Lauren Pope Age And Things You Never Knew About TOWIE

By Juliet Smith

16th August 2019

Lauren Pope Age And Things You Never Knew About TOWIE

From Lauren Pope’s age to Gemma Collin’s previous jobs, we’re taking a look at the things you didn’t know about TOWIE.

Twenty four series in and we STILL can’t get enough of the Essex gossip. The cast’s turbulent love lives, friendship feuds and dating disasters still continue to steal the headlines, setting fire to Twitter as they get aggy with each other purely for our viewing pleasure.

We know that TOWIE is full of fake tans, hair extensions and love triangles, but we’ve got a bunch of facts you never knew about the ITV2 reality soap…

1. TOWIE’s Aired In 100 Countries

It really is true. Which leaves us wondering what they all thought about the vajazzle (sorry, China)…

Image Source/Daily Star

2. Gemma Collins Started Out As A Car Saleswoman

From unapologetic public hissy fits to timeless one liners (Arg still isn’t getting any Candy), the GC might not be your cup of tea, but she’s undeniably comedy gold.

Although our Gem is one of the greatest gifts TV has EVER sent our way, she started out her career far from the moneyed, handbag-loving, spray-tan obsessed woman she is today. In fact, her very first job was as a car saleswoman.

Gem was put forward for the TOWIE role by Amy Child’s mum and quickly became one of the show’s leading ladies.

lauren pop age

Image Source/Essex Live

2. It’s Made The Economy £1.4 Billion

TOWIE isn’t all gossip, bitching and arguments, it’s helped the economy by approx £1.4 billion. From sales of fake nails soaring by over 500% to fake eyelash sales trebling, since its first series, TOWIE has skyrocketed the desirability of all things fake!

“I can’t imagine many shows have down that,”Bobby Norris said.

bobby Norris sunglasses

Image Source/Huff Post

“When we wear a dress so many girls tweet us asking where we get our dresses from.”

Danielle Armstrong explained.

“It goes a bit mad.”

The TOWIE holiday special episodes in Ibiza, Marbella and Tenerife also encouraged the sale of holidays abroad. Google searches for “Marbella” increased by 72 percent!

3. There’s Been A Chinese Version Of TOWIE

The Chinese loved our TOWIE so much that they decided to create their own version. We’re currently Googling how to watch the China copycat show…

4. Essex Tourism Has Peaked

TOWIE fanatics have flown in from all over the world just to see where the show’s action happens…

OK, maybe not quite, but the neighbourhood has attracted more and more visitors since the reality show first aired. Yes, there really are bus tours…

amy childs salon

Image Source/Daily Express

5. There’s Been Approx 21 Couples On TOWIE

There’s too many to list for us, but if you’re a TOWIE fan, you’ll probably remember each and every detail…

6. It Started With NINE Cast Members

We’re getting pretty nostalgic casting our minds back to the very first TOWIE. There was only Mark Wright, James “Arg” Argent, Lauren Goodger, Kirk Norcross, Amy Childs, Harry Derbidge, Sam Faiers, Jess Wright and Nanny Pat who filmed originally!

Since then there’s been plenty of reality stars who’ve come and gone!

lauren pope age

Image Source/Digital Spy

7. There’s Been 288 Crying Scenes

With the cackling laughs comes tears and according to this statistic, there’s been a whole load of them…

Of all the TOWIE criers, the unfortunate Jessica Wright sits in first place for the record number of sobs on the show – of 288, she had 31 of them. Poor Jess.

jess wright crying

Image Source/Daily Star

8. Mario Claimed He Was Told To Dumb Down

After exiting the show, Mario Falcone revealed that he was banned from using polysyllabic words as the show’s producers wanted all viewers to be able to tell what he was saying:

“I had to dwindle it down a bit when I did TOWIE.”

Once I said the word ‘discombobulated’ and the whole crew said: ‘Mario you can’t say that’, and I was like ‘why?

“They said: ‘The people who watch TOWIE won’t know what you’re talking about’. I confused Tommy Mallet!”



mario falcone

That explains ALOT.

9. When Lauren Goodger Left TOWIE

9. Why Lauren Goodger Left The Show

There was always some confusion as to why Lauren left TOWIE (the first time). Back in 2012, no one knew whether she’d be axed or if she’d exited the show off her own accord.

According to The Sun, Lauren accused the producers are treating her badly and claimed she was the star of the series.

“Never been so angry in all my life. All I can say is what a shame.”

lauren pope age 5

Image Source/Huff Post

In a later interview, Lauren revealed there were a number of reason why she left the show:

“I felt under so much pressure. Most of the girls on TOWIE are quite skinny and could wear what the hell they wanted…I’m panicking over whether my arms looked fat or how big I’d look if I was sitting down.”

They would poke fun at me about my weight because they know that’s my weak spot. There have been moments when I cried. I’m ­insecure, and I need a break.

But I did quit and I have no regrets. I’m leaving now because series six was spectacular. I built bridges with all the people I had rowed with and I wanted to leave when things were good.”

Lauren ended up rejoining the show a few years after she left.

10. Chloe Sims And Lauren Pope’s Age…

Because of all the cosmetic surgery going on in TOWIE, you’re probably aware that the ageing process as we know it is pretty non-existent. From botox to lip fillers, most of the cast have had work done on their Benjamin Button-esq faces.


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So, it’s always been a mystery just how old some of the women are. Well, we’re about to spill all:

Lauren Pope age: 36 years old

Jessica Wright age: 33 years old

Chloe Sims age: 36 years old

Gemma Collins age: 38 years old

Don’t they look great for their age!?

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