By Cara Dudgeon

19th August 2019

A League Of Their Own European Road Trip – Funniest Moments

A League Of Their Own European Road Trip sees the show’s team captains Jamie Redknapp and Freddie Flintoff take part in sporting events in Europe.

Usually hosted by James Corden, with the help of Romesh Ranganathan (previously Jack Whitehall) these special edition episodes were filmed with celebrities such as Kevin Pietersen, Alan Carr, actor Tom Davis, former Spice Girl Geri Horner, Josh Widdicombe and boxing champion Anthony Joshua.

A League Of Their Own European Road Trip promotional poster

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Filming A League Of Their Own abroad saw the famous faces participate in many ‘unique’ challenges, such as flower arranging in Holland, Jamie Murray and Novak Djokovic teach the celebs how to play tennis for a doubles match in Monaco and they also take part in the PDC Unibet Premier League Darts Tournament in Rotterdam.

It all sounds pretty serious, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a few laughs along the way…

Poor Alan’s face in this video!

This scene sees the guys get given their ‘costumes’ for their performance, also known as tighty whiteys! Some people were NOT happy about it…

Video Source/ YouTube

Blimey, I wouldn’t want to be in a car with Freddie Flintoff, would you?..

Freddie almost crashes the lads into a van on France’s busiest round about!

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Do you think he was paid for that shout out?

Freddie is a brand ambassador for the clothing line, Jacamo. Strange how that is what he shouts when he jumps…

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You can take the boy out of Lancashire, but you can’t take the Lancashire out of the boy…

This video sees Freddie Flintoff ‘northernise’ the classic dance hit, ‘Pump Up The Jam’. You’ll be wishing all remixes are like this soon!

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Boys will be boys, amma right?!

Freddie pulls down Jamie’s pants to reveal that Jamie is wearing boxers with baby Freddie’s face on them!

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Is Gennaro reminding anyone else of their mum when you come in after one too many?

Freddie starts a food fight and Jamie gets more and more annoyed that he keeps missing him.

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Is there anything quite like a sore loser?

Jamie, who thinks he knows all there is to football, doesn’t take any advice from Rudd on how to score the perfect penalty. Maybe he should…

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Watch this one until the end, it just gets better!

This video sees Jamie think he is getting a nice, relaxing clay massage but Freddie takes over – you know where this is going…

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Remind me not to get on the wrong side of Jamie Redknapp!

The gang are getting tennis lessons from Jamie Murray, and Jamie Redknapp is asked to hit a cardboard cut-out of James Corden. He doesn’t want to do it, until he learns what he’s been saying about him…

Nothing like a bit of pants humour is there…

If there is anything to take from this, it’s that you should be wearing good pants at all times!

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Even watching this makes me feel sick.

Freddie, Jamie, Alan, and Kevin are driven around by race car drivers and attempt to not be sick.

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