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By Dan Strayer

16th October 2019

Graham Emmerdale: Counting Down His Darkest Storylines

Graham's Emmerdale tenure has been plagued by personal loss
Source: Digital Spy

Foster, Graham – Emmerdale. Haunted storylines. They go together like a drinking problem, car crash and lighting one’s self on fire.

He’s only been on our television screens in that earlier prime time ITV soap slot since 2017. But Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) has certainly had his share of troubling storylines. Struggles with drink, war memories, bad relationships and worse decisions have made life juicy in the Dales.

His twisted history with the show’s mainstay, Kim Tate, has been a constant that makes “Graham Emmerdale” such a common search query. So here are five storylines (in no particular order) where a Graham Emmerdale storyline found a particularly dark angle.

4. Who You Gonna Call?

You’ve had a bad car accident. Your wife and unborn baby are in the car.

You need to act quickly.

Do you ring 999 at the call box? Not if you’re Graham Foster. His first call? Of course: his mistress, Kim Tate (Claire King).

Her Svengali-like hold on Graham consumes him even at the most perilous moment of a marriage doomed to fail.

It’s a decision that proved fatal for both the unloved wife and his never-to-be-born child after a subsequent explosion. As time goes on and his drinking increases, Graham’s pain fails to subside and only becomes apparent to locals slowly.

3. Hut’s On Fire

Graham Foster (Andrew Scarborough) has crossed paths closely with Joe Tate on Emmerdale
Source: The Emmerdaily

Devastated by the death of his wife and unborn child, Graham falls into the arms of Kim. She helped him get through the period, helping Graham get a job at Joe Tate’s school as a groundsman. Graham wasn’t even close to getting beyond his troubles but did forge a crucial bond with Joe. They grew so close that Joe’s aunt Zoe Tate approached Graham about becoming Joe’s guardian.

It was a bond that would prove useful in another dark twist when the still-boozing Graham set his groundsman’s hut aflame with him inside. Joe heroically found Graham and pulled him to safety. Graham became Joe’s man from that moment, ditching the drink to boot.

2. Graham Emmerdale – The Baby Daddy

Graham Foster on Emmerdale doesn't lack for intriguing, dark storylines
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What would a dark storyline chronology be for Graham Foster without a good old “Who’s the father” twist?

So it was with recent Emmerdale spoilers, as it has been revealed that Graham may, in fact, be the biological father of Millie Tate.

It comes after the soap introduced (Kim’s son) Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) and his wife Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale), together with their daughter Millie to the village before the summer and they have subsequently settled into life at Home Farm.

Andrea’s background has only been briefly discussed but official spoilers have revealed how she will be dragged into a dark paternity storyline.

Last week Millie was knocked over by a horse and admitted to hospital to receive treatment.

In doing so, questions were asked about her date of birth and age which raised suspicions with Graham who overheard the conversation.

Graham Foster and Cain Dingle have their issues, as you'll see below.
Source: The Sun

It will be a tough haul for Graham to play a role in Millie’s life, though. Early indications are that Jame and Andrea aren’t going to give in without a fight, regardless of the clear consequences of a one night stand Graham and Andrea appear to have had.

To further complicate matters for Graham, it also hampers what appeared to be a time of blossoming love. Rhona Goskirk has repeatedly been making a pass at Graham in subtle ways. As he keeps his eye on Jamie and Andrea, Rhona and Graham are slowly becoming a reality.

The pair have flirted with each other in numerous scenes over the past few months, often crossing paths at Home Farm when Rhona (Zoe Henry) pays visits to treat Kim Tate’s horses.

They also found themselves doing battle in a chess game, as Rhona kept secretly moving pieces on Graham’s board whenever she popped over.

This week’s episodes see Rhona fear that she has made a fool of herself in front of Graham (Andrew Scarborough), when their latest interactions don’t go well.

1. Graham Emmerdale And Joe’s “Murder”

Source: ITV

Framing Cain Dingle for the murder (alleged murder) of Joe Tate might just take the cake on this list. Without going into it too deeply, one punch “is all it takes” after two big hits: Dingle hit Tate, and Tate (for whom Graham is legal caretaker) “hit” a rock in the ensuing fall.

The fish is hooked: Dingle is riddled with guilt, Kim (who ordered Graham to off Joe) should be placated, and Graham is off the hook. Or so we thought. Because soap land never lets these things go, the ruse goes awry and Kim and Cain both discover the truth.


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