The Real Life Partners Of The Coronation Street Cast

By Carole Taylor

10th March 2019

Coronation Street Cast: Real Life Partners

We’re delving into the lives of the Coronation Street cast – and taking a sneak peak at their real life partners…

It’s hard to believe (and pretty heartbreaking) that love birds Cathy and Brian from the soap opera aren’t actually a couple IRL… so, we’re taking a look at who our favourite soap stars are hooked up with outside of the Cobbles…

Remember, even though the truth might hurt (yep, silver fox Robert Preston is taken I’m afraid, ladies) NO FIGHTING – we don’t want a repeat of Maria and Eva’s water fountain tussle…

David Platt & Shona Ramsey

David had been struggling with life after losing his beloved wife, Kylie, who had been stabbed in the middle of the street *cries*…

Between juggling Max and Lily and doing perms and blue rinses, David found the light at the end of the (very long and very dark) tunnel: Shona – the woman who stole his wallet.

It might not sound like your typical love at first sight Romeo and Juliet tale, but Shona’s funny, obnoxious ways brought David out of difficult times. Of course, when David found out that Shona’s son – Clayton – was the one who murdered Kylie, things weren’t exactly plain sailing…

Here’s his real life girlfriend – they’ve been together for 14 months – adorable!

The 31-year-old actor and his girlfriend have recently moved in together…

A friend of the couple’s told The Sun : “Jack and Hanni are officially living together now. They’ve been dating over a year, and it felt like the right time for them. They love being around each other and don’t stop laughing when they’re together.” 

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Jack P. Shepherd (David Platt) & Hanni Treweek

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Sally & Tim Metcalfe

Let’s face it – Sally Webster’s been around the block…

Whilst married to Kevin, she had her fair share of affairs, she got back with him, then he got off with Mollie Dobbs and they got divorced. After Sally and Kev divorced, Tim made his move on the blonde haired housewife and they hit it off – tying the knot in 2016.

Sally’s real life hubby, Tim Dynevor, is also an actor (as well as an actor) for Emmerdale (1972), Slap! – Love, Lies and Lipstick (1998) and Emmerdale: Don’t Look Now! – The Dingles in Venice (1999). The pair have been married since 1995 and they have three children together!

Sally (Sally Metcalfe) & Tim Dynevor

coronation street cast 2

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Sarah-Louise Platt & Gary Windass

Sarah had to grow up quickly when she gave birth to Bethany when she was only 14.

She’s had a few serious boyfriends, got involved with Todd, who turned out to be gay and then turned to his brother, Jason, for comfort. They ended up getting married but it was short lived. Keeping up?

When the viewers were introduced to a grown-up Bethany, fresh off the plane from Canada, she looked like Sarah’s sister instead of her daughter. Sarah-Lou hooked up with Gary Windass and Bethany developed a crush on him as well.

It hasn’t all been plain sailing for Sarah and Gary – they are currently sleeping on a blow-up lilo, in the Platt’s sitting room and it’s causing tension between them.

Actress Tina (Sarah) was with her fitness instructor boyfriend for years before walking down the aisle with her in a romantic New Year’s Eve ceremony!

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Tina (Sarah-Louise Platt) & Adam Crofts

Kirk Sutherland & Beth Tinker

Kirk became a familiar figure in Corrie, through his sister, Maria and then he was Les Battersby and Cilla’s lodger. Cilla’s daughter, Fiz, took a shine to Kirk and they became an item.

Kirk wasn’t the brightest star in the sky but he managed to get a job in packing (at the factory). By this time, he had split from Fiz and was eyeing up Beth.

They were both at cross-purposes, not realising they fancied each other – it was ADORABLE!

When they admitted their feelings to each other, Beth made it clear that she wanted to ‘get naughty with her ‘Kirky’ and he was like the cat that had got the cream…

The couple have split up, on a couple of occasions, but love always finds a way of bringing them back together – we love a happy ending!

Andy (Kirk) has been with wife Nichola for over 14 years! They celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary back in 2017 and married in 2007.

Andy (Kirk Sutherland) & Nicola Whyment

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Chesney Brown & Gemma Winter

Innocent looking Chesney wasn’t backwards in coming forwards….

He charmed the beautiful Katie Armstrong into them moving in together. The youngsters felt prepared to be parents so planned for Katie to get pregnant with their son, Joseph.

Love didn’t run smoothly and Katie moved abroad, leaving Chesney heartbroken. It didn’t take him long for him to woo Sinead and they quickly became an item.

Unfortunately, Daniel Barlow was a better prospect for Sinead and poor Ches was dumped. Then came Emma, the junior hairdresser, who fell madly and deeply for ginger Ches. Unfortunately, his heart wasn’t in it and he couldn’t stop thinking about the kebab shop, or rather, the girl behind the counter, Gemma.

