By Juliet Smith

4th June 2019

Love Island’s Callum Macleod: Everything You Need To Know

Sharing his name with a cricketer and a British race car driver, Love Island’s Callum Macleod prefers rugby judging his incredible six pack…

As the nation prepares to put their life on hold for eight whole weeks to watch bikini-clad 20 somethings saunter around a Majorcan villa in the hopes of finding love – or fame – we’re already getting to know each contestant pretty well…

Here’s the lowdown on the Welsh heart-throb …

Callum Macleod and amber

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What’s His Job?

The 28-year-old from South Wales is an aircraft engineer – sounds pretty smart, right?!


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It’s a gin ting

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What’s He Looking For On Love Island?

Callum’s looking for a ‘blonde, petite’ pocket rocket with a great personality –  Lucie Donlan, anyone?!

Although he generally prefers blondes, his celebrity crush is Michelle Keegan (who’s isn’t!?).

“I was seventeen, eighteen when she joined Corrie,”

“It was like my older sister bringing home a fit bird every night for tea!”

“I stopped watching it when they killed off Tina.”

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How Would He Describe Himself?

Callum says he’s “fun, loyal and quite spontaneous as well”.

He added, “I love to be clean, I clean my house all the time! I can be a bit edgy sometimes, I like to get things done. I think that’s my engineering side.”

He’d rate his looks out of ten as: “I’m a 6.2. When I’ve got a tan it jumps up to a 6.8, sometimes a 7.

“So, hopefully in the villa I’ll be bouncing up to the 7. I blossomed as I got older.

“I’m hoping it is still rising but it plateaued a bit recently.

“I would say my best feature is my tan – give me an hour and I am golden.”


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Want a picture lads? 📸🙄

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What is Callum Macleod’s dating history?

Like the other contestants, Callum’s shared his dating history with the show. Recalling one terrible date, he said:

“I went to the cinema with a girl and she sat on a piece of chocolate that melted onto her leather trousers.

“She shot off to the toilet to clean them and didn’t come back for ages. I watched the majority of the film on my own.

“I later found her fretting in the toilets because she couldn’t get her trousers back on.”

Fingers crossed he has more success in the villa with his first match – Amber


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So Cal has coupled up with Amber 👫 What did everyone think of tonight’s episode?!❤ #TEAMCAL #voteforcal #loveisland2019

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