Is Emmerdale's Joe Tate Still Alive?

By Amelia Slater

29th October 2019

Is Emmerdale’s Joe Tate Still Alive?!

As soon as Emmerdale’s Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) rocked up in the Dales with his posh accent and smart suit, we knew he was going to ruffle a lot of feathers.

We have to hand it to him, the boarding school toff managed to singlehandedly ruin the lives of almost every villager he encountered on the ITV soap; quite the impressive feat!

In his first appearance, he manages to trick Debbie Dingle into believing he is a wealthy businessman under the alias of Tom Waterhouse and the two begin a relationship. Naturally, this is all set up in a secret bid to get revenge on her mother Charity Dingle, the ex-wife of Joe’s father Chris Tate, whom he blamed for his father’s suicide.

When Joe’s true identity is revealed, all hell breaks loose as he evicts Debbie from the house he bought for her and her children and seeks to wreak havoc on the Dingle family.

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Emmerdale’s Joe Tate killed by Cain Dingle? Here What We Know So Far…

Flash forward a year to October 2018 and it’s Joe and Debbie’s wedding day – can we expect this complicated relationship to FINALLY work out?!

…Come on, this is a soap opera guys!

The pair sadly don’t get to have their happy ever after. To throw a spanner in the works, Joe’s evil step grandmother Kim Tate makes a return and she’s thirsty for blood – Joe’s blood to be precise. With the help of surrogate father Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough), Joe manages to make a getaway before Kim tracks him down. However, this is at the expense of his and Debbie’s wedding.

Once Cain gets wind of Joe doing a runner, Kim’s not the only one Joe needs to worry about. After having a change of heart about leaving, Joe decides to make his way back to confront Kim.

On his way, Cain manages to track him down and before Joe can explain his side of the story, Cain throws out a fatal punch!

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After telling Cain that he will ‘clean up the mess’, Graham drives off with Joe’s body in the trunk of the car. Viewers are left to believe that this really is the end for Joe Tate.

Fans Have Been Hoping The Hunk Is Secretly Alive…

…And their wish came true! In spite of leading everyone to believe that Joe kicked the bucket, a shock twist comes out earlier this year that Joe is, in fact, living it up in Monte Carlo – courtesy of Kim’s money. Sounds like our boy!

It turns out Joe’s death was faked with the assistance of Graham, who helped him secretly leave the village and acted none the wiser.

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News Of Joe Being Back From The Dead Reaches The Village…

It was going to come out eventually…and we’ve been patiently awaiting the hurricane to hit. After Cain revealed to Debbie that he had killed Joe, she wanted nothing more to do with him. So when Cain finds out Joe is actually alive, he is quick to tell Debbie the news.

Debbie’s reaction isn’t all Cain was hoping for…so it looks like he’s going to have to find another way to win back his daughter!

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Can We Expect The Return Of Joe Tate? WARNING: Emmerdale Spoilers Ahead!

In August, Kim Tate is having a phone call with a mysterious caller. Now that we know Joe Tate is still alive, could this caller be the man in question?

Telling the caller, Kim says:

‘I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve managed to get my hands on the perfect place for our project. Admittedly, it needs a little work. Oh, and I’ve found us a lackey.

‘He’s got designs way above his nation at the moment, but I’ll soon kick that out of him.’

She ended the conversation with:

‘I’ll see you soon, partner.’


Emmerdale fans have a theory that Joe Tate might be being brought back to life in order to give actress Charley Webb a convenient ‘exit storyline’ to go on maternity leave.

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An Insider Has Revealed Ned Has ‘Filmed A Few Scenes’

An insider exclusively revealed to The Sun that Joe is not set to return to the village full-time (boooo!) but who knows what could happen?

‘Joe has been alive all this time and secretly living abroad with Graham’s help. Unsurprisingly, it comes as a huge shock to the rest of the village.

‘Cain in particular will be stunned. He’s been living with the belief he murdered Joe, with Debbie Dingle blaming him for her loss.’

Will the Tate family be back together for a sinister reunion? What is to become of home farm?

Watch this space…

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