By Juliet Smith

4th June 2019

Love Island’s Anton Danyluk: Everything You Need To Know

Let’s face it, from last night’s episode, we’re already getting to know Love Island’s Anton Danyluk a little too well…

As the nation prepares to put their life on hold for eight whole weeks to watch bikini-clad 20 somethings saunter around a Majorcan villa in the hopes of finding love – or fame – we’re starting to get to know this year’s contestants (Anton in particular)…

First there was his comments about having a medical condition – no, nothing too serious, he just said he suffered from a terrible case called ‘wandering eye’ – cringe!

Then things got a little stranger as he confessed to shaving his legs, yep, he really admitted that and yep, indeed he does…

But it’s what came next that really shocked us all…

“My mum shaves my bum for me too. That’ll be Amy’s job now…”

Just in case we didn’t already know a little TMI about Anton, he’s some more…

What’s His Job?

Anton’s a gym owner from Scotland.


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How Would He Describe Himself?

“I’m funny, I’m very hard working and I’m really motivated and I love to encourage and motivate people,” he boasted. “My worst traits? I can be moody and I’m definitely an overthinker. Sometimes I can be a bit selfish.

“My best feature is my eyes. I’m quite dark but I’ve got light eyes so they stand out. I would rate myself an eight on looks alone but when you start putting everything together you can bump it up a little bit.”


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What Will He Be Like In The Villa?

We’ve already had a glimpse of what Anton is really like, but what else will we find out?

“I would go as far as I could unless I felt that the girl was mugging me off,” he said. “Unless I’ve got a really good connection with one of the guys I wouldn’t really have any issues with going for their girl because I’d have only known them for a few weeks.”

“Everyone’s actually said to me that I’m the exact same as him (referring to Chris Hughes)!” he said.

“Remember how he was a bit a d*** to start with, I think that’s probably me just putting my marker down. Then after that, you’ll actually see I’m not a bad guy and I’m actually a nice guy.”


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1st week of the diet down 👊🏼 11 to go, planing on being leaner than this 💪🏻 #summerbodyinprogress

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What’s His Type On Paper?

Having mentioned that Margot Robbie was his celebrity crush, Anton went on to reveal:

“She has to be hard working and good looking,” he added. “Blonde hair is usually my type. They have to be into the gym because it’s such a big part of my life so it’s important that it’s a big part of their life as well.”


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Will He Be Loyal?

We think we know the answer to this one already…

“That’s a medical condition that I have… a wandering eye! I’ve never really been loyal in any of my relationships,” he admitted.

“My last relationship, I actually got caught cheating for the first time in my life and it changed everything for me. I saw how much it hurt her and what it did to her. So, for me going to into Love Island, it’s going to be the biggest test of my life.”


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What’s His Dating History?

“I’ve got three ex girlfriends. Number one, she’ll watch it and be riddled with jealousy. Number two will probably be happy for me. Number three, I think she’d cry actually, so there’s mixed emotions between all three of my exes,” he said.

“Exes are exes for a reason. My first girlfriend, I got back with her after, but never again would I go back with someone.”

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