Kristine Saryan: Gilmore Girls Luke Danes' Real Life Partner

By Lucy Cooper

1st August 2019

Kristine Saryan: Gilmore Girls Luke Danes’ Real Life Partner

You know those characters whose lives you just become far more interested in than your own? Take Scott Patterson for example- the Gilmore Girls star behind the character of Luke Danes- AKA the owner of ‘Luke’s diner’ (we love a man that can cook, even if he is the grumpiest man in Stars Hollow).

We become addicted to shows like Gilmore Girls and end up more enthralled by their on-screen relationships than we do our own. We tune in every week (or binge watch 28379 eps at a time) to follow along the lives of fictional characters and neglect our own relationships in the process. No shame…

We’ve got to say, we’re usually more interested by their on-screen romances, but we can’t all help having a little nosy in to their personal lives and wanting to know alllll about their lives off- screen as well. Especially when they’re a looker- like our personal fave, Piers Brosnan (he’s taken, sorry ladies).

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The majority of Luke’s storylines are based around either his diner, or his love for fellow co-star, Lorelai Gilmore. The pair were shipped since day one and, finally, after a whole FOUR seasons, he made his move.

Scott revealed the chemistry we can feel through our screens actually comes very naturally to the pair:

“The chemistry has always been very, very natural and very easy with her and not surprisingly, it remains that way.”

As much as we’re invested in him and Gilmore, we want to know about the man behind the act. So, meet Scott Patterson…

Despite his undeniable chemistry with his on-screen lover, he’s well and truly taken off screen (oh, not another one).

The 60-year old (who, might I add, doesn’t look a day over 45), best known for his reign on Gilmore Girls, is in a long- term relationship with fellow actress Kristine Saryan.

Kristine Saryan and scott

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The pair have been an item since way-back-when in 2001, just after Patterson began his reign on GG. They actually first met on the set of the show, when Kristine made a brief appearance back in 2002. What a throwback- who recognises her?!

Love birds Kristine Sarayan and Patterson share a beautiful baby boy, Nicholas Patterson, who’s now five.

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My son is already a dedicated ax man 🎸 . . @smithradioofficial @scottgordonpatterson #SMITHRADIO #ScottPatterson #guitartime #guitarman

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It’s still unknown as to whether the pair have signified their love with a ring. If his last marriage, to his high school sweetheart, Vera Davich, is anything to go by then he’s perhaps best to keep a ring off her finger, given it only lasted two years. Short, but sweet as they say…

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