By Emma Moylan

2nd May 2019

Gilmore Girls Cast: Who Are Their Real Life Partners?

Honestly, we felt more invested in the on-screen relationships of the Gilmore Girls cast than our own.

We cooed over Rory and Dean, cursed Chris and Sherry and SOBBED over Luke and Lorelai.

But who are they all currently dating in real life?

Witty, sarcastic and fast-talking, it’s one of those TV shows we could watch over and over again without ever getting bored – we definitely still do…

Yes, we loved the focus on their ambition, their confidence and their mother-daughter connection but the show would definitely not have been the same without their impressive list of romantic relationships.

Marriage proposals, cheating scandals and will-they-won’t-they, what more could we have wanted?! Lorelai and Rory were the ultimate team that we wanted to emulate.

Luckily for the cast in real life, there’s slightly less drama…

Gilmore Girls Cast: Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore) and Peter Krause

It’s hard to imagine Lorelai with anyone other than Luke but in real life, this Gilmore Girl has been dating actor Peter Krause since 2010.

The pair first met in the 90s, but the timing wasn’t right and as with any true love story, it took a while for the two to realise their true connection and turn their friendship into something a bit more romantic.

She said:

“90s, timing just wasn’t right. But as love stories sometimes work, things just take a little time.”

The two later worked together on Parenthood in 2010 which was when the two started dating.

Lauren explained:

“Once we got together, there was no game play. It was like, You like me, and I like you.”

Funnily enough, it was Lorelai’s on-screen mom Kelly Bishop (Emily Gilmore) who encouraged Lauren to date Peter and Lauren has since said that she never lets Kelly go unappreciated.

Since Gilmore Girls, Lauren has gone on to star in Evan Almighty, Parenthood and Vampirina. 

Lauren Graham and Peter Krause Gilmore Girls Cast

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Keiko Agena (Lane Kim) and Shin Kawasaki

Lane was the cool best friend we all wish we had and while she struggled in the boyfriend department because of her strict mom, we finally saw her settle down and marry bandmate Zack.

In real life, Keiko actually did marry a singer! She married Japanese singer Shin in a helicopter flying over Las Vegas. Lane would be proud.

Yes, her hubbie might be a bit of a rockstar but Keiko herself was in the band Flying Platforms, formed by Shin, which she describes as a:

“mixture of cyberpunk-infused live-tronic jam and an otherworldly aesthetic.”

Talking about her husband, she said:

“we say this a lot, that in some ways, we are more similar to each other than we are to Asian Americans that have grown up in California, because in Hawaii, Asian Americans are the majority.

“And obviously in Japan, Japanese are the majority. There were a lot of things that I was very clueless about when I first moved to California, and Shin, too.”

Since her days in Gilmore Girls, Keiko has appeared in Better Call Saul, Dirty John and 13 Reasons Why. 

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Scott Patterson (Luke Danes) and Kristine Sarayan

Luke was our favourite moody diner owner and it only took him four seasons to make a move on Lorelai. FINALLY. It was everything we wanted and more.

Scott has now been in a long-term relationship with actress Kristine Sarayan since 2001 and the two share beautiful baby Nicholas Patterson.

It is still unknown whether the two are married, could they have in secret? We NEED to know!

But does he still still keep in contact with the Gilmore Girls cast?

In one interview, he admitted:

“I would run into Lauren once in a while out at restaurants or whatever. I run into everybody. Milo [Ventimiglia] and I both ride motorcycles, so we went out to Malibu.”

As you do.

Luke Gilmore Girls Cast Scott Patterson

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Sean Gunn (Kirk Gleason) and Natasha Halevi

It somewhat unsettles us that Kirk is in a normal relationship after his awkward and… unusual character had such a hard time with relationships.

Sean is actually engaged actress Natasha Halevi, (who is known for her role in the TV Series Lunch Break Feminist Club) after he proposed in Kyoto last year!

The Guardians of the Galaxy actor broke the news on his Instagram with the caption:

“I asked @tashalitas to marry me and she said yes. Or to be more precise she said, ‘a million times.’”

Natasha confirmed the news with the short but sweet message:

“Wrote a long thing, but, instead…WE’RE ENGAGED YOU GUYS!”

