By Emma Moylan

4th June 2019

Love Island Amy Hart: Everything You Need To Know

Love island 2019 has kicked off with a bang as 5 girls and 7 boys enter the villa. But just who is Miss Amy Hart?

She might never have had a boyfriend before but could Love Island be the setting for her very own love story?

After last night’s first dramatic coupling, we saw her step forward for Mr Anton du Bev, who – with his perfectly shaved legs – leapt at the chance to couple with her.

The big question being, is Anton Danyluk her Prince Charming?

Something tells us not…

Love Island Amy Hart


Anton may have labelled his ‘wandering eye’ as a ‘medical condition’ but unfortunately you’re not fooling anyone, hun.

Still, if Adam ‘I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t my type’ Collard could survive in the villa, there’s hope for the man yet.

And it took no time at all for his eye to go for a stroll as he made his interest known to surfer girl Lucie Donlan behind Amy’s back (We’ve missed the DRAMA).

Despite only being coupled up for a few hours in the villa, Amy took the news pretty harshly so something tells us the two might not recouple… Bring on the first date!


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Amy’s coupled up with @anton_danyluk. How do we feel?! #teamamz #loveisland2019 #hartyparty

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So just who is this blonde-haired beaut?

How Old Is She?

AGE: 26

FROM: Worthing Sussex

OCCUPATION: Air hostess/Cabin Crew Manager


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Sometimes goodbye, though it hurts, in your heart is the only way to make way for destiny…..Doors to manual and cross check for the very. Last. Time. 😬 yes after 8 years of causing havoc, hosting parties at 35,000 feet, channeling my inner Elton, writing hits such as ‘dead on the jumpseat’ and ‘five years gold’, rolling out the Amz experience worldwide and being the queen of the party bag, I’m reluctantly hanging up my wings to start a new adventure. Opportunities like this don’t come round every day and they’ll always need people to fly planes so, perhaps it’s not goodbye and just ‘til we meet again’. All I can say to my Gatwick guys and girls is thank you. Thank you for the laughs, the tears, the deep and meaningfuls at 3am and for being my family for the last 8 years. I love you all dearly and will miss you all. It truly is the best job in the world. Stick together, look after each other and fly safe. Lady Cabinmanageress Hart over and out. 2011-2019 💖💖 GATWICK TIL I DIE 💖💖

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She might be welcoming us all aboard the Love island flight but leaving her British Airways wings behind, Amy posted an emotional Instagram post:

“Opportunities like this don’t come round every day and they’ll always need people to fly planes so, perhaps it’s not goodbye and just ‘til we meet again'”

She Won The ‘Miss International Beautiful Pageant’

Alongside flying for British airways, Amy takes part in beauty pageants – and – unsurprisingly is pretty successful!

She’s won the Miss United Kingdom title as well as gone to America to compete for the top prizes.


Amy Identifies Most With”Bridget Jones” 

When asked how she would describe herself, Amy said she was the:

“Bridget Jones of my friendship group”


She continued:

“I’m a good mix of someone who can be fun and serious, I’ll be able to look after people and I’ll be able to get really stuck in with all the fun things too.”

Amy Has Been Linked To One Direction’s Liam Payne

Amy’s claim to fame is being romantically linked to Liam Payne.

According to the air hostess, the two met on a night out and after pictures of them partying together went viral, they drew a shed load of attention from Liam’s die hard fans.


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Amy explained:

“I went on a night out once and Liam from One Direction was there.

“We were in the VIP bit and so was he and he walked past me and I smiled and he said ‘Hey, you alright? What’s your name?

“He told us to come and sit in his booth and we had a picture together.”

She Once Snogged Someone On A Night Out Even Though She Was ‘Seeing Someone’

Although she says she hasn’t had a ‘proper boyfriend’ she has been on a fair few dates as it seems that Anton might not be the only one with a wandering eye…


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Alright darling, it’s only a selfie, let’s not drag Ghandi in to this….

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She recalled:

“When I was seeing a guy though, he wasn’t being very nice to me, I went on a night out and met someone and had a cheeky snog but I think if he was nicer to me then I wouldn’t have done it.”

Looks like she might be causing a bit of a storm in the villa but could she make it to the final?

Currently, boxer Tyson Fury’s brother, Tommy Fury, is favourite to win with the bookies but it’s only early days. We’ve got a fair few weeks of entertainment before we find out who the next Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer are…

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