They were, supposedly, just mates but the tension started to sizzle around them and it wasn’t the chips. They finally got together recently, although finding some privacy for two to become one, is proving to be far from easy!

coronation street cast 3

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Sam Aston (Chesney Brown) & Briony Gardner

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Fiz Stape & Tyrone Dobbs

No one expected these two characters to become an item but, you know how it is, when someone becomes a good listener to all of your hundred problems and you suddenly start seeing them in a different light.

Whilst Tyrone was in the throws of committing himself to Fiz, a much more beautiful female, in the form of hairdresser, Maria, was plotting to overturn their union so she could bag Tyrone for herself.

Even though she was in a different league to Fiz, more stylish and with much straighter hair, lothario Ty wasn’t interested in Maria and sent her packing. It’s not been plain sailing for Fiz and Tyrone, mainly because of Fiz’s demon child, Hope, who has done her best to upset the apple cart, with a certain amount of success.

Jennie (Fiz Stape) & Chris Farr

coronation street cast 4

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Leanne Battersby & Nick Tilsley

Our Leanne has fitted a hell of a lot into her life…

She married her sweetheart, Nick Tilsley, played by Adam Rickitt: he of the blonde, floppy locks and angelic face. That lasted just long enough for him to carry her over the threshold and then he was off.

A more grown up Leanne hooked up with Peter Barlow, thinking he was a good sort, sensible and reliable (we know…). She was a terrible judge of character as he had been a bigamist and an alcoholic: two qualities you wouldn’t necessarily put in your top ten requirements for a life partner.

As time passed and Nick re-appeared on the cobbles, with a face transplant, they rekindled their romance. It has been off and on with them, more often than a light switch but it’s currently on-ish! A hidden ex wife, who Nick wasn’t yet divorced from, temporarily put a spanner in the works. It’s been a long and rocky road for Leanne…

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Jane (Leanne Battersby) & Robert Beck

coronation street cast 5

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Steve McDonald & Tracy Barlow

Where do I start with these two? They’ve been back and forth with their relationship, even managing a short marriage and then a long divorce – it’s all go…

The glue that has stuck them together, as and when, has been Amy, their (mouthy) daughter  (who takes after her mother) with her catty comments but, somehow, we embrace it.

Steve is probably in the Guinness Book of Records for embarking on the most marriages, in the shortest space of time.

Tracy has had her fair share of relationships, including a union with Robert Preston. In a bid to win Robert back, she named her florist shop ‘Preston’s Petals’ but instead of wooing her ex, he ran away, straight into Michelle’s (Kym Marsh) arms. Steve and Tracy are currently together but watch this space – anything can happen and it probably will.

coronation street cast 6

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Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) & Emma Gleave

coronation street cast 7

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Robert Preston & Michelle Connor

When Michelle was with Steve McDonald, they sadly lost their son, Ruairi, at 23 weeks.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the very poignant storyline and played out beautifully. Robert’s shoulders were just what Michelle needed, to rest upon and when he admitted he was in love with her, she decided he was a much better prospect than Steve, who had been a very naughty boy with the lovely Leanne.

The proof was in the pudding and it looked like Leanne had eaten every crumb of it. Not so, as little Oliver was waiting in there, ready to be born. Tracy was madly jealous that her ex, Robert, had chosen Michelle over her, but it was obviously a no brainer for him!

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Tristan (Robert Preston) & Emily Gemmill

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Cathy Matthews & Brian Packham

Cathy seemed the perfect match for Roy Cropper and a sweet storyline ensued. Roy’s heart had been left with a gaping hole, after the death of Hayley and Cathy managed to fill the void.

They planned to marry but Roy decided to hold on to his shopping bag (instead of his fiancee) and they sadly split up.

Brian had previously been in a relationship with Eileen’s sister, Julie. He had left his controlling wife, Margaret, to be with her but Julie’s flowery print dresses and over-exaggerated lipstick, were not enough to keep them united and they parted waves.

Not surprisingly, Brian’s charm and good looks hadn’t gone unnoticed and Cathy found herself going all giddy around him. The teacher at Bessie Street school didn’t pick up her lustful signs for quite a while but, when the penny dropped, they got together and have been as thick as thieves ever since.

The actress (who plays Cathy Matthews in the ITV soap) got married back in 2017 to her partner Jim Daly at a pub in London. 

The couple have been partners for over ten years and firs men when Jim directed When Saturday Comes, where Melanie and her then hubby Sean Bean.

Here’s Cathy’s IRL hubby...

coronation street cast 8

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Melanie (Cathy Matthews) & Jim Daly

coronation street cast 9

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