By Amelia Slater

12th July 2019

Chantelle Houghton: The Rise To Fame

Not even Chantelle Houghton could have predicted that a promo girl from Essex would transform into a £2 million television personality practically overnight…

Well, it turns out for this aspiring glamour model, dreams really do come true!

In 2006, Chantelle Houghton became the very first non-celebrity to enter the Celebrity Big Brother House and became the only ever non-celebrity to win the reality series!

Chantelle, whose idol is Katie Price, found herself thrust into the limelight very unexpectedly and after winning over viewers, she left the Big Brother house with everything that she’d ever wanted and more: money, fame and success.

From working as an office clerk to signing £300,000 writing deals, this is the story of how Essex girl Chantelle became a reality sensation.

21st August 1983 – Chantelle Houghton Is Born In Wickford, Essex

Chantelle Vivien Houghton is born on 21st August 1983 in Wickford, Essex to parents Allan and Vivien.


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Aged 15 – Chantelle Houghton Leaves School With Seven GCSEs

She attends Bromfords School – the same school that Big Brother 8 winner Brian Belo attended (hmm coincidence?!)

Chantelle leaves with seven GCSEs at the age of 15.

chantelle houghton and pet dogs

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1999 – She Works In A Bank And As An Insurances Telesales Representative

Following school, Chantelle starts working a regular 9-5 at a bank and then as an insurance tele-salesman. Still, this is a far cry from her dream job.

She dreams of becoming a professional model and is encouraged by friends to pursue it.

chantelle houghton celebrity big brother

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2001 – She Wins A 2001 Modelling Competition Run By A Motorcycle News Magazine

In 2001, the future star decides to enter a modelling competition run by a Motorcycle News magazine which she ends up taking first prize.

Like her heroine Katie Price, she starts doing some glamour modelling.

chantelle houghton modelling

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2003 – She Enters A Daily Star Competition As A Page 3 Girl

Having set her sights on becoming a ‘Page 3 girl’, Chantelle enters a competition for the Daily Star in 2003. She doesn’t win but did make one appearance in the paper – a small victory!

chantelle houghton page 3 girl

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2004 – She Was Paid To Be A Paris Hilton Lookalike

Still wanting to ‘better herself’ and go down the modelling route, Chantelle starts working as a Paris Hilton lookalike for a lookalike agency.

Now we think about it, the resemblance is uncanny…

chantelle houghton paris hilton lookalike

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2005 – She Took Part In A Miss Greater London Beauty Pageant But Didn’t Win

In 2005, Chantelle takes part in a beauty pageant but unfortunately loses the crown to Jenny Velasquez.

chantelle houghton tan

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2006 – She Is Chosen To Be The First Non Celebrity Contestant To Enter Celebrity Big Brother

Just as she is on the verge of giving up on becoming ‘famous’, Chantelle applies to enter Big Brother 6 (which she later reveals to Piers Morgan was a last resort). She becomes a stand-in for the series and is never called up.

Then, as luck would have it, the producers finally contact her and ask her to enter the celebrity version of the show.

chantelle houghton cbb

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The aim of the game: go in to the house and convince the other contestants that she is, in fact, a celebrity.

Chantelle Houghton Wins Celebrity Big Brother 2006

Chantelle makes Big Brother history after becoming the first non-celebrity contestant to ever win Celebrity Big Brother.

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May 2006 – She Publishes An Autobiography After Signing A £300,000 Deal

Chantelle’s world is turned upside after leaving the Big Brother house. She signs a £300,000 deal and publishes an autobiography which is released later that year.

She also receives a nomination for ‘Most Popular TV Contender’ at the 2006 National Television Awards.

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August 2006 – She Marries Ex-Housemate Preston

After a growing romance in the Big Brother house, eyebrows are raised when Chantelle announces her whirlwind engagement to The Ordinary Boys lead singer Samuel Preston (a.k.a. Preston).

The pair move in together and live happily ever after…

chantelle houghton samuel preston

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…NOT, sorry this is reality after all!

June 2007 – She And Preston Announce That They Are Separating After a 10 Month Marriage

Chantelle and Preston announce that they were separating after less than a year of marriage. They release a joint statement:

‘After much soul-searching and tearful discussions we have sadly decided to end our marriage.

‘We hope we can always remain friends and still love each other but we both think we put so much pressure on one another to make our marriage work that it has ended up destroying our relationship. No one else is involved in our decision.’

chantelle houghton samuel preston wedding

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Fast forward three years…

September 2010 – Chantelle Becomes The New Face Of La Senza Underwear Range

chantelle houghton la senza underwear range

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November 2011 – Chantelle Announces That She Is Expecting A Baby With MMA Fighter Alex Reid

In November 2011, Chantelle announces that she is having a baby with Katie Price’s ex-husband, MMA Fighter Alex Reid.

pregnant chantelle houghton and alex reid

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June 2012 – Chantelle Gives Birth To Baby Girl Named Dolly

chantelle houghton daughter dolly

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October 2012 – Chantelle Becomes A Single Mum

The reality star decides to go back to black after her split from Alex Reid.

chantelle houghton and dolly

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October 2017 – Trading Glamour For Au Natural

Brunettes have more fun? It seems that motherhood has changed the star as she decides to go for a more natural look. We like it!


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May 2019 – Chantelle Houghton Is Settling down

Chantelle Houghton’s 2018 and 2019 have been fairly quiet as the glamour model seems to have taken some time out of the limelight.


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Just the two of us, we can make it if we try @xsam_parkerx #sister #family #love

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