Love Island's Wes Nelson: Everything You Need To Know!

By Ciara

28th June 2019

Love Island’s Wes Nelson: Everything You Need To Know!

With the current recouping drama between Michael and Amber, we’re getting flashbacks to a year ago…Love Island’s Wes Nelson, Laura Anderson and Megan Barton Hanson!

Love Island fans will remember the couple got together under what can be only be described as ‘muggy’ circumstances…after Wes harshly dumped Laura Anderson in order to crack on with the younger Essex model. Well, a year on, we take a look at Love Island 2018 finalist andย Dancing On Ice runner up Wes Nelson’s past and present.

3rd May 1998 – Wes Is Born In Staffordshire

Wesley Nelson was born in Staffordshire, West Midlands. Before his time on Love Island the star was not, like many of his fellow islanders, an instagram model or influencer. He lived a pretty normal life!

2017 – Before Love Island, Wes’s Job Was Being A Nuclear And Electrical Systems Design Engineer

Not just a pretty face! Wes had a pretty hefty career as a nuclear and electrical systems design engineer. What a mouthful…imagine having to say that every time you’re out mingling!

His job role consisted of designing, building and running nuclear power stations. However he hasn’t been able to reveal too much about his job due to security reasons (oooo!) One thing we do know, however, is it seems to have paid pretty well…


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He Has A Black Belt In Muay Thai Kickboxing

If the whole reality TV business goes down the drain, Wes has a back up plan! Did you know Wes has a black belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing?!


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(Sound on ๐Ÿ”Š) . . Messing round after last nights gym session ๐ŸŒช๐Ÿ˜…

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He’s A Bit Of A Lad

Itโ€™s no huge surprise that young Wes enjoys a good time with the lads. Before travelling to sunny Majorca for an unforgettable summer of love, Wes took a photo with pals to make a good memory of boozy Magaluf.


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Loved every filthy minute of maga… โ˜ ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚

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He Appears On Love Island 2018

In 2018, Wes joins the fourth series of steamy ITV reality show Love Islandย and the rest, shall we say, is history!


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This is going to be fun….๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŽ‰ @loveisland #LoveIsland

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On Love Island Wes And Laura Anderson Couple Up On Day 1 In The Villa…

On the first day in the villa, Wes couples up with Scottish air hostess Laura Anderson (in spite of a nine year age gap).


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…The He Ditches Her For Megan Barton Hanson

After a short-lived fling with fellow Islander Eyal Booker, Megan makes a move on Wes even though he is still coupled up with Laura.

Wes later dumps Laura and cracks on with Megan, causing quite the stir.

Then Megan Ditches Him For Alex Miller

Love Island’s Wes and Laura are no more! Sadly, Wes and Megan’s relationship doesn’t last long when the pair are separated by the dreaded Casa Amor.


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This isnโ€™t Wesleyโ€™s Mum we promise!!! #loveisland @loveisland

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However When Alex Gets Evicted, The Pair Reunite

Wes manages to win back his girl.


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Megan Asks Wes To Be Her Boyfriend

Less than a week after they recouple, Megan asks Wes to be her boyfriend saying:

‘I know it’s early. But you know, when you know and I really do like you. I want to prove to you how much I like you.’

They Make It To The Live Finals

The pair end up in fourth place after making it to the live finals. It’s surprising they made it so far after the Love Island Wes and Laura drama!

7th August 2018 – After Love Island, Wes Quits His Job And Moves In With Megan

Days after being released from the villa, Wes quits his job and moves in with Megan in Southend, Essex.

October 2018 – Wes Joins Dancing On Ice

In October, Wes signs up forย Dancing On Iceย and gets paired up with professional skater Vanessa Bauer.


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Training is going goooood! Onwards and upwards ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜…โ„๏ธ @dancingonice

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The Same Month Wes And Megan Officially Move Into A New Property In Central London After Six Months Of Dating

After dating for half a year, the Love Island couple are still going strong and move into a new property in Camden.

Tensions Rise After Megan Gets Jealous Of Wes And His Dance Partner Vanessa

It seems that the couple are heading for trouble after Megan starts to get jealous of how much time her beau is spending with a gorgeous skater…

December 2018 – The Couple Seem Happy As Ever In Spite Of Rocky Relationship Rumours

Slamming rumours and saying that they are ‘happier than ever’, the couple are quick to show that they are still very much an item.

January 2019 – Megan Slates Vanessa In An Instagram Story

Megan shocks fans after posting a scathing instagram story addressing Vanessa Bauer directly. She accuses the skater of trying to get headlines by announcing her split from boyfriend Louis Nathaniel on the same day that Wes does his first skate on the show.


love island wes and megan relationship troubles

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26th January 2019 – Love Island’s Wes And Megan Announce Their Split

It wasn’t too surprising that later that month, Megan and Wes decided to go their separate ways. The pair later revealed different reasons behind their split following their official announcement.

Megan claims that she ‘fought and fought and fought for Wes but he doesn’t love me back’ meanwhile Wes said:

‘To say I didnโ€™t fight for her is silly because it was a mutual decision. I didnโ€™t just say, ‘Thatโ€™s it. Iโ€™m done.’ Fight for what? We both ended the relationship. If she wanted me to say more or do more that day I didnโ€™t know that.’

It seemed that ultimately the break-up came down to wanting different things as Megan revealed that:

‘Our ambitions and goals in life are very different – Wes is younger than me and wrapped up in the fame bubble – but I still love him, which is why it hurts so much.’

love island wes and megan announce their split on instagram

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April 2019 – Wes Is Confirmed To Be Dating Instagram Model Alicia Roddy

In April, three months after his public split from Megan, Wes is linked to Instagram model Alicia Roddy. He confirms that the pair are dating but he hasn’t put the relationship label out there just yet.

‘I’m not running into a relationship again. I know they’re putting a label on it as a girlfriend but obviously it’s nothing official yet, we’re still dating, it’s nothing like that yet.’


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Mood since touching back down in Ibiza ๐ŸŒด dress is new @asos Design Luxe out in July *press trip

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June 2019 – Wes Reveals Some Love Island Secrets

The former Love Island contestant revealed some behind the scenes secrets about the saucy reality show on Capital FM. He said that the cast were told that they had to remain in swimwear all day to show off their beach bods:

‘I used to try and go out in a hoodie and heavily clothed in the morning because sometimes it is a bit chilly but yeah, youโ€™d have to take that off.’


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I found love in the villa donโ€™t get it twisted. Family๐Ÿ™๐Ÿพ

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‘Obviously weโ€™d like to be in the shade a bit of the day because it is roasting hot, so when youโ€™re in the shade it is actually quite cold.

‘So me and Josh used to run out all the time in little hoodies and theyโ€™d be like โ€œWes take that off!โ€’

He confirmed Kem Cetinay’s statement that the cast do get a day off:

‘But itโ€™s not to the beach, we never got the beach! We went to a holding villa but they monitor everything, they make sure youโ€™re not having any saucy chats. But itโ€™s quite nice to not have any drama and have chat chats, itโ€™s nice to just chill.

‘You donโ€™t know the time of day in the villa or the holding villa and we all had different times.’

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