By Tharmini Kenas

25th October 2019

Olivia Attwood & Bradley Dack Split-Turned-Engagement

Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack split briefly in April this year before getting back together soon after; and they are now happily engaged! 

We have had plenty of the drama and passion between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. It’s time we move on to an equally dramatic (maybe more!) life of Olivia Attwood and Bradley Dack. 

We are bringing you the dramatic life of Olivia Attwood; her footballer boyfriend Bradley Dack; their relationship roller coaster and their one-week-old engagement…

Olivia Attwood’s Journey To Stardom…

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/HuffPost UK

Olivia Attwood is a British reality TV show star who is greatly appreciated by her fans for being genuine and real in the shows she participates in. 

The 28-year-old model gained popularity through the ITV2 romance show ‘Love Island’ in 2017. 

The show revolves around singletons living together and getting into relationships in a luxurious villa for a summer filled with drama, love, and passion. 

What Olivia Thinks Of ‘Love Island’?

The show made her a well-liked celebrity in Britain, and here’s what she has got to say about it.  

“I don’t think anyone ever goes on ‘Love Island’ for love. Anyone who tries to claim they do is weird, it’s just like embarrassing.

“There are easier ways to meet someone. I went on for the experience, not thinking I was going to meet my husband.

Naturally, the participants know what to expect of the show now, yet the reach they achieve still comes as a surprise upon leaving the reality show. 

Adhering to the crux of the show, while she was in the show, she first coupled with Sam Gowland, followed by Chris Hughes and got into a bit of a tangled mess with Muggy Mike. 

olivia attwood bradley dack

Image Source/HuffPost UK

Ultimately, she and Chris Hughes got together. Despite fighting and clawing through the relationship, the couple made it to the finals. 

They were second runner-up and surprisingly, left the show without any fights on the stage. 

During their short-lived relationship, Olivia had been a support to Chris Hughes, who was battling with mental health issues. 

However, in a few short months, they broke up when Chris Hughes cheated on her. 

On the other hand, according to Chris Hughes, the split was because Olivia cheated on him with her current partner.

Following the breakup, it did not take Chris Hughes too long to embark on a new relationship with Little Mix’s Jesy Nelson. 

Which brings us to…

Olivia Attwood’s Former Boyfriend and Footballer Bradley Dack

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/Blackburn Rovers

Bradley Dack is a professional footballer and he plays for Sky Bet League One side Blackburn Rovers. 

Their relationship has been a roller coaster ride since 2015 and was halted when she went off to ‘Love Island’. 

After her stint in ‘Love Island’, she moved on to Celeb Go Dating in 2018. After which, the couple rekindled their relationship which took on a more serious note. 

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/Mirror

Olivia Attwood is currently rocking it in The Only Way is Essex or TOWIE (how much are the TOWIE stars being paid? Some have even made fortunes after TOWIE!).

Being a talent powerhouse that she is, Olivia made sure that she garners all the limelight right from her first episode. 

The drama star Olivia got into a row with other cast members namely, Tom McDonnell, Shelby Tribble, and Sam Mucklow which brought life and more drama to the show. 

So, how is being a TOWIE star affecting her relationship with Bradley Dack?

They Are Better Now Than Ever…They Are Engaged!

Through Instagram stories and post announcements last week, the ‘Love Island’ star made it official that she and Bradley Dack were engaged

Bradley Dack popped the question to her while they were on a holiday in Dubai. 


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He must be crazy… 🙊 Here’s to forever . I love you BD 💎

A post shared by Olivia Jade Attwood (@oliviajade_attwood) on

The dazzling Burj Al Arab made a perfect backdrop for the couple’s fresh and crisp post-engagement photo that made its way to their social media accounts (Take note of the sweet ‘I love you BD’!)

Hold your horses…Not all was dazzling and magical! 

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/The Sun

Before this magical engagement, the couples were split for around 24 hours in April 2019. 

The reason for the split was a frightful row after which, Alicia claimed that she can’t trust her boyfriend 100%. 

Apparently, they fight for little things such as house-related issues as Olivia is very orderly and on the other hand, Bradley is a messy guy. 

“We’ve got some niggles we’re working through, but we want the same things and we’re on the same path. He’s my best friend more than anything else.”

‘I’ve also got a long way to go with trust. That’s my own issue more than his. I don’t think you should trust any man 100 per cent.’ 

“I’ve had my trust broken in the past and my guard is up more. I think men are built differently to women.”

Well, all’s well that ends well! 


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Always proud of you 💙 excited for what the future holds for us..

A post shared by Bradley Dack (@bradleydack1) on

The newly engaged couple received flooding congratulatory wishes from their friends and family including Olivia Atwood’s TOWIE co-stars Yazmin Oukellou and Demi Sims apart from Dani Dyer and Gabby Allen. 

Do you want to know what Olivia really thinks of Bradley?

“He’s got a very kind soul… and he’s f**king hot!

“He’s got a massive c**k as well! And an amazing bum.”

That’s definitely romantic with a pinch of dramatic. 

Will Distance Make The Heart Grow Fonder? 

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/Celebs First

With their current living arrangements, the couple will be away from each other. 

While Olivia is focusing on her TOWIE venture in Essex, Bradley is dedicated to football in Manchester. 

But, would it affect their relationship? 

Coming from Guildford in Surrey, Olivia moved into a chic flat in Manchester with Bradley Dack. 

