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By Dan Strayer

22nd October 2019

Emily Atack’s Mum: The Scoop On A Showbiz Family

Emily Atack and mum Kate Robbins are participants on Celebrity Gogglebox.
Source: Twitter

Emily Atack’s mum, Kate Robbins, is part of a line of talented family members both close and extended in show business.

But to her credit, her daughter Emily is doing just fine on her own. Fans flocked to the real Emily Atack I’m a Celebrity …Get Me Out of Here persona in the last year. She’s also been associated with TV shows such as The InBetweeners, as so many will remember; Emily is simply continuing the famous family’s tradition rather well.

Atacks And Robbinses And McCartneys…Oh, My!

Emily Atack found new success in 2018 finishing second in I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here
Source: Reality Titbit

Let’s count the names in this famous line of accomplished performers:

  • Emily’s mum is Kate Robbins (more on her shortly);
  • Musician Keith Atack is Emily’s father;
  • Her uncle Tim Atack is another acclaimed musician, though perhaps not quite as noteworthy as;
  • Sir Paul McCartney, who is Kate’s first cousin, once removed;
  • Actress Amy Robbins is one of Kate’s three younger sisters, including Jane Robbins, a sculptor, and The Sheilas singer Emma Robbins.
  • Kate’s brother is Ted Robbins, actor and radio broadcaster.
  • Through Emma, Kate is the sister-in-law of the late Teletubbies voice actor Simon Shelton
  • Through Amy, Kate is the sister-in-law of actor Robert Daws.

Kate Robbins, Proud Mum

Emily Atack and mum Kate Robbins leave audiences hysterical on daytime talk shows
Source: METRO

Currently, Kate is a proud mum. But a proud mum who’s done alright for herself in both music and comedy.

Emily’s famous mother first came into our imaginations by representing the UK in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1980, as part of the group Prima Donna (they finished third in the competition).

It’s likely something that other family members (say, Sir Paul?) might have kidded Kate about once upon a time. Regardless, years later, the 56-year-old mum of three (Martha, 27, and George 26, are her other children) is the one doing the kidding. In a 2019 appearance on the tv show Loose Women, there’s a little TMI from mum talking about sex lives (or, seemingly, lack thereof) of her most famous child.

And poor Emily was there to witness it all.

Emily Atack’s Mum Talks Boldly

It’s not the only time Emily Atack’s mum has been brash on air.

As Emily’s star rises on I’m A Celebrity, Kate is showing once again she is anything but bashful. In one Good Morning Britain appearance, she fuelled speculation of a relationship with yet another celebrity – this one, the son of fellow I’m A Celebrity participant (and winner) Harry Redknapp.

As close family friends of I’m a Celebrity winner Harry Redknapp, Kate has fuelled speculation of a budding romance between Harry’s football pundit son Jamie Redknapp and Emily with an open invite to Jamie to attend their Christmas dinner. Provided he put up some dosh for the privilege, of course.

Said Kate:

“If he bungs me a monkey I’ll be even more pleased. Listen I don’t know. We love you the Redknapps wherever you are.”

Emily’s Mum: Kate Robbins, Musician

Before becoming Emily Atack's mum, Kate Robbins had success on Spitting Image and as a musician.
Source: The Sun

Robbins paid some dues in the music industry to earn a spot in the charts.

Prior to her foray into the international music scene with Prima Donna, Emily Atack’s mum had a part in a small hit as a backing singer, along with her sister Jane, on the Top 75 hit “Lines” by The Planets.

Kate would finally strike it big as a solo artist in 1981. “More Than in Love”, was released commercially in the UK (credited as Kate Robbins and Beyond) would reach number 2 in the UK Singles Chart.

Despite it being Kate’s only hit single, she would remain active in music as a songwriter and on-air performer for most of the remainder of her career. A talented songwriter, Kate wrote the theme song for Surprise Surprise.

Kate is known in the advertising industry as a go-to voice-over artist for jingles, with impressions of Doris Day and Edith Piaf to her credit in some of her television adverts work.

Kate Robbins, TV Star

Of course, Kate’s voice-over capabilities got noticed somewhere. Her time on television roles played a big part in that as well.

Kate’s first stint on the small screen came on the ITV soap opera Crossroads, where she took on the role of a pop singer. Her next big break would be on the satirical puppet show Spitting Image.

Kate provided practically all of the female voices, including Margaret Thatcher, between 1986 and 1996. Other small-screen credits include Dinnerladies, Dead Ringers,  Last of the Summer Wine, Heartbeat, The Harry Enfield Show, Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights (where her older brother Ted Robbins featured as the scheming Den Perry), Shooting Stars, Holby City, Where the Heart Is, Doctors and Casualty.

Emily Atack’s Mum And Emily Herself

Emily Atack's mum Kate Robins
Source: Daily Express

The mother and daughter do evoke an inseparable look with their frequent public appearances. It makes for nice television. Kate’s cheeky nature (with her credentials, why wouldn’t she be?) presents a great contrast to the bubbly Emily.

In June 2019, the two came together again as a natural pairing for appearances on Channel 4’s Celebrity Gogglebox. And true to the form of the show, the content of the shows the Gogglers made for a great laugh. For example, Emily’s openness became a topic of conversation after one episode.

Emily Atack’s mum and Emily sat in for a segment from Love Island. The segment from the ITV reality dating show showed female participants kissing each of the boys whilst wearing earplugs and eyemasks. In turn, they then rated each of the kisses.

The boys then revealed themselves, which prompted the 29-year-old Emily to quip:

“I don’t think you can rate a kiss. Although, I’ve had some really bad snogathons in my time.”

Looking back on the Loose Women appearance, the interplay between Kate and Emily easily invites questions about their friend-like relationship as girl mates.

Emily Atack's father Keith Atack is a renowned musician.
Source: Scottish Sun

Emily offered the following statement:

“It’s weird because I do act like best friends, but still I don’t sit there and say my mum’s my best friend, that doesn’t really cover it.”

Kate then kept things in perspective:

“We get drunk together, it’s very important to teach her how to drink Rosé!”

About Emily Atack’s Father And Uncle

In keeping with the celebrity lineage, musician Keith Atack is Emily Atack’s father. Keith was married to Emily Atack’s mum until their 2008 divorce.

Wakefield-born Keith is a bass player who, along with twin brother Tim Atack (drums), Dave Cooper (guitar) and Graham Bilbrough (vocals), formed part of the British pop group Child. Child found success in the late 1970s, just as Kate’s music and television career took off. With their cover of Conway Twitty’s “It’s Only Make Believe”, the band reached a peak of 10th in the pop charts in 1978.

Tim and Keith both have found success after Child, first starting as sought-after studio musicians. Keith would go on to form the Eagles tribute band the Illegal Eagles in the 1990s.

Tim worked as musical director to Des’ree before finding a niche as a film and television score composer. He has written music for films such as The Invention of Lying and Cemetery Junction. His most well-known work is the love theme from Romeo + Juliet.

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