Everything You Need To Know About Keala Settle

By Emma Moylan

31st July 2019

Keala Settle: Everything You Need To Know

Actress and singer Keala Settle rose to fame for singing the breathtaking song “This Is Me” in the blockbuster film The Greatest Showman

Playing the bearded lady, Lettie Lutz, Keala wowed audiences with her high-powered voice and commanding spirit alongside Australian star Hugh Jackman.

But believe it or not, this was far from her first role – so just who is Keala Settle, what’s her age and what’s her net worth?

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Where Was She Born?

Keala was actually born in Lair, Oahu, Hawaii in 1975.

As the oldest of five siblings, the songstress spent her school years on the island before she headed to college at Southern Utah University.

She was brought up as part of the Mormon Faith.

Who Was She Before The Greatest Showman?

Unsurprisingly, Keala was already a Broadway regular.

The singer started off playing the role of Shirley in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert in 2011.

Following her breakout role, Keala played a starring role in Hands on a Hardbody which found herself a nomination for a Tony Award and plenty of open doors. She went on to appear in Waitress and portrayed Madame Thenardier in Les Miserables.

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Before The Greatest Showman film, Keala actually had starred in another film;  Ricki and the Flash.

It starred Meryl Streep as the title character Ricki with Keala taking the role of Sharon.

Over the course of her career, Keala has been nominated for the Outer Critics Circle Award, Tony Award for Best Featured Actress in a Musical and Drama Desk Award.

Keala Had A Stroke Days Before Performing At The Oscars

Performing at the Oscars in 2018, Keala Settle made the entire audience emotional with her stellar performance of ‘This is Me’ at the Oscar’s.

But only a handful of people knew that she had suffered a ministroke just days before she took to the stage.

Keala collapsed in a rehearsal room in Burbank, California.

She divulged:

“I was completely rundown, I had gotten food poisoning in Tokyo, I was fighting a cold. I barely had anything left to give.”

“It was like someone cracked an egg on the top of my head and then drew a line on my body, turning one half off.”

Keala Settle at the oscars
Keala Settle performing at the oscars.

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She Is Also A Recording Artist

Although you might only know her in roles from stage and screen, it is surely no surprise that this songstress has also recorded and released the EP Chapter One. 

Released in 2017, the EP contains five songs including a cover of Bette Midler’s The Rose.


Keala said about the song:

“It’s a favourite of my mother’s… and there’s a segment in there where you actually talk about when you’ve been so alone, and you’re so desperate you think nothings ever going to happen, and you get through that moment and the next day the light comes. Songs like that have helped me in my life get through my own journey to this point.”

After Hugh Jackman promoted the music online, Keala took to Twitter to thank her costar for the support.


Keala Considers Herself More R&B Than Musical Theatre

Despite her affiliation musicals, Keala actually considers herself more of an R&B singer than a musical theatre performer.

She said:

“I really am not a musical theatre performer. I’m more an R&B singer and have been doing that my whole life. My mother is – well, was –  also an R&B singer, in New Zealand…

“I was too busy wanting to sing backup or doing studio work singing chorus stuff, and singing backup for Gladys Knight in Vegas.”

What Is Keala Settle’s Net Worth

According to online sources, Keala’s estimated net worth is approximately £200,000.

Her primary source of income is acting and she has been active in the industry for more than ten years.

According to sources, the average musical theatre performer earns between $200 to $2000 a week.


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