By Amelia Slater

29th August 2019

Emma Barton (Emmerdale): Best Evil Moments

Emma Barton’s Emmerdale journey was quite dramatic to say the least! From her difficult relationship with sons Pete, Ross and Finn…

…to murdering her ex-husband James, we could never determine whether psycho Emma was evil or just plain bonkers.

Probably both?

Before Emma met her tragic end at the hands of scorned enemy Moira Barton, she certainly left her mark on the village and left a trail of destruction in her wake.

Who Is The Actress?

Liverpudlian actress Gillian Kearney, who played the complex and convoluted character on the ITV soap, made her first appearance on screen in Channel 4’s long-running soap opera Brookside when she took on the role of Debbie McGrath.

She then went on to land the role of Jessica Harrison in BBC medical drama series Casualty.

Currently, the actress has opted to work behind the camera and recently directed the 5star women’s prison drama¬†Clink.

Emma Barton (Emmerdale) actress Gillian Kearney
Emma Barton (Emmerdale) actress Gillian Kearney

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Now we know Gillian, it’s time to take a look at how she transformed into one of Emmerdale’s most memorable villains. Here are Emma’s top evil moments!

1. Emma’s Dark Past

We all knew Emma Barton was going to be a force to be reckoned with after she was mentioned as the estranged wife of James Barton with whom he had had three children (Finn, Ross and Pete) with.

Emma has been described as ‘psycho’ and ‘one of the best soap villains of all time’. When son Finn tracked her down after a 22 year period of absence, Emma came to the village with the hopes of making amends with the family.

However, we quickly learn that Emma has a sinister side after it is revealed that the reason she was cut out of the boys’ lives was because she tried to kill Ross as a child.


emma barton emmerdale

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2. Emma Barton (Emmerdale) Tries To Make Chas Think She Is Going Mad

After growing crazily jealous of the relationship between ex James and Chas Dingle, Emma conspires to break them up by making people believe that she and James are having an affair.

After Charity buys the rumours and kicks James out, Emma manages to manipulate James into giving their relationship another go. Later, Emma locks Chas in the cellar of the Woolpack and triggers Chas to suffer from episodes of PTSD.

What a prize b**ch.

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3. Emma Barton (Emmerdale) Holds James Hostage And Goes Full Psycho

How can we forget the moment when Emma went totally bat sh** crazy and kidnapped James, held him hostage in a cottage, got into her 20-year-old wedding dress and brought a dead chicken as a gift.

Now, that’s good telly.

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4. Emma Pushes James Off A Motorway Bridge

Emma’s downfall only continued as she pushed James off the side of a motorway bridge in a fit of rage. Not only did she kill her former lover but also managed to cause a dramatic car crash involving several other villagers down below.

Well done Em.

5. Emma Confuses Witness Ashley (Who Suffers With Dementia) To Make Him Forget He Saw Her Murder James

Now, this one was particularly evil even for our Emma. After discovering that Ashley witnessed Emma on the bridge at the time of James’s murder, she paid him a not so friendly visit.

Knowing that Ashley suffers from dementia, Emma attempts to make the poor man doubt what he saw by planting a lie in his head.

Unluckily for Emma, the whole conversation is recorded on video….OOOOOHHHHHH!

Video Source: /YouTube

6. She Locks Son Finn In A Church And Then Accidentally Shoots Him

After the video of Emma manipulating Ashley gets into the hands of son Finn, the two have a bitter confrontation which ends in the revelation that Emma killed his father, James. Hastily, she locks Finn up in the church.

Later on, after being startled into the woods, Emma accidentally shoots Finn with a firearm and he dies in hospital from his injuries. The murder count is up to two now!

Video Source: /YouTube

7. Emma Falls To Her Death…Or So It Seems

With two deaths on her hands and a lot of angry villagers, Emma seemingly commits suicide after not being able to handle the guilt.

It is later revealed that Emma was, in fact, pushed. DUN DUN DUN. (Come on, we all saw that one coming!) Who killed Emma? None other than nemesis Moira Dingle who had a tryst with Emma’s husband twenty years prior, leading to the birth of son Adam Barton.

Well, I think we can all agree that Emma certainly went out with a bang.

emma barton emmerdale falls to death

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