We’re not sure who we’re rooting for more… Kirk and Lulu or Sean and Natasha?!


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I asked @tashalitas to marry me and she said yes. Or to be more precise she said, “a million times.”

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Jackson Douglas (Jackson Belleville) and Alex Borstein

Jackson and Sookie are probably the only couple that we find adorable when they argue.

The actor married Alex Borstein who played both the characters of Drella – the ill-tempered harpist at The Independence Inn – and Miss Celine – the ancient fashion guru who’ll tell you look like Elizabeth Taylor- in Gilmore Girls.

Funnily enough, she actually played Sookie in the unaired Pilot but the role was then given to Melissa McCarthy.

Sadly, the pair divorced in 2014 but share two children together. In 2015, Alex opened up about the divorce saying:

“Don’t get married.”


Then, in 2018, Alex shocked us all as she wore her wedding dress from 20 years ago to go to the Emmys!

She said:

“The marriage didn’t last but the dress did and I wanted to give it new life so now it’s my Emmys dress. That’s the truth.”

Jackson Douglas and Alex Borstein Gilmore Girls Cast

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Rose Abdoo (Gypsy) and John Matta

The sassy, sarcastic car mechanic with absolutely no filter we’ve all had a day where we’ve felt like Gypsy.

She was tough and closed off but weirdly she was all involved with the weird town events whether it be the Stars Hollow History museum or finding the lost Easter Eggs. Gypsy was a softie at heart.

Despite her loveable personality, her love life was pretty quiet in the show as we never saw her with any partner.

In real life, she is currently married to John Matta; an author known for his book, Matta Napkin: A Daily Comic… on a Napkin… in a Book. 

Rode Abdoo (Gypsy) Gilmore Girls Cast

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Adam Brody (Dave Rygalski) and Leighton Meester

Dave might not have been Korean but him and Lane were adorable together.

He stayed up all night reading the bible cover to cover just so he could take her to prom! He was definitely an underrated character.

If you were a massive Gossip Girl fan as well as a Gilmore Girls fan, then you’ll mightily weirded out by this crossover…

In real life, Adam is dating none other than Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf)! They married in 2014 and have a three-year-old named Arlo Day.

The two are notoriously private with a low-key wedding and hush-hush about their daughter but from what we can gather these two are an adorable couple.

Leighton once said that Adam was her soulmate.

She once said:

“I wouldn’t change anything [in the past] because I’m happy where I am now,

“And I think that that’s one of the many wonderful parts of not only having a child and meeting your soulmate, but also I feel really lucky career-wise – really in a place that I want to be.”

Adam Brody (Dave Rygalski) and Leighton Meester Gilmore Girls Cast

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) and Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano)

Yessssss Rory and Jess were the ultimate forbidden romance but Alexis and Milo actually dated in real life too!

After meeting in 2001, their romance blossomed a year later, dating in secret for FOUR years and even discussing the idea of marriage.

Alexis one said:

“I think everybody who has been dating for more than a couple of years probably talks about it at some point,

“It’s a fun thing for us to talk about, but that’s it.”

They even admitted to talking about marriage but much to our heartbreak, they split in 2006.

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore) and Vincent Kartheiser

These two have been super hush hush about their relationship with a private engagement, small ceremony AND they were even private about the birth of their baby boy in 2015.

They met on the set of Mad Men over six years ago but only started dating after filming had finished.

Apparently, their co-star Jon Hamm saw the chemistry between them from the start as well as the show’s creator Matthew Weiner.

Weiner said:

“Honestly, they’re a really good match,

“They’re both very down to earth, with a sense of responsibility and strong family ties.”

Vincent might be no Jess Mariano but he’s certainly a match for Alexis.

Alexis Bledel (Rory Gilmore and

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Yanic Truesdale (Michel Gerard) is SINGLE

Considering he worked in customer service, Michel did NOT want to deal with people… His one-liners were all the sass we could ever hope to have.

Michel was a bit prickly, rude and selfish, but was still very much one of our favourite characters in the show.

In real life, there is an air of mystery surrounding his dating life. It seems he split with his partner this year so may very well be back on the market.

Since his days in the show, Yanic has featured on The Singer, The Catch and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

We’ll be stalking his Instagram to see what he’s up to next! and if there’s anyone entering the dating scene.


