By Cara Dudgeon

31st October 2019

Barry Williams Net Worth: How Well Has ‘Greg Brady’ Done?

You will most probably know him best for being the oldest son in The Brady Bunch, but what is actor Barry Williams’ net worth?

Barry Williams Net Worth

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Barry Williams‘ estimated net worth is $3 million (¬£2.3 million).

What was his early life like?

Born Barry William Blenkhorn, Barry knew from a young age that he wanted to become an actor.

Barry made his TV debut in 1967 on the show Dragnet 1967.

He then went on to star in many TV shows such as The Invaders, That Girl and Mission: Impossible.

He got his breakthrough role in 1969 when he was cast as Greg on the television series, The Brady Bunch.

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His life after Greg Brady…

In 1974, The Brady Bunch was cancelled three weeks before shooting for season six was about to begin.

Barry decided that this was his chance to try something new and went on to star on the stage.

He ended up touring with productions such as Romance/ Romance, The Sound of Music, West Side Story and Grease.

He did eventually return to TV and ended up being typecast in roles very similar to Greg.

However, he did get to play a different type of role when he was cast as Hannibal on General Hospital.

How being a Brady influenced Barry Williams’ net worth…

Although at the time The Brady Bunch wasn’t overly popular, it became iconic in teenage upbringing. Hence, there were many TV reunions, such as the 1988 A Very Brady Christmas, The Brady Brides (1981) and The Brady Bunch Movie (1995).

The Brady Bunch Movie Poster

Image Source/ Past Posters

Barry’s role as Greg won him the Young Artist Foundation’s Former Child Star ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award in 1989.

In 1992 he released his co-written autobiography, Growing Up Brady: I Was A Teenage Greg. It became a New York Times bestseller and went on to be a TV movie, Growing Up Brady (2000).

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Also in 2000, Barry co-created a parody of Eminem’s hit single, ‘The Real Slim Shady’, ‘The Real Greg Brady’.

He is the host of the Saturday night radio show, The Real Greg Brady’s Totally ’70s Pop Quiz Starring Barry Williams.

Barry tours with the musical group, Barry Williams and the Traveliers.

As 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of The Brady Bunch, the kids –¬†Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, Susan Olsen,¬†Christopher Knight, Mike Lookinland and Barry – got together for the series, A Very Brady Renovation.

Other work…

He starred in the sitcom Hollywood 7 from 2001-2002, as Manager Dean ‘The Machine’ Strickland.

In 2003 he played himself in the movie Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star (2003).

Barry appeared in an episode of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He was there as a friend of Chyna – a patient – and in a group session he admitted that drinking had affected both his life and career in a negative way.

He starred in the 2010 movie, Mega Piranha alongside Tiffany.

MegaPiranha movie poster

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More recently, Barry appears in an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap; trading lives with Joe Piscopo.

In 2016 he was in the feature film, Flea, in which he played Marsh Man.

His personal life…

Barry now resides in Branson, Missouri with his wife of two years, Tina Mahina.

L-R: Kelly Lookinland, Cara Knight, Tina Mahina Williams - wifes of The Brady Bunch sons.
L-R: Kelly Lookinland, Cara Knight, Tina Mahina Williams – wifes of The Brady Bunch sons.

This is not Barry’s first-go at marriage. From 1990-1992 he was married to Diane Martin and then went on to marry Ella Mary Matt. The pair were together from 1999-2005 and have a son, Brandon Eric Williams who was born in 2003.

Barry also has a daughter named Samantha Rose Williams who was born in 2012 to his then girlfriend, Elizabeth Kennedy.

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