By Juliet Smith

8th July 2019

Bradley Walsh – Football Star To ITV Host…His Rise To Fame

Bradley Walsh – football star to TV Personality, we’re taking a look at his rise to fame…

Most people are currently obsessed with tuning into Love Island to watch a bunch of bikini-clad 20 somethings saunter around a villa hoping to find love (fame), while the rest of us are more obsessed with making sure we don’t miss an episode of Bradley Walsh and his team take on the formidable Chaser…

And, of course, what would the show be without its host – the funniest man on British TV – good old Bradders?!

The Chase host

Image Source/BT TV

From his Coronation Street days, to releasing his very first album…over the years Walsh has become nothing other than a national treasure.

So, let’s take a nosy into the life of TV’s greatest gift to us viewers since the days of beloved Bruce Forsyth (sorry, Ant and Dec)…

Here’s Bradley Walsh’s rise to fame…

Bradley Walsh – A Footballing Star

Ok – most people know someone who was ‘scouted for City’, but back in the ’70s there’s no denying that Bradders really was the real deal.

He signed a contract for Brentford FC and featured in their reserve team each week.

However, like many ex- professional footballers, Walsh’s career was sadly cut short after he had to quit due to ankle injuries.

bradley walsh net worth playing for brentford

Image Source/BT

After Football, He Joined Corrie

Between his football career and his leap into TV, Bradders had his fair share of odd jobs. From age 14, he worked as a baker, followed by a sheet metal worker, a metal engineer and a Pontin’s bluecoat (which obviously makes total sense!).

Although the TV presenter has been doing the rounds on our screens for 30 years, it was only in 2004 – when he landed the role as Danny Baldwin on Corrie – that he became a recognisable face.

He Then Found His Calling – Presenting

After a few stints in other TV dramas, Walsh moved to presenting – starting off by hosting the countdown 50 Greatest Stars Polls. Yep – that was a show which judged the public’s favourite celebrities based on polls…

In 2009 came his big move when he bagged the role as presenter of ITV’s The Chase.

After signing up to The Chase, Bradley’s career sky rocketed, moving from one show to the other – from Sunday Night at the Palladium to Wheel of Fortune to the National Lottery.

Image Source/Instagram

His Decided To Move To His ‘True’ Passion – Singing

You’ve probably heard by now that the Chase host’s talents don’t just lie in performing and presenting, but in his vocal chords too!

He was encouraged by friend – Alexander Armstrong – to showcase his singing voice and he subsequently released his debut album – Chasing Dreams – in 2016

The album went down so well in the charts that Walsh decided to go again, releasing another album – When You’re Smiling.

Image Source/BBC

It was later been revealed that his first album was the highest selling debut album in 2016!

“I just laughed when I found out. Thought it was hysterical. I am probably the oldest new artist Sony has ever signed. Niall Horan (Zayn’s former bandmate) was sending me messages, laughing his head off. And I got big congratulations from Simon Cowell. He thoroughly enjoyed it.”

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