Georgia Kousoulou Dad: How The TOWIE Star Became Successful

By Sam Pointon

4th October 2019

Georgia Kousoulou Dad: How The TOWIE Star Became Successful

Who is Georgia Kousoulou?

Ms Kousoulou burst onto our screens on series 11 of The Only Way is Essex, way back in 2014. An Essex girl born and bred, Georgia Kousoulou’s dad Luke and mother Mary raised her in a massive Essex mansion.

The TOWIE star has appeared alongside other reality stars, including Chloe Sims (who is still onscreen and has been there since season 2!), Sam Faiers and Frankie Essex. She is straight-talking, honest and proud to be:

“repping it for the curvy girls”

The reality star has spent the past five years winning the nation’s hearts on screen and building a fashion empire off screen.

But what does Georgia Kousoulou’s dad have to do with her success?

She now lives in an equally-plush home with boyfriend Tommy Mallett. TOWIE cast member Tommy runs footwear brand Mallett Footwear and Georgia owns fashion business Boyfriend Tokyo.

The pair are a real business dream team, but where did Georgia’s business brain come from?

Georgia Kousoulou selfie
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Georgia Kousoulou’s Dad

Greek-born and highly successful businessman Luke Kousoulou made a brief appearance on TOWIE back in 2014. Ms Kousoulou’s dad then stood as an Independent MP for Brentwood and Ongar in 2017, saying he wanted to use:

“imagination and creativity to help with many social problems.”


Essex Live: Live interview with Luke Kousoulou standing to be Brentwood and Ongar MP, 2017

Georgia’s Instagram page is full of love for co-stars, old friends, family and more. Luke’s ‘love and guidance’ has clearly rubbed off on his daughter (her Instagram bio statement #keepthegramreal is something many young women can relate to!). Georgia was definitely destined for success from birth with those kind of genes!

Ms Kousoulou Dad’s Influence:

Business Brain

Ms Kousoulou launched her debut swimwear line Summer Dreams by Georgia K back in 2016. The range includes bikinis, one-pieces, beach skirts and trousers, kimonos and sunglasses. Speaking about the collection, Georgia said:

“I love summer and love looking good by the pool and beach so this really is a dream come true. I’ve been able to express my vision and my inner Greek Goddess within the pieces!”

Expressing her ‘inner Greek Goddess’ with this swimwear range is another nod to her heritage, as Georgia’s Kousoulou’s dad being Greek has always been important to the TOWIE star’s identity. This is pretty obvious when you check out the Grecian-inspired pieces in the range!

Georgia Kousoulou Summer Dreams Collection bikini and beach trousers
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Georgia’s current fashion brand Boyfriend Tokyo is all about:

reconstructed premium basics for a contemporary woman in search of the perfect cut”

This means reshaping the traditional ‘boyfriend cut’ by combining Japanese designs with London artistry. 

Reality Adventures

And she’s not happy with ‘just’ running businesses! She has also fronted a campaign from the Federation of Bakers to promote the nutritional value of bread. It seems that Georgia Kousoulou’s dad’s loving for getting involved in a variety of ventures runs in the family!

Sadly these adventures don’t always go to plan. She admirably signed up for the Channel 4 show Sink or Swim, where celebrities try to swim the English Channel. Part of the Stand Up To Cancer campaign, devastated Kousoulou had to leave the show due to anxiety. She posted a heartfelt message on social media explaining her decision, making a brave statement about being honest about mental health:

“BE HONEST with yourself & please talk about your feelings .. don’t bottle them up & wait until you burst!”

Georgia Kousoulou upset on Channel 4's Sink or Swim
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Having to withdraw from the show was difficult for Georgia, however she certainly made it more positive by opening up conversations about mental health. She thanked everyone involved in the show and wished them all the best with the venture.

It seems there were no hard feelings, with all the other stars pulling her in for a group hug before she left. She also had a lot of family support, with Georgia Kousoulou dad and mum thanked in her post.

Ms Kousoulou continues to push forward and has been mixing business with pleasure, working hard alongside boyfriend Tommy. The pair went from reality star romance to power couple business perfection. But has her relationship with Tommy Mallett always been what dreams are made of?

Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallett:

Power Couple

The dream team of Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallett started off rocky. Georgia set out a list of ‘rules’ for Tommy when first dating, which he promptly broke. Tommy managed to win the hearts of viewers back with his love and affection for Georgia and they have only grown stronger since.

The fact that their relationship is still going today is pretty unusual for TOWIE cast members! Even more unheard of, both still appear regularly on the reality show  and make it work. Shocking, as let’s be honest, The Only Way is Essex isn’t exactly famous for producing long-term relationships!

Georgia Kousoulou with boyfriend Tommy Mallett
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So, what keeps the dream team away from becoming the stuff of nightmares? There’s a lot to say about the strong business head passed down by Georgia Kousoulou’s dad, but Tommy Mallet’s personal attachment to his footwear brand is also very important.

Tommy’s passion for his business comes from being bullied for his ‘cheap’ trainers as a child. These experiences push the pair from reality star romance to established power couple. 

Dream Team

The pair are not afraid of a cheeky bit of shameless promotion either! Brand advertising is almost obligatory if you want to make it as a reality star, so Ms Kousoulou frequently promotes different brands on her social media. She’s always got room for her boyfriend’s brand too though! Sharing photos of her ‘nails’ and tagging Tommy’s footwear brand may not be subtle, but it is effective.

promoting Mallett footwear
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Ms Kousoulou’s dad’s dedicated personality has clearly effected Georgia’s loyal and proud attitude. His dedication to his local area helped him decide to run as an MP. Georgia 100% reflects her love for her boyfriend in her social media promotion of his brand! It may not be quite the same as tackling knife crime, however the Kousoulou father/daughter duo are both incredibly dedicated to what they love!

Georgia Kousoulou Dad and Mum:

Family Troubles

Relationships can be a difficult subject for Georgia Kousoulou. Dad, Luke and mum, Mary divorced back in 2017, which was devastating for Ms Kousoulou. Georgia opened up on the show about how scary it was for her outlook on her relationship with Tommy Mallett:

“I’m scared… I know this is partly because of my mum and dad. When they split up I didn’t deal with it. Because I was older, I didn’t let myself be sad… It came out of nowhere, so I don’t want to marry and have kids and then it not work out. I love him (Tommy) to bits, but I worry he’s just going along with me.”

Georgia Kousoulou’s worries seem to have been for nothing however, as two years later the couple couldn’t be happier! They made mega couple goals back in August while on holiday in Mexico, posting this super cute pool snap!

Georgia and boyfriend Tommy on holiday in Mexico
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Georgia’s Success

Georgia’s rise to fame and success is definitely the result of hard work on her part. But, she clearly has a strong gene pool to thank as well. Georgia Kousoulou’s dad’s determined business mindset and down-to-earth, honest ethos has clearly passed down to the TOWIE star.

Many stars have moved on from The Only Way is Essex to set up their own businesses. like Sam Faiers’ super stylish baby range Dreamiie by Samantha Faiers. However, Georgia stands out as a massive role model for all aspiring young businesswomen, whether or not business is in your genes!

Georgia Kousoulou Dad Luke Kousoulou
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