Who Is Alesha Dixon's Husband And How He Won Her Heart?

By Tharmini Kenas

11th October 2019

Who Is Alesha Dixon’s Husband And How Did He Win Her Heart?

Alesha Anjanette Dixon turned 41 a few days back (October 7) and she is still mesmerising the hearts of her fans since her rise to fame back in 2001. 

Alesha Dixon’s husband has also been in the feed for a bit: allow us to deliver the interesting details you never knew about Alesha Dixon’s husband, their love story and their life now. 

Alesha Dixon’s Past, First Husband And Her Rise To Fame

The multi-talented (read: singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, model and television personality) started out as a member of an all-female R&B/garage trio Mis-Teeq. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/NME

The group disbanded in 2005, giving Dixon a kickstart to her music career. 

Around the same time, Alexa Dixon married her first husband Michael Harvey Jr. However, the marriage lasted for merely a year and they divorced in 2006. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Express

The divorce was a result of Harvey Jr’s affair with his West End stage co-star Javine Hylton which left Dixon lost and empty

“I didn’t eat for a few days.

“I just remember sitting on the floor in my house.

“You ask those questions: Why? What have I done wrong?”

“I just remember having a feeling when I was driving. I just felt so low in myself that I just thought I wouldn’t care if the car crashed.”

Dixon then rose to fame after winning ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/The Guardian

She later judged the show from 2009 to 2012. Quitting the ninth season of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’, she went on to be a judge on ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. 

Talk about slaying a heartbreak like a queen! 

Along her journey as a judge of both the television shows, she also signed with Asylum Records and released an album titled ‘The Alesha Show’ which garnered a lot of attention. 

One of her singles ‘Breathe Slow’ got her a Brit Award nomination. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/YouTube

She is now a judge of America’s Got Talent: The Champions with Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Howie Mandel. 

Her Life With Her Second Husband Azuka Ononye

Alesha Dixon and Azuka Ononye have been dating since 2012 and it is widely believed that they were married in 2017, although there have been no confirmation to the rumour. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Metro

Talking about her relationship with her husband, she said,

“I am authentically myself when I’m with him,” she said. “I don’t have to be anything other than who I am and it’s a great feeling when you can just be yourself with someone. And it’s like being with my best friend every day.”

Who Is Azuka Ononye?

The 39-year old British-born Nigerian dancer got his break when he performed at the X-Factor show and gained the admiration of one of the toughest judge Simon Cowell. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/The Netline

He owns a website and its homepage perfectly describes Azuka Ononye as:

“A British-born Nigerian artiste working across different mediums of art; with a career spanning over 15 years as a Dancer, Choreographer, Actor, Writer, Creative Director and Voice-over artist.

As a multi-faceted artist focused on pushing his and all boundaries, Azuka blends his knowledge, style and experience across the board with his contagiously smooth and positive energy bringing any project he is involved with to life.”

Well, we’ve got to have a taste of his applauded talent right? Here’s a video of his work from his website. 

Well-known for his creative and energetic dance moves, he has also worked with Alesha Dixon.

The couple worked together in Alesha Dixon’s third album, ‘The Entertainer’. They also worked at the Miss World finals in 2010. 

This explains the strong understanding they share with each other. Close friends first, partners next. 

How Did Alesha Dixon’s Husband Woo Her? 

Getting the attention of Alesha must have been difficult since she was heartbroken after her first relationship. 

So, how did Azuka managed to woo her? (Well, James Corden failed at it!) 

It was the kind way he cared for her when she was unwell after her leg surgery. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Heart Radio

She opened up about her relationship, saying,

“He carried me to the toilet when I had my foot operation,” she recalled. “I knew it was love then. I thought, ‘this man’s there for me, I’ve had a foot operation, I can’t walk, he’s carried me to the toilet it’s got to be love.” 

The couple made their first public appearance in 2012 at Marbella, Costa del Sol for a weekend together. 

It is evident through Azuka Ononye’s Instagram profile that he dotes on his family. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Instagram

How Many Children Do They Have?  

Their first daughter Azure Sienna Ononye was born in October 2013. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Heart Radio

In May this year, Alesha Dixon revealed her baby bump for the first time during a live episode of Britain’s Got Talent. 

Later, she said that she was over the moon about her pregnancy to the show’s presenters Ant and Dec. 

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Mirror

Previously, she had also said in an interview,

“Not a day goes by without me longing for another baby,” she said.

“I don’t know whether it will happen given my age, but I adore the idea of a large family and I hope I will be lucky.”

However, Dixon has kept the details of her pregnancy secret and the date of the delivery was unknown until she was spotted a few days back without her baby bump in Los Angeles!  

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Mirror

Her co-judge at Britain’s Got Talent (besides David Walliams and Simon Cowell), who is also her BFF Amanda Holden said that she had a feeling that Dixon would deliver early

“I’m a witch, I sense these things and I said, ‘You’ve got to be careful. I reckon it’s going to come two or three weeks early”.

Alesha Dixon husband

Image Source/Hello Magazine

Interesting Facts About Alesha Dixon And Husband, Azuka Ononye

  • Dixon has a Jamaican father, English mother and six half-siblings. 
  • She writes children’s books. 
  • She is not in talking terms with her father and had described the family she was born into as ‘dysfunctional’. 
  • Ononye started out as a commercial model and actor in Nigeria.
  • Ononye has performed in advertisements for Captain Morgan, Guinness, and T-Mobile.
  • He has also acted in the movie ‘‘Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie.’
  • Their net worth is $4 million each, as of 2019. 
  • Alesha Dixon played ‘hard to get’ for a year, before dating Ononye. 
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