John Noble & Vicky Pattison: Fiancé To Ex - What Happened?

By Amelia Slater

21st August 2019

John Noble & Vicky Pattison: Fiance To Ex – What Happened?

John Noble (Vicky Pattison’s fiance) was caught out late last year for getting cosy with multiple women whilst holidaying in Dubai. Still, it could have been worse…the pair could have been in the process of planning their wedding day with a whole series panned out to document it…oh wait!

Reality star Vicky Pattison was left heartbroken after the scandal came out and John moved out of their home. The I’m A Celebrity winner branded her ex as ‘desperate, sleazy and creepy’. Yikes!

Almost a year on, it’s time to spill the tea and get to the bottom of what really went down after sh** hit the fan.

Who Is John Noble – Vicky Pattison’s Fiance?

John Noble (Vicky Pattison’s fiance) is a businessman from Newcastle and worked with clothing retailer ‘Little and Large’.

Vicky first meets and begins dating John Noble back in 2008. They split and then reconcile almost a decade later. Vicky starts seeing John again in November 2016 and the pair are engaged the following summer.

Shortly after, they move in together and it looks like the Geordie Shore star has found her happy ever after!

john noble and vicky pattison in happier times

Image Source: /The Sun

The Couple Split After Photographs Emerge Of John Getting Close To A Mystery Woman In Dubai

Holiday-goers spot John getting cosy with a number of women while on a lads holiday in Dubai. Unfortunately for poor Vicky, evidence of his love rat behaviour leaks all over the internet.

A witness said:

‘It was shocking to see John behaving in the way he was. He was acting like a single man and didn’t care about who saw.

‘..He had his arms around her waist and they were grinding on the dance floor.’

Vicky swiftly kicks him out of their shared home after discovering the news.

john noble spotted dancing with unnamed woman in dubai

Image Source: /Mirror

Reality Show: The Break Up

Vicky and John are set to star in a reality series documenting their relationship and plans for their upcoming wedding.

After John’s cheating scandal is revealed, Vicky decides to go ahead with the series, rebranding it ‘The Break Up’ and instead shows viewers the aftermath of her split with John and her process of attempting to move forward after the betrayal.

An insider exclusively revealed to the Daily Mail that:

‘Vicky has decided to carry on filming with the crew. She’s a professional and didn’t want to let anyone down.

‘It goes without saying it won’t be a wedding show, but will follow Vicky on the next chapter as she bounces back from John’s betrayal. She was excited to be starting wedding planning and looking at venues, but life has changed now.’

Video Source: /YouTube

He Wanted The Ring Back

The heartbroken star tells MailOnline how John has not even apologised for his actions and has even demanded the 3.6ct engagement ring back!

‘He’s very keen to get the money out of this house and have his ring back and just wanting to move on with his life. I think the ring is cursed, mate…’

john noble vicky pattison fiance selfie

Image Source: /Mirror

The Geordie reality queen unfollows John on social media back in 2016, saying that she tends to go for a ‘bad boy’ and that it had caused her a lot of heartache in the past:

‘I always go for the blokes who look like trouble. I don’t know why, because I’ve met plenty of really lovely guys as well, but I always end up being friends with them.

‘Maybe I like an exciting life and unpredictability, and unfortunately that life can end up breaking my heart a little bit.’

She also has not made face-to-face contact with her ex, saying:

‘I haven’t wanted to see him, it’s still very raw and very sore and the thought of sitting down with him to discuss our financials is making me very anxious and very stressed. I don’t think I’m ready for that.’

Vicky Has Since Moved On With Ercan Ramadan

Nine months after splitting with ex-fiancé John Noble, Vicky moves in with new beau Ercan Ramadan. The pair briefly split for a couple of months after things are reportedly ‘moving too fast’ but now seem to be back on track. They even recently moved in together.

Could this be Vicky’s true happy ever after? Fingers crossed!

Image Source: /Instagram @vickypattison

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