder for 99 episodes and starred in the film Dad’s Army with former costar Emily Atack.

Meanwhile, James and Joe both went on to star on the BBC show White Gold.

5. Charlotte Hinchcliffe

Charlotte Hinchcliffe is the most popular girl in the school and according to the boys, is also the most attractive. Despite her obvious good looks and social status, Charlotte proves to be an intelligent and well rounded young women who shows a lot of compassion those around her.

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Real Life: Emily Atack and Rob Jowers

Emily is now dating film producer Rob Jowers as they just made their first public appeared together. It is unknown how long Emily Atack and Rob Jowers have been dating but they sure look cute together!


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To keep up with Emily’s love life… follow her social media account here.

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