Chas Emmerdale: The Most Dramatic Storylines

By Ciara

7th August 2019

Chas Emmerdale: The Most Dramatic Storylines

Chas’s Emmerdale storylines are almost as dramatic as a TOWIE cast holiday special (with slightly less murder and equal amount of affairs)…

Chas Dingle, played by Lucy Pargeter, has appeared on ITV soap Emmerdale for almost two decades! Poor Chas has been unlucky in love over the years and we put it down to her godawful taste in men (her dating history has included the likes of two murderers and a child rapist – yikes!) She sure can pick em…

Still, the strong-headed northern lass seems to have finally found her prince charming in hapless Paddy Kirk. She’s been cheated on, done the cheating, been held at gunpoint on more than one occasion, stabbed someone and gone through enough grief to make the most optimistic person in the world turn to drink!

What are the bold, brunette bombshell’s finest dramatic moments? It’s time to head over to the Dales and take a look at the complicated life of Chastity Dingle.

1. Chas’ Emmerdale Lovers: The Volatile Relationship With Carl King

Chas Dingle and Carl King were the star-crossed lovers of soapland once upon a time. He was a rich businessman with a multimillionaire father and she was a barmaid from a humble working-class background. The pair end up falling for one another in spite of their families’ disapproval.

Nevertheless, although Carl found his perfect match in Chas, he simply cannot restrain his womanising ways and his eyes eventually wander to Eve Jenson. Uh oh…

chas emmerdale relationship with carl king

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When Chas finds out about Carl’s affair with Eve, she plans quite the extravagant revenge! In a plot to rid the love rat of his riches, she proposes to Carl and even pretends that she is pregnant with his baby.

When it comes to saying ‘I do’, Chas exposes Carl and Eve in front of everyone before storming out. Is this the end of Charl?

….Wait for it!

chas emmerdale chas and carl's wedding

Image Source: /The Sun

2. Chas’ Emmerdale Family Drama: Teenage Son Aaron Dingle

After being estranged for most of son Aaron’s childhood and early teens, Chas bails him out of jail after he is arrested for possession of drugs.

Aaron’s father Gordon kicks him out due to his violent, anti-social behaviour and Aaron moves to Emmerdale permanently. In spite of their initial conflict, he and Chas manage to rebuild their relationship.

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3. Chas’ Emmerdale Scandals: The Affair With Cameron Murray

After becoming colleagues with niece Debbie’s boyfriend Cameron Murray, an attraction grows between the pair. After initially trying to resist, they give in to temptation and spend the night together…

Chas tells Cameron that it was a mistake and they agree to keep quiet about their night of passion. Nonetheless, they can’t keep away from each other and begin an affair. Despite wanting to be together, they agree that it just isn’t right and end things.

Unfortunately for them, it’s a little too late to take the moral high ground as someone else has discovered their sordid secret…

chas emmerdale affair with cameron murray

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4. Chas Is Under Arrest For Carl’s Murder

In a dramatic confrontation in which Chas’ ex Carl nearly rapes her on her wedding day to another man (following a huge blackmail scheme after he discovers she is having an affair with Cameron Murray) *inhales* Chas hits him over the head with a brick to escape from his grasp.


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Carl later dies after Cameron Murray delivers the final finishing blow – however, Chas is arrested for the murder and believes that she must have been the one that killed him! Thankfully, she is later found not guilty in court.

5. Being Held Hostage By Cameron Murray

After it is discovered that Cameron murdered three people in the village (Carl King, Alex Moss and Gennie Walker), Chas and Debbie expose his crimes and he is arrested. A month later, they find out that Cameron has escaped from prison and it isn’t long before he rocks up at the Woolpack to confront them both.

Cameron holds Chas and Debbie, along with other punters, hostage at gunpoint in the Woolpack and it is uncertain whether anyone will escape with their lives!

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6. Chas’ Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

A couple years after Cameron’s death, Chas begins to suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, brought on after witnessing a shooting. She believes that there is an ‘intruder’ in the pub after becoming increasingly paranoid and mistakenly stabs Dianne after hallucinating!

chas emmerdale stabs dianne

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7. Aaron’s Childhood Abuse

In late 2015, Chas reunites with ex-husband and Aaron’s biological father Gordon. Aaron’s disapproval of the relationship is an understatement and he begins self-harming again. Later, Aaron opens up to Chas, telling her that his father sexually abused him when he was a child.

After confronting Gordon who eventually admits the allegations are true, the family file a court case against him. Gordon is found guilty of abuse, much to everyone’s joy.

chas emmerdale hugs aaron in court

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8. Chas Dingle and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) Reunion

Chas Dingle and Paddy have had a complicated relationship throughout the years with Paddy becoming the father figure in her son, Aaron’s life. The pair were friends and then dated for a while before going back to being friends.

When Chas returns to the village in 2017, it seems that she is finally ready to settle down with a nice guy (about flipping time!) and her and Paddy reunite. Awww, we love a happy ending!

Only this is soapland folks, and you know there’s no such thing…

chas emmerdale gets back together with paddy

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9. Chas’ Baby Dies Shortly After Birth

In 2018, Chas becomes pregnant with Paddy’s baby and is initially shocked, considering a termination. However, she has a change of heart after sitting down and talking about it with Paddy who is eager to have a child.

After finding out they are having a baby girl, the couple are thrilled but the joy is short-lived when they are informed that the baby suffers with a condition known as ‘Bi-lateral Renal Agenesis’ which affects development of the kidneys and lungs.

When the doctors tell them that the condition is ‘incompatible with life’, the pair are distraught but vow to give baby Grace the best life in the time that she has left after birth.

chas emmerdale baby grace dies after birth

Image Source: /The Sun

In 2019, six months after daughter Grace’s death, Chas finds out that she is pregnant again with Paddy Kirk’s baby! Keep up to date with the pregnancy and latest village antics as Emmerdale airs everyday on ITV at 7pm!

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