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Today is not a day to be cynical. The power of one action does make a difference! Go vote, believe and hope for the best! #vote #hope

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Melissa McCarthy (Sookie St. James) and Ben Falcone

Before Melissa branched out into comedy films, she was the sweet-natured, quirky chef and best friend to Lorelai.

Since her days in Stars Hollow, Melissa’s fame has spiralled out of control, but we’ll always know her as Sookie.

Believe it or not Melissa and Ben met a few years before Gilmore Girls was even a thing! Was there ever such a time?

Melissa and Ben met back in 1998 performing improv together at the Groundlings comedy school in Los Angeles.

Melissa explained:

“I immediately was like, ‘Oh, he’s strange. I like him,

“And we were friends from, like, day one.”

They married in 2005 after having dated for seven years and Melissa said she had got:

“got hit with the lucky stick with Ben.”

In 2007, the pair had their first child together, Vivian. Apparently, her pregnancy was written into the last season of Gilmore Girls.  5 years later, the duo had their second baby Georgette.

Ben said:

“From the very first time we spoke, we were on the same page,

“We love each other, respect each other and try not to sweat the small stuff. And we really make each other laugh.” 

Since the show, Melissa has gone on to star in films such as Spy, Bridesmaids, The Back-Up Plan and The Boss to name a few!


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Such a fun time @sunriseon7

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Gilmore Girls Cast: Liza Weil (Paris Geller) and Paul Adelstein

Despite the ball of fire that was Paris Geller, she did pretty alright in the boyfriend department. Her and Doyle might have been the strangest couple to feature in the show, but they did compliment each other well.

In real life, Liza Weil was seeing Paul Adelstein as the two both starred on ABC’s scandal and the two wed in 2006.

After nine years of marriage, the Hollywood power couple sadly decided to split. They divorcing under irreconcilable differences. (Much like Paris and Doyle in the 2016 episodes…)

The couple share 7-year-old daughter Josephine and in 2016.

It was confirmed that Liza had been dating her How to Get Away with Murder co-star Charlie Weber but sadly the pair split earlier this year.

Weber confirmed:

“Liza and I share an amazing relationship rooted in love and respect. That relationship has found its way back to the great friendship we’ve always had.”



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Frank and Bonnie in their #TGIT best… @thecharlieweber

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Jared Padalecki (Dean Forester) and Genevieve Cortese

The first of Rory’s crushes and the boyfriend to put all others to shame, Dean was the tall, smouldering love of our life.

In real life, Jared met actress Genevieve during filming in 2007 on the set of Supernatural. 

Jared explained:

“The story I tell amongst my friends is that she wouldn’t leave me alone, right? So finally I was like, ‘All right, yeah yeah, fine, I’ll go on a date with you, fine.’

“But [in reality], she came on set and it was season 4, which was eight years ago. I thought she was cute and smart, and I remember she would always read books,”

The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art was the scene for their proposal, just in front of their favorite ‘Joan of Arc’ painting.

Currently, the love birds are living in Austin, Texas with their three children: Shepherd, Thomas Colton and Odette.

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Milo Ventimiglia (Jess Mariano) and Kelly Egarian

Smart. Witty. Misunderstood. The bad boy. Or in other words, our favourite….

Jess might have been a bit of a nightmare boyfriend, unpredictable and a tad selfish but he did care for Rory.

Plus, in the later seasons, he even got it together enough to write a book. He’d definitely our favourite love interest.

Even though Jess and Rory didn’t work out (in real life either) Milo has moved on and is dating Kelly Egarian, a marketing coordinator for Stella McCartney.

They made their first appearance together at the Emmys in 2017 where they were spotted kissing and dancing at the after party.

Back in the day, Kelly reportedly dated JC Chasez from NSYNC but all evidence has been eradicated.

Milo Ventimiglia, Jess Gilmore Girls Cast

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David Sutcliffe (Christopher Hayden) Is On The Market!

Even though Lorelai and Chris being together meant the family was complete, we just couldn’t get behind it. Luke and Lorelai all the way!

Back in the real world, David married model and actress Julie McCullough in 2001.

Just two years after they tied the knot, the pair divorced, divulging little about what happened between the two of them.

Now, he’s aged like a fine wine and is very much on the dating market.