In a sharing through a series of stories on Instagram, she shared with her followers that she absolutely loves the luxurious pad. 


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Insta deleted this photo 😶 so here ya go have it again 🖤 (@missyempire )

A post shared by Olivia Jade Attwood (@oliviajade_attwood) on

However, since she is now in TOWIE and wants to be somewhere nearby for the filming, she is moving to Chigwell in Essex while Bradley is staying back in Manchester. 

Despite just moving to the chic flat earlier this year, she seems to be ready to move forward and do what is absolutely necessary:

“I’m putting my Surrey flat on the market and I’m going to look at properties in Chigwell. 

I only moved to Surrey because of an ex-boyfriend and the flat is a bit useless really, because I’m always in Essex anyway.

Brad has to stay in Manchester for football, so I’ll just be doing what I’ve always done. If I’m not with the girls filming, I’ll be with him.”

That seems sorted, doesn’t it?

Interesting Finds About The Monster Girl

Image Source/The Sun

  • Olivia Attwood was once a Motorsport Grid Girl

During her stint as a Motorsport Grid Girl, she has gone all over the world. 

  • She is also a Monster Energy model and has appeared in Monster Energy’s 2017/2018 global calendar

This stint brought her quite some glory  and she has a secret Instagram account named ‘Oliviajade_monstergirl’ with 12.4k followers till date!

  • She used to compete in pageants

Before being cast in ‘Love Island’, she competed in pageants such as ‘Tropic Beauty’ as a London representative. 

Friends Or Foes?

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/The Sun

  • She and Chloe Sims go way back

Her debut in TOWIE shows her supporting her pal Chloe Sims who she appeared with in ‘Celebs Go Dating’.

  • Just like Shelby Tribble and Clelia Theodorou

The trio were together during her time as a Motorsport Grid Girl but there seems to be unsettled drama between them. 

  • Fans see her as ‘TV Gold’

Her screaming match during her TOWIE debut involved Chloe Meadows and Shelby Tribble. 

Apparently, she shouted to Chloe:

“You spoke to Shelby every single day when she was in Mallorca?

“Don’t wind me up. I am Shelby’s friend. What are you going f***ing on about? That you spoke to her every day.”

Ending the spat with style, Olivia said, 

“Walk away Chloe in your f***king Aladdin trousers.” 

This made her fans hail her as ‘TV Gold’.

Of Boob Jobs And Lip Fillers…

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/MTV UK

  • She is prepping for a boob job before her wedding to Bradley despite a recent downsize

She recently downsized her boobs after having implants since she was a 19-year-old teenager. 

Quite obviously, her heavy boobs were too big for her body. As a result, her back started aching. 

“I can’t wait to be able to wear more clothes now without my boobs falling out, putting people off their dinner.”

  • She also temporarily removed her lip fillers earlier this year giving her a new look

“That lip has started to come out of the lip line and started to look really puffy – something I never wanted, so I’m actually excited to start again fresh. It looks better than it did because it was over-filled.”

“Brad was laughing at me this morning when I woke up because he was like, ‘Where’s your lip gone?”

In The Face Of A Nightmare…

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/The Sun

  • Olivia and Bradley were robbed and her Chanel and Louis Vuitton bags, Rolex, and laptop were stolen in January 2019

More importantly, the police discovered their cars soon after. 

‘They had been abandoned not long after I posted on here, so I can’t thank everyone enough for getting the word out, because it probably made all the difference.  

‘As for the handbags, laptops etc that were stolen from inside the house, we will never see those again.

‘But they are just material things that luckily for us can be replaced.’ 

  • The incident left her feeling violated

“The feeling of someone being in your home and going through your things is quite sickening”.

“It was horrible.

“We were in bed, someone had a key, we don’t know who it was… We’re moving anyway, we’re moving this week.  

“All because some people in this world are too low and disgusting to earn a living like the rest of us.”

‘Manchester police have been amazing and karma will ultimately catch up with people like this. Thank you for all your messages.’

Bradley And His Dislikes…

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/Capital FM

  • Bradley Dack doesn’t like drama- the exact thing that made Olivia a hot star in TOWIE

“He hates it when I get pissed and lairy.

“Although he does watch Towie with me for me. He just laughs now and calls me mental. He hates drama or arguments or public fights.

“There’s no real point in him joining the show because if I got into a big argument he would just walk off.

“He wouldn’t want to get me involved. He would leave me to it.”

  • Bradley will not be joining her in TOWIE

Despite hoping that he would join her in TOWIE, Olivia had made it clear that he would not because he does not like feuds. 

“He’s not going to be an essential part of the series because obviously in his job as a footballer that would be unprofessional of him.

“There are certain limitations on him of what he can and can’t do in those areas.

“And also, he doesn’t like drama. He is the one that mellows me out.”

And The Most Interesting Nugget Goes To…

olivia attwood bradley dack split

Image Source/Goss

  • Olivia went on Celebs Go Dating for a strange yet relatable reason! 

“To be honest I only really went on Celebs Go Dating as a spite thing as he’d really pissed me off and we were in such a bad place.

“I was a nightmare on Celebs Go Dating. But all the time I just compared everyone to him.

“We have gone through our bad times of hurting each other and pushing each other away. Now we are just in a mellow, happy place. I feel we both want the same things at the same time which hasn’t happened before.

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