Adam Collard Love Island 2018 Contestant - His Life After The Show

By Cara Dudgeon

2nd July 2019

Adam Collard Love Island: Everything You Need To Know

Before 2018, the name Adam Collard (Love Island) meant nothing to us. Now we all think of is THAT six-pack and sneaky shenanigans under the sheets…

What has Adam been up to since his departure from the Love Island villa?

Adam Collard Love Island - in the villa's interview room

Image Source/ BT TV

THAT Zara split…

Adam and Zara McDermott’s split in February devastated many Love Island fans.

The news came just ONE WEEK after Adam had been boasting about the couple’s strength; he told Heat magazine:

‘The secret to our success is if you’re bothered [about the person], you’re bothered. If you’re not, you’re not’.

What mind-blowing advice you have revealed there Adam…

Zara wrote the following statement after their break-up:

Adam Collard Love Island split with Zara

Image Source/ SHEmaazing!

That doesn’t sound very promising about our favourite bad boy. We all remember how the Love Island star treated Rosie Williams and Kendall Rae Knight…

His new girlfriend…

Earlier this month the Newcastle-born star posted a picture on Instagram of his new girlfriend, Andrea Belver.


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Pink to make the girls..

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Naturally, the post was getting many likes and comments but NOBODY would have guessed that Zara of all people would comment on it!

Zara comments on Adam's instagram post

Image Source/ The Sun

A source told The Sun that Adam had been calling her such derogatory terms after he discovered that she had been at an event with football star, Dele Alli.

The source revealed that:

‘Adam kicked off. He was calling Zara all the names under the sun despite them no longer being in a ­relationship. Zara couldn’t understand his reaction, considering he had attended after-parties with other girls even when they were still together’.

No one likes a hypocrite, Adam…

Viva Las Vegas…

Adam and some of the boys from the 2018 series of Love Island went to Las Vegas on a ‘lads’ trip’.


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Whilst he was there he decided to get his ‘Z’ tattoo altered. And yes, that ‘Z’ was in honour of Zara. #awkward…

Wes Nelson went live on instagram when the personal trainer was being inked. All we could see were the extra letters I and N, making the tattoo read ‘NIN’.

Adam has yet to reveal what the tattoo now looks like.

Adam’s bad boy persona is fake?

It’s no secret that Adam wasn’t an angel in the Love Island villa, and, as a result, he has admitted that he felt pressure to behave in a similar fashion in the outside world.

The admission came as part of the ‘Ask For Help’ initiative – which Zara also participated in. The campaign was brought into fruition after the suicides of Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis.

Adam said:

‘Mike was portrayed as a similar “character” to me on the show – macho, a bit of a bad boy. Feeling like you have to live up to that can make it difficult to ask for help’.

Mike from Love Island
Mike from Love Island

Image Source/ Mirror

After the recent deaths of previous contestants Love Island was recently put under fire as many people called for the show to be cancelled in a similar manner to The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The show’s presenter, Caroline Flack, obviously came to the show’s defence, stating:

‘It’s dangerous and I’m really, really angry. It’s not just that you’re blaming a TV show, you’re blaming people and their jobs. In life we all have a duty of care to look out for each other, but I don’t think it’s fair to point fingers of blame’.

She continued:

‘This is a much bigger issue than just a reality TV show, and when something this bad happens – and I’m talking about Mike – when something this horrible and sad occurs, it’s so dangerous to point fingers within hours and minutes of it happening’.

As much as Caroline is correct that it isn’t necessarily right to be pointing fingers all the time, the overnight fame that comes with being on a show like Love Island is definitely going to have an affect on people.

A new Love Island?

Richard Cowles, the creative director of ITV released a statement regarding the aftercare of the contestants. He revealed that this year’s contestants will have new enhanced psychological care – throughout the whole of the show and after their departure. As well as that, they will receive social media training and financial aid to help them navigate their newly found fame and fortune.

Let’s see how well that goes…

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