Noel Edmonds' Age, Wife, Net Worth, Daughters...

By Juliet Smith

24th September 2019

Noel Edmonds’ Age, Wife, Net Worth, Daughters…

We’re taking a look at Noel Edmonds’ age, his wife, his net worth, and lots more!

With a career spanning for over 50 years, Noel Edmond’s has become famous for his grey beard, his extensive collection of flowery shirts and his ability to negotiate a good deal with the Deal or No Deal banker.

From his bus license to his wife’s terrible cooking, although Noel Edmond’s appearance in I’m A Celeb was brief – with him being the first contestant to get voted out – viewers found out A LOT about the prime time TV presenter during his time on the show.

But there’s still plenty to find out about the man who was once the king of family TV…

We’ve got all your Noel Edmond’s questions answers right here…

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Noel’s Love Life…

Over the years, Edmonds has got a rep for being a bit of a ladies’ man, but the former Lothario has settled down over the last few years after he met makeup artist Liz Davis and made her his third wife.

The pair met on the set of Channel 4 game show Deal or No Deal and Noel revealed for him it was love at first sight.

“To start with it was all very professional, but there was a look in both our eyes.”

He’s previously admitted.

Controversially, Liz – who is 20 years younger than Noel – was married at the time and had two young children – but Noel wasn’t fazed by her relationship status, wooing her with a bunch of lavish dates including luxury holidays abroad. It seemed to do the job as they moved in adjacent rooms in a Bristol hotel during DOND filming before eventually tying the knot in 2009.


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Liz & I had a great time on @loosewomen – thanks for having us! N x

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Noel’s Kids…

With four daughters and two step sons, Noel’s quite the family man. Three daughters Lorna, Olivia and Alice are his from his second marriage to Helen Soby, including Charlotte, who Noel adopted from Helen’s previous relationship.

He’s also got two step sons from Liz – his current partner.

noel edmonds children

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What’s His Net Worth?

Noel’s career in TV has been long (50 years) and very successful – he was offered around £3 million alone for renewing a Deal or No Deal contract recently, but when it comes to making money, he doesn’t stop on screen.


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Thank you all for the follows and lovely messages! Back to reality. Now, let’s enjoy the Versace! Noel.

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In addition to his hosting jobs, Noel’s a savvy businessman who’s founded the multi-media operations company Unique Group – it’s apparently made him A LOT of cash…

That’s not forgetting his Mr Blobby amusement parks… Back in the ’90s Edmonds licensed three theme parks based on Crinkley Bottom (that’s Mr Blobby’s house). However, unfortunately to due (somewhat unsurprising) visitor numbers and legal disputes, the parks were closed down.

In total, it’s thought that Noel’s estimate net worth is a whopping £75 million!

What Is Noel Edmond’s Age And When Did He Start His Career?

The popular TV presenter was born in 1948 and is currently 70 years old.

noel on radio 1

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Although at 70, he’s now recognised for his career in TV, Noel actually started out on the radio. As a youngster, Noel was scouted out by Radio 1, eventually earning himself a regular slot on the show.

It was after a successful stint on the radio that Noel made the transition to TV, hosting a whole range of show including Top of the Pops and Swap Shop.

How Much Did He Make On I’m A Celeb?

Noel entered the I’m a Celeb camp in 2018 and in spite on his early departure from the show (he was the very first celeb to be axed), it’s been revealed that he was paid £600,000 for his short jungle stint – the highest of all the contestants including Harry Redknapp, who was paid £500,000.

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Noel’s Controversial Comments Have Sometimes Landed Him In Trouble…

Not one for keeping his mouth shut in times of controversy, Noel’s hit the headlines for some of his contentious comments.

Back in 2016, Edmonds claimed that negative energy caused cancer, in a tweet to someone who suffered from cancer. After (unsurprisingly) causing criticism across social media, Noel agreed to an interview on BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show in March 2018, where he explained – or attempted to – his claim:

“It is a scientific fact that negative energy causes disease and negative thoughts are part of that energy process. If you are faced with a serious illness, you have to come at it with a positive mental attitude. It changes the outcome and millions of doctors and scientists will tell you that,” he declared.

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Candice – His Mannequin Doll

If you watched I’m A Celeb, you’ll know that Candice was introduced by Noel so he could drive a taxi down bus lanes in Bristol in order to get to work quicker – and it didn’t take long before Candice became a star in her own right…
noel edmonds age
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Noel’s agent revealed the TV presenter’s plans for Candice:

“Noel has used Candice for quite some time. She’s to prevent people thinking it was a taxi that was available for hire. However there was a lot of interest from people. Some fake Twitter accounts starting up for her that got him interested.”

“Noel now wants to make a soap opera out of her life for people by changing her clothes, poses and giving her a personality.”

“Due to the recent unseasonal cold weather, Candice’s hair colour has changed from blonde to brunette and she has been sporting some fake fur to keep her warm. Noel says that her mannequin boyfriend will also make an appearance soon.”

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