You Will Not Believe Bradley Walsh's Net Worth!

By Juliet Smith

6th June 2019

Bradley Walsh – Net Worth: Just How Much Is He Worth?

Bradley Walsh’s net worth – could you guess how much the funniest man in British TV shows is worth?!

There are two types of people – those who are currently obsessed with tuning into Love Island every 9pm to watch a bunch of bikini-clad 20 somethings saunter around a Majorcan villa hoping to find love and those who tune into The Chase every 5pm with a cuppa to watch Bradley Walsh and his team take on the chaser…

From starring in Corrie to releasing an album, Walsh has quickly become a national treasure – but how much does that make him worth?

Bradders is thought to be worth more than £7 million making him one of the highest paid TV presenters in the UK! But how did he get all of that cash to splash? Let’s go back to the start…

Where Did It All Begin?

We all know someone who claims to have been ‘scouted for United’, but Bradders was the real deal back in the ’70s when he signed for Brentford and was a regular feature in their reserve team.

Unfortunately, Walsh had his professional football player career cut short when he had to stop with ankle injuries. Luckily, football’s loss was TV’s gain.

bradley walsh net worth playing for brentford

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His Coronation Street Years…

Coronation Street

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Although Brad’s been doing the rounds on TV for over 30 years, it was only in 2004 that he became a household name for his role as Danny Baldwin on Coronation Street…

Brad’s character was originally named Viv, but was changed by his request to Danny – the name of Walsh’s father. Bradders used to be called ‘young Danny’ as a child so thought it’d be easier to stay in role if his character had the same name.

He Made Ends Meet By Doing Odd Jobs

Bradley Walsh

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The Chase host didn’t just go straight from football into TV – he had his fair share of strange jobs in between…

From as young as 14, he started work as a baker to help his mum. In later years, he was also a sheet metal worker, metal engineer and a Pontin’s bluecoat (of course!).

His Acting Career

In December 2006, Walsh exited the ITV soap, Coronation Street (at his own request) and a year later, appeared in drama Torn, followed by Doctor Who where he briefly appeared as a villain in Sarah Jane Adventures in 2008.

On his love of Dr Who he said:

I remember watching William Hartnell as the first Doctor. Black and white made it very scary for a youngster like myself.”

He then had another major role in ITV crime drama, where he played DS Ronnie Brookes in Law & Order.


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His Presenting Career

Starting his presenting career in 2007, Walsh hosted the countdown 50 Greatest Stars Polls, which saw the public voting for their favourite polls on celebrities – riveting stuff, right?!

It was in 2009 – after fronting series My Little Soldier – that Bradley landed the role as presenter of game show The Chase.

From here, his hosting career went from strength to strength as he moved from Sunday Night at the Palladium to filming at the Hammersmith Apollo to Wheel of Fortune to the National Lottery – he’s even presented an episode of The One Show!

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His Singing Career

Acting, presenting, singing – is there anything Bradders can’t do?

After approaching Pointless host Alexander Armstrong for singing advice in 2016, he was encouraged to release his debut album – Chasing Dreams – which hit the UK Top Ten (at number 10!). As well as jazz covers such as ‘That’s Life’ and ‘Mr Bojangles’, Walsh also ventured into song writing, performing an original song as the title track.

Image Source/Instagram

One year after, with the chart success of Chasing Dreams, Walsh released another album – When You’re Smiling. The album consisted of pop songs and like his debut LP, one original track too.

It has now been revealed that the television presenter’s first album was – unbelievably – the highest selling debut album in 2016 – step aside, Zayn Malik!

“I just laughed when I found out,” he said. “I thought it was hysterical. I am probably the oldest new artist Sony has ever signed. Niall Horan (Zayn’s former bandmate) was sending me messages, laughing his head off. And I got big congratulations from Simon Cowell. He thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Good on ya, Brad!
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