Nicholas Lyndhurst: Net Worth And Rise To Sitcom Success

By Amelia Slater

2nd August 2019

Nicholas Lyndhurst: Net Worth And Rise To Sitcom Success

You won’t believe Nicholas Lyndhurst’s net worth as of 2019! The comedy sensation jumped from sitcom to sitcom…

…until he landed his breakout role as Rodney Trotter on the BBC’s long-running sitcom Only Fools and Horses

‘Oh shut up, you tart!’

Playing the younger brother of wheeler dealer Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter, the dynamic duo stole the hearts of the nation, quickly becoming household names and British national treasures.

After running for a whopping two decades, the show finally ended back in 2003. Having been voted the number one sitcom of all time, it looks like Rodders really did become a millionaire after all…

Nicholas Lyndhurst Net Worth (2019): $5 Million

The actor is reportedly worth a whopping $5 million after almost fifty years of starring on our screens. Want to find out how Rodney Trotter made it in the big time? It’s time to delve into the ghost of sitcom’s past…

nicholas lyndhurst net worth national film awards

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Nicholas Is Born In Hampshire, England In 1961

On 20th April 1961 in Emsworth, Hampshire Nicholas Simon Lyndhurst is born. He goes on to attend the Corona Theatre School.

It seems that talent runs in the family as Nicholas later tells The Guardian about his father’s work as a film pioneer:

‘He had one of the first moving picture companies in England: The Sunny South Film Company. They made silents. He set it up with cronies from the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, where he was a scenic designer. My uncle Richard was an actor with Donald Wolfit’s company. All these weird things I’ve found in the last few years. My father died and I don’t have anyone to ask. This is a voyage of discovery.’

nicholas lyndhurst as a child star

Image Source: /British Comedy Fans

As a child, Nicholas appears in several television adverts in the 1970s as well as children’s films.

Aged 15 – He Lands The Main Role In The Prince and the Pauper

At the age of 15, Nicholas makes his debut on screen in 1976 TV series The Prince and the Pauper.

nicholas lyndhurst prince and the pauper 1976

Image Source: /IMDB

Aged 17 – He Plays Adam Parkinson in Sitcom Butterflies

It was playing the character of teenager Adam Parkinson in 1970s series Butterflies that put his name on the map.

nicholas lyndhurst as adam parkinson in butterflies

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Aged 20 – He Lands The Role Of Rodney Trotter On BBC Sitcom Only Fools and Horses

At 20, Nicholas takes on what would become the defining role of his acting career: hapless market trader Rodney Trotter in Only Fools and Horses. He would retain the role for another two decades and become one of the nation’s most beloved characters.

The show reeled in an audience of 24.35 million (practically half the country).

nicholas lyndhurst as rodney trotter in only fools and horses

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Aged 32 – He Stars In Goodnight Sweetheart

Whilst starring in Only Fools and Horses, Nicholas Lyndhurst bagged himself the lead role on British sitcom Goodnight Sweetheart. 

The plot follows TV repairman Gary Sparrow who accidentally travels from the present 1990s to the 194os and subsequently leads a double life.

nicholas lyndhurst in goodnight sweetheart

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Aged 38 – He Marries Ballet Dancer Lucy Smith

In 1999, Nicholas marries former ballet dancer Lucy Smith. The actor is so protective of his privacy that he changes his wedding date in a bid to keep it secret from the press.

On how they met, Nicholas spoke fondly of his wife:

‘She can turn her hand to anything and is a brilliant mother. She was with the English National Ballet when we met in 1992 and has brought her ballerina mentality into my life. I didn’t live in squalor, but it wasn’t quite as ordered as it is now.’

nicholas lyndhurst and wife Lucy Smith

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Aged 39 – He Becomes A Father To Son Archie

A year into their marriage, Nicholas and Lucy welcome a son, Archie.

nicholas lyndhurst net worth son archie at the premiere for Disney XD's Skyrunners

Image Source: /Zimbio

Aged 49 – He Stars As Freddie ‘The Frog’ Robdal In Only Fools And Horses Prequel: Rock And Chips

Nicholas returns to his Only Fools and Horses roots, taking on the role of Rodney’s 196os gangster father Freddie ‘The Frog’ Robdal in a prequel series.

nicholas lyndhurst as freddie the frog in rock and chips

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Aged 52 – New Tricks

In 2013, Nicholas joins the cast of New Tricks and becomes a series regular. He plays the role of retired officer Dan Griffen – with experience in the Murder Squad and Diplomatic Protection Group.

nicholas lyndhurst net worth new tricks

Image Source: /What’s on TV

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