Although his dating life is kept very hush hush, he keeps the public updated through tweets.

In 2013, he tweeted that he had been single for eight years and has not yet found the right person for him.

He might be in his late forties, but David looks as ravishing as ever.

Since Gilmore Girls, David has appeared in Accidentally on Purpose, Cracked and Proof. 


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Out for a walk. Mt. Tremblant.

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Chris Eigeman (Jason Stiles) and Linda Eigeman

Jason – or Digger as he’s more fondly known – was probably one of our least favourite matches… Sorry, Jason.

Yes, he was a nice guy but we just didn’t feel the spark that Lorelai apparently did…

In real life, we’re sure he’s much more a warm, caring man as he’s been married to his wife Linda since 1993!

In 2008, they welcomed a son together. Apart from that, they’ve been pretty much keeping their private lives private.

We, of course saw him feature in the Gilmore Girls revival but even his acting career has been pretty quiet since then.

He did however appear in Maid in Manhattan

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Tanc Sade (Finn) and fiancé Jen?

The Aussie, carefree sidekick is the one we wanted to be our best friend and who would have every thought that he would actually settle down?

Tanc actually got engaged in 2018 and has not shy about posting updates on wedding plans and cute pics of him and his future bride.

Keeping her private life well-respected, Tanc only refers to his girlfriend as his ‘fiancé’. We think her name is Jen, but who knows?

They’ve only been engaged for a few months but hopefully they have a short engagement because we’re dying to see some wedding pictures of these two!

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Scott Cohen (Max Medina) and Anastasia Traina

Max lived fast and died young in the Gilmore Girls franchise but his proposal with a thousand yellow daisies will stay etched in our hearts forever.

He may have been a bit of a forbidden romance, being Rory’s teacher and all but what’s a single mother to do?

We’re not sure how he proposed to wife Anastasia but it must have been pretty damn special as they’ve been together since 1989!

Their son, Liam, was born in 1995 and from what we can tell they’re a pretty happy family.

Outside of he Gilmore Girls world, Scott has gone on to appear in Kissing Jessica Stein, Love and Other Drugs and Billions.

Currently, he is starring as Ezra Wild in the TV Series The Fix.


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Where’s #ezrawolf when u need him. #reallife #troublefindsme #thelaw @thefixabc new ep Monday 10/9c @abcnetwork

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Chad Michael Murray (Tristan Dugray) and Sarah Roemer

He was smarmy, annoying and pretentious… but still super cute.

From the offset, he was determined to annoy Rory but deep down, Tristan was actually a sweetheart and how else are you supposed to flirt with someone in High School?

Sadly, he left the Gilmore Girls a tad too early for our liking…

If you were a One Tree Hill fan, you surely got your fill of Chad and you’ll know that he started dating his co-star Sophia Bush in 2003.

With a massive fairytale wedding in California, we thought all of our dreams had come true, but the marriage only lasted five months before they filed for annulment.

Sophia later confessed that she had never wanted to marry Chad and had only done so to please the people around her.

She said:

“Everybody’s been 22 and stupid. And it was not a thing I actually really wanted to do.”

Chad was reportedly furious over these claims, insisting that it was far from a sham marriage.

Now, Chad is happily married to actress Sarah Roemer and together they share son Rex.

Even Sarah lashed back at Sophia’s accusations, posting a pic to her Instagram account saying:

“Wait a second…my producers also made me marry Chad Michael Murray!”

Family goals.


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Happy Fall!!! Thank you @mrboardman1 for having us on your papa’s farm! #punkinpatch #fall #2018

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Matt Czuchry (Logan Huntzberger) is SINGLE

Admittedly, we found Logan quite pretentious to start off but we soon fell in love with him and BEGGED Rory to accept his proposal.

He was kind, adventurous and rich! In omnia paratus!

This is the one we’ve all been waiting for.

Good news ladies, this smooth-talking, coiffed-haired hunk is single and ready to mingle.

Previously, he has been linked romantically to actress Kate Bosworth but recently has steered clear of the romantic gossip limelight.

He has, however, been keeping busy with his acting career, appearing in The Good Wife, The Resident and of course then in the Gilmore Girls reboot.

How on earth can we casually bump into him on the